Beauty & Spa Franchise in India


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The growing Franchise Industry in India includes exclusive opportunities in the spa and beauty segment, for new or aspiring entrepreneurs to grow by franchise route.

The segment is fresh and catchy and attracting both male and female sections of society in thick ratio.

The grooming and beauty wellness is a new trend and people are admiring it at every corner of India today.

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Beauty & Spa Franchise in India

  1. 1. A LOOK AT FRANCHISE IN INDIA Franchise market is today’s developing story and tomorrow's success for entrepreneurs in India.
  2. 2. Contents Why franchise is powerful?1 Top Industries in India2 Industry watch: Beauty & Spa3 Franchise Zing4
  3. 3. FRANCHISE IN INDIA There are presently 3000+ brands that are using franchising as a tool to expand business in the market. Since the government of India has given nod to FDI, many international brands are waiting in the wings to utilize the chance. Home brands, of various sizes and industries, too participating in franchising, and creating opportunities in business. India is considered a favourable destination for business expansion due to intense population and altering lifestyles.
  4. 4. The market is getting big Add Your Title The industry was estimated to be worth of Rs 80, 400 crore in 2012, contributing 1.4% of GDP It is suggested that the market will grow in fourfold by 2017, accounting for almost 4% of Gross Domestic Income. The growth is consequently capable of providing 11 million employment opportunities in India.
  5. 5. WHY FRANCHISING IS POWERFUL? Franchise business allows business-skilled people to have their own business without strains of huge investments. The concept minimizes the risk of developing a business as the brand permits the investor to employ its trademark, for business purpose, at any given location. Further, franchising let the investor enjoys early returns, which is otherwise uncertain if starting a whole new business. For a country, at large, the concept helps in generating the possibilities of promoting self-employment among people. Hence, overall growth will affect country’s purchasing power.
  6. 6. Franchising Comes With A Great Value For Starting Entrepreneurs. The concept encourages entrepreneurs to utilize their creativity in processing a business, and also prompts them to work hard as now they are working for themselves. Training and support of the parent company is offered to franchisees to run the business, which proves helpful for an amateur entrepreneur to grow. Opening a franchise business allows investors to secure their share of profits [ROI], which is otherwise limited if in the job. Brands that offer franchise have already established their name in the market, so franchisees do not need to struggle hard to build the business from the ground Starting a franchise business usually comes at a low cost, if looking at the investments needed in starting a new business, moreover risk involved is relatively low. But that doesn’t mean an investor need not require a self- satisfactory investigation over the franchise brand.
  7. 7. For Brands Get A Valuable Growth In The Market Brand Development via franchise Investment will be no barrier for expanding business. Quick Market penetration will be there Customer footfalls will augment through brand awareness. Self-motivated entrepreneurs will operate the business Enhance the brand value in market. Better financial condition will leverage growth of overall business.
  8. 8. TOP INDUSTRIES IN FRANCHISE BUSINESS Food & Beverages Retail Health & fitness Consumer services Education OTHER INDUSTRIES THAT ARE GAINING LEVEL IN THE MARKET Apparels logistics Cafeteria s Real estate footwear Health and wellness Beauty salons Kids’ toys and clothing Fashion accessor- ies and jewels Beauty salons
  9. 9. Operating a successful franchise business needs right mechanism A powerful franchise model Zeal and hard work of franchisees Thorough support of the franchisor
  10. 10. BEAUTY & SPA INDUSTRY OF INDIA The organized sector which currently accumulates about 5% of total retail market is expected to leap to 15% by 2025. Both male and female segment of India are exponentially becoming admirers of the concept of grooming and beauty, in order to enhance their appearances. This has led to instant sprouting of beauty salons in India, both under organized and unorganized sectors. Further the rise of unisex salons under big brands. India comprises 25 per cent of organised salon market, which will increase its share to 30 per cent by 2015. A progressive modification in the consumption lifestyles and increased use of beauty products and services, notwithstanding the prices, is towering the stamina of this industry. The Indian Salon franchise ecosystem today has a support of over 5,000 salon franchisees. Franchise salons will stand to cover 25 per cent of the overall organised industry by 2015 and will grow to be more than $1 billion Indian Salon industry stands at a staggering $2 billion mark and is expected to touch $3.5 billion by 2015
  11. 11. BEAUTY & SPA INDUSTRY OF INDIA Currently the spa segment is valued at Rs 137 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 30 per cent is estimated to grow to Rs 510 billion by the year 2014, according to a 2010 report by Frost and Sullivan Service providers like premium spas and beauty healings have started exploring new venues for rejuvenation like airports and hotels, and cities of tier 2 and 3 are seen as a pool of potential customers. Indian customers who have experience global spa services are of demanding nature in terms of the quality of the spa products and services, and ready to pay extra for different treatments. This has put a good level of competition in the spa industry. Not only do people visit spas for relaxation, hair care, nail care, waxing, improving appearances and skin care, but nowadays, with growing levels of obesity and stress, guests look to spas to help manage these issues. The spa industry is growing attraction of India as a centre of wellness and medical tourism for both domestic and international spa-goers
  12. 12. FRANCHISE ZING: BRIDGING GAP FOR YOUR SUCCESS We have come forward to offer you tailor-made services for your business expansion in India. With best experience of the field, we let our clients to discover potential franchise business, from around the corner, by fitting accurate parts of business at potent location, to retain the productivity of franchise market in India. Brand seeking expansion Investors seeking business We bridge the gap It’s whether you are planning to extend your business reach, or desiring to get started with your own business, we are here for you to guide you with best services and practices.
  13. 13. Head office: 239, West End Marg Near Saket Metro Station MB Road, New Delhi 110030 Phone: +91-97178-99733 Branch office: D 217 D Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar, Lucknow- 226010 Uttar Pradesh, India Visit us at -> Write us at ->