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ZimHealth, Health, Healthcare, Zimbabwe

ZimHealth, Health, Healthcare, Zimbabwe

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  • 1. ZIMBABWE NETWORK FOR HEALTH – EUROPE (ZimHealth) (RÉSEAU ZIMBABWÉEN POUR L’ACCÈS À LA SANTÉ) HARARE MATERNITY HOSPITAL CLINIC PROFILE Name of Health Institution/Clinic: HARARE MATERNITY HOSPITAL Name of Person Completing this Form: DR. THULANI L. MAGWALI Designation: CHAIRMAN, OBSTETRICIAN/GYNAECOLOGIST, LECTURER Name of Contact at the Clinic, if different from above: Address: University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology P.O. Box A178, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe Telephone No: E-mail address: Date: 19 November 2010 . Section 1: Clinic structure 1.1 CLINIC PROFILE: Harare Maternity Hospital is located in the suburb of Southerton in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is the largest referral maternity unit in the country. It is part of the largest referral hospital in the country (Harare Central Hospital). Harare Maternity Hospital was chosen because it caters mostly for low income patients and has had a severe shortage of equipment and supplies in the last few years. 1.2 HEALTH CARE SERVICES PROVIDED: Obstetrics: Antenatal care services Intrapartum care Postnatal care services Gynaecology Emergency gynaecology services 1
  • 2. ZIMBABWE NETWORK FOR HEALTH – EUROPE (ZimHealth) (RÉSEAU ZIMBABWÉEN POUR L’ACCÈS À LA SANTÉ) Gynaecological outpatients Operative gynaecology 1.3 COMMON DISEASES/CONDITIONS TREATED: Hypertension in pregnancy Diabetes in pregnancy HIV in pregnancy Prolonged labour Antepartum and postpartum haemorrhage Miscarriage Ectopic pregnancy Carcinoma of the cervix Fibroid of the cervix Vesico-vaginal fistula 1.4 MONTHLY STATISTICS: Maternal Services Number of beds: 180 Prenatal visits: 505 per month Deliveries: 1200 per month Post natal visits: 122 per month Outpatient Services Total number of attendances: 600 per month Other Inpatient Services Please specify: Gynaecological emergency and elective procedures Total number of beds: 50 Section 2: Human resources 2.1: STAFF: Designation Establishment Current number in place Obstetricians/Gynaecologists 9 6 (Ministry of Health) Obstetricians/Gynaecologists 8 7 (University of Zimbabwe) Junior Registrars (Trainee 10 6 Obstetricians/Gynaecologists) Midwives 60 60 Registered General Nurses 115 114 2
  • 3. ZIMBABWE NETWORK FOR HEALTH – EUROPE (ZimHealth) (RÉSEAU ZIMBABWÉEN POUR L’ACCÈS À LA SANTÉ) Section 3: List of equipment required (or attach an appendix of list) 3.1 MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS HARARE CENTRAL HOSPITAL D & C SET 2 Rampley Sponge Holders 1 Female Catheter, curved, size 10 1 Sims duckbill Speculum double ended, medium size 1 Auvard weighted vaginal speculum “Large” 2 Vulsellum forceps with 2 x 2 teeth 9 inch. Hegar Double – ended cervix dilators, set of 12 Sizes 1 / 2mm diameter to size 23/24mm diameter Plus case for set of 12 double ended hegar dilators 1 Ovum and placenta forceps 1 Uterine sound, malleable, shaft graduated in cms, silver plated. 1 Bladder sound 1 Flushing curette with sharp edge, with chromium plated shaft large 9 inch. 1 Uterine curette blunt and sharp combined. 1 Uterine polypus forceps 9 ½ inch box joint. 1 Boze-mann uterine dressing forceps 1 Long non toothed heavy dissecting forceps 11 inch 6 cross action towel clips Please supply 10 of the above sets. 3
  • 4. ZIMBABWE NETWORK FOR HEALTH – EUROPE (ZimHealth) (RÉSEAU ZIMBABWÉEN POUR L’ACCÈS À LA SANTÉ) HARARE CENTRAL HOSPITAL VESICO VAGINAL FISTULA INSTRUMENTS 1 Weitherm Vaginal Retractor 1 Gelpi Vulva Retractor 1 Joll Vulva Retractor 2 V.V.F. Scissors 1 Bard Parker Handle size 7 1 Bard Parker Handle size 5 1 Chassar Moir Scissors (curved on flat) 1 Warwick Needle 3 Small (1 inch) Deaver Retractors Please supply 3 sets each in a tray. 4
  • 5. ZIMBABWE NETWORK FOR HEALTH – EUROPE (ZimHealth) (RÉSEAU ZIMBABWÉEN POUR L’ACCÈS À LA SANTÉ) HARARE CENTRAL HOSPITAL OTHER OBSTETRIC AND GYNAECOLOGY ITEMS REQUIRED ITEM QUANTITY Doyen Myoma Screw 10 Auvard Weighted Vaginal Speculum 10 Rampley Sponge Holders 100 Van Doren Cervical Biopsy Forceps 6 Faure Cervical Biopsy Forceps 4 Leech-Wilkinson Cannulae, with Stillettes, Chromium Plated, 3 Sizes, Luer Cone x 2 Sets Green Armytage Haemostasis Forceps, 8 Inch x 50 Female Catheter, Curved Size 10 x 20 Llyod Davies Scissors 9 Inch x 10 Denman Perforator, Straight, with Screw Joint, Stainless Steel x4 Blond Heidler Decapitator, Consisting of Thimble with Ring, Two 43 cm, Olive Croma saw blades with rubber sheath each end with handles. One third of the length of the Saw at either end is covered with rubber tubing to prevent damage to surrounding area 6 Doyen Broad Ligament Clamp curved 9 inch x 20 Maingot Hysterectomy Forceps curved 8 inch x 30 Heaney Hysterectomy Forceps curved on flat double tooth x 20 Tetra Towel clip “medium” x 80 3.2 NON MEDICAL EQUIPMENT 5