A Leap from Digital Divide to Digital Opportunities


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A Leap from Digital Divide to Digital Opportunities, Octavius Kahiya - Telecel

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A Leap from Digital Divide to Digital Opportunities

  1. 1. A Leap from Digital Divide to Digital Opportunities Octavius Kahiya +263 732 139 939 okahiya@telecelzim.co.zw
  2. 2. Scope of divide Inequality in terms of: Evident within same countries More pronounced Developed vs Developing Countries • Access • Use • Knowledge of ICT • 30 % of Americans do not have broadband at home (Pew internet and American Life Project Survey) • 0nly 35% of Zimbabweans have access to the internet (POTRAZ) • IDI Rankings 2013: ITU • South Korea ranked # 1 in the world Niger ranked # 157, Zimbabwe ranked #115. Zimbabwe ranked top 10 of most improved.
  3. 3. What is the IDI? Composite measure of three clusters created by the UN-ITU Access - captures ICT readiness Use - captures ICT intensity Skills - captures ICT capability Fixed-telephony Internet users Adult literacy Mobile telephony Fixed (wired)-broadband Gross secondary enrolment International Internet bandwidth Mobile broadband Gross tertiary enrolment Households with computers Households with Internet
  4. 4. Computers per 100 people
  5. 5. Computers per 100 people Fixed Subscriptions 2007* 2010^ 2013*^ Africa 0.1% 0.2% 0.3% Americas 10.9% 14.1% 17.1% Arab States 0.9% 1.9% 3.3% Asia & Pacific 3.2% 5.5% 7.6% Commonwealth of Independent States 2.3% 8.2% 13.5% Europe 18.4% 23.6% 27.0% Mobile Subscriptions 2007* 2010^ 2013*^ Africa 0.2% 1.8% 10.9% Americas 6.4% 22.9% 48.0% Arab States 0.8% 5.1% 18.9% Asia & Pacific 3.1% 7.4% 22.4% Commonwealth of Independent States 0.2% 22.3% 46.0% Europe 14.7% 28.7% 67.5% ITU 2013
  6. 6. An Illustration of the digital divide “Our overall objective is to ensure universal access to the benefits of information and communication technology – including for the two-thirds of the world's population currently not on-line. A digital divide has no place in the information age and 21st century knowledge economy. The management of information and communication technology should be transparent, democratic and inclusive.“ Bin Ki Mon
  7. 7. Advantages of the Great Leap Forward: 1. Economic benefits of broadband for the European Commission’ there is a consensus that a 10% increase in broadband penetration results in an increase in GDP growth of between 0.9% and 1.5% 2. Engine of economic growth and development Improves education and skills Increased employment opportunity Increased efficiencies 3. Improves educational and economic prospects Harnessing ICT improves competitiveness, development, employment and well-being 4. Allows rapid dissemination of information 5. Enhances social transparency 6. Lower socio-economic groups will get an opportunity to reduce marginalisation and social exclusion Research by Analysis Mason
  8. 8. We can make history! IDI going up for past 2 years We have the momentum High literacy Digital Natives
  9. 9. How Policy Makers Policy Direction and Legislation Privacy and Security Build infrastructure Ensure access to technology Encourage Innovation Develop Human Capital Ensure affordability Businesses Strengthen and renew core capabilities to prosper in an all-digital world. Develop deep analytic skills - as segments get smaller -Its now 1 to 1. Ensure investments are clearly aligned with consumer shifts. Behaviour shifts - for many big TMT players, if you can’t connect with Millennials, you’ll probably be out of business in ten years. Implement the ICT Policy that has been in the Offing for long
  10. 10. What Are the players Doing Internet penetration rates in Zimbabwe Lowered have moved the cost of from 0.4% in Sim Cards 2000 to 35% in 2013 (Potraz) Telecel has increased 2G & 3G coverage throughout Zimbabwe • 2G Population coverage of 87% still growing • 3G Population coverage of 52% still growing Providing 3G enabled handsets on credit Reduced pricing of USB modems to the level of subsidising customers.
  11. 11. What Opportunities are there 1. Health – Reducing infant mortality & the personal health attendant 2. Air Travel – Self Check in 3. Inner City Public Transport – Swipe and Board (new business Model)
  12. 12. What Opportunities are there E-Government – Pensioners Case study Tourism – Use of Bank cards for hotel Check Booking. Agriculture – The milking Parlor
  13. 13. What Opportunities are there Mobile Financial Services for the unbanked.
  14. 14. The social front The unregulated journalist The digital era is here Children born in this era are the “millennials” Cyber Vices to Cyber parenting skills “Breaking: Two explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured”. Impact on Dow Jones
  15. 15. Effort Cohesiveness
  16. 16. Thank You