Zing revolution has almost completed vans warped tour


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Zing revolution has almost completed vans warped tour

  1. 1. ZING Revolution Has Almost Completed Vans Warped Tour ZING Revolution (www.zingrevolution.com) a leading provider of high quality, pop culture protective eDevice skins and clear cases is almost completely through with the Vans Warped tour, thoughtout the United States, bringing you a little ZING to every date. ZING Revolution was proud and excited to be a sponsor of this year’s Vans Warped Tour alongside Virtual Piggy and Wicked Audio. ZING was able to travel all over America bringing ZING skins and the ZING for LIFE package to everyone at Warped Tour, selling you all the Warped favorites like 3OH!3 iPhone skins, Bride Veils Black iPhone skins, August Burns Red iPhone skins, the official Vans Warped Tour iPhone skin. Our social media has been booming since Warped Tour began and you can check out all of our uploads on twitter at www.twitter.com/zingrevolution or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/zingrevolution. We’re also capturing all of the “Wicked Moment” we see our on tour and you can find all the video at www.youtube.com/zingmetv. And, make sure you remember all those ”wicked moments” with a customer eDevice skin. Skin you iPhone, Tablet or any other eDevice with your very own images using our customizer tool. There’s no better way to remember Warped Tour 2013 than creating a skin out of your favorite moment! And now, like always, you don’t just ZING your stuff once, you can ZING it for life with the brand new ZING Revolution ZING for LIFE pack. ZING Revolution is now offering a clear hard case with your first skin so you can protect you iPhone and still cover it with your favorite skin image. ZING Revolution wants to give you a chance to protect and personalize; now making it possible with ZING for LIFE. Interchange your skins and create all your favorites with our ZING customizer tool. About - Z!NG Revolution Z!NG Revolution is the industry leader in music, fashion, art, television, and pop culture premium quality, vinyl skins and other accessories. It has the biggest collection of images in the world. In addition to skins, the company also offers hard cases, clear cases to put over skins, bumpers and more. It offers the highest quality skin products on the market. To know more about their offerings please visit http://www.zingrevolution.com Contact Address - 140 58th Street Building A, Suite 3M Brooklyn, NY 11220 646-827-4264