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1old4news ministeriums 1old4news ministeriums Document Transcript

  • Ministerium -> 4 Charismation<br />Tradition -> History Past Experience Old<br />Defence -> Army Military Weaponery Conflicts<br />Culture -> Customs Savoir Eshatology Scolarship<br />Administration-> Establishment Arrangement Structure<br />Economy -> Commerciality Trade GDP Proconomy<br />Eduction -> Higher Education and Scientific ResearchStudentship Elementary Academics Zikalkis <br />Virtue -> Moral Ethics Values Principles<br />Organi -> Natural resource Enviroment Ecology Nuriture <br />Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation<br />Ministry of Awqaf<br />Civil Aviation<br />Communications and Information Technology<br />Electricity and Energy and Mines<br />Finance<br />Foreign Affairs and Regional Cooperation<br />Interior Privatization<br />Oil, Petroleum and Mineral Resources<br />Trade and Industry<br />Infrastructure, Roads and Public Works, <br />Transportation<br />Communication<br />Ministry of Health<br />Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Lands and Settlement,+8<br />Public Administration, Employment and Social SecurityMinistry of Employment, Work and Social SecurityMinistry of Social Affairs<br />Industry Industrial Development and Trade<br />Formation et de l'Enseignement professionnels<br />Jeunesse et des SportsMinistry of Culture, de l'Artisanat Arts and Tourism<br />Ministry of Training and Professional Education<br />Ministry of Small Scale Enterprises and Handicrafts <br />Public Investments and Regional Development<br />Agriculture, Breeding And Fishery - Fisheries and Marine Resources<br />Relations avec les Institutions, la Société Civile, MISSIONS diplomatiques<br />State, Economy Planning Economy Developing and Finance Monetary Fiscal <br />Ministry Of Civil Service Labour And Administrative Reform<br />Of Justice Legislation And Human Rights Protection<br /> <br />de l'Enseignement Technique et de la Formation Professionnelle<br />Women Promotion, Family and Social Affairs<br />Investment Promotion Office<br />Foreign affairs and International Co-operation<br />Education, Science and Technology<br />Labour, and Human Resource Development<br />Ministry of Transport and Communications,<br />Environment and Natural Resources<br />Agriculture and Rural Development<br />Justice<br />Higher Education<br />Industrialisation and Handicraft <br />Finance and Economic Planning <br />Information <br />Industry, Commerce and Transport], <br />Attorney General & Ministry of Justice & Human Rights, <br />Education & Scientific Research <br />Commerce and Cooperatives <br />External Communications <br />Ministry of Economic Development, Financial Services and Corporate Affairs<br />Ministry of Defence & Home Affairs <br />Arts & Culture<br />Civil Service Affairs and Administrative Reforms <br />Ministry of Agriculture, Food Technology & Natural Resources <br />Health & Quality of Life <br />Ministry of Housing and Lands <br />y of Information Technology & Telecommunications<br />Industry and International Trade, <br />Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Land Transport and Shipping, <br />Training, Skills Development and Productivity <br />Youth and Sports <br />Women's Rights, Child Development and Family Welfare <br />Culture and Communication <br />Economy, Finance, Privatization and Tourism <br />Ministry of National Administration, Urban Affairs, Housing and Environment<br />Public Service and Administrative Reform <br />Ministry for Higher Education, Management Training and Scientific Research - Management Training Division],<br />Ministre de l'Equipement [Ministry of Public Works<br />Ministry of Industry, Trade, Energy and Mines, Department of Industry and Trade<br />Ministre de l'Industrie, du Commerce, de l'Energie et des Mines, Département de l'Energie et des Mines [Ministry of Industry, Trade, Energy and Mines, Department of Energy and Mines<br />of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation<br />Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime (Resources)<br />Secrétaire d'Etat auprčs du ministre de l'Aménagement du territoire, de l'Urbanisme, de l'Habitat et de l'Environnement, chargé de l'Habitat [State Secretariat of the Ministry of National Administration, Urban Affairs, Housing and Environment in Charge of Housing], http://www.seh.gov.ma<br />Secrétaire d'Etat auprčs du Premier ministre, chargé de la Poste et des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication [State Secretariat of the Prime Minister in Charge of Posts, and Information and Communication Technologies<br />Of/for Women and Social Action Coordination<br />Ministry of Planning and Finance <br />Environment and Tourism <br />Foreign Affairs, Information & Broadcasting <br />Health and Social Services<br />of Mines and Energy <br />Trade and Industry<br />dreamer.africa@gmail.com <br />mayfairmeds.africa@gmail.com <br />ataxiafriendsa@gmail.com <br />mrthomsahmed2000@gmail.com <br />ceragem.africa@gmail.com <br />fcombrink@gmail.com <br />permaculture.education.africa@gmail.com <br />sm.saude.africa@gmail.com <br />smita.africa@gmail.com <br />saeidrafizadeh@gmail.com <br />primate.south.africa@gmail.com <br />loveislifeforlovers@gmail.com <br />intremitgovoff@gmail.com <br />jbdwhite2@gmail.com <br />tomas.p.africa@gmail.com <br />a.vandoros@gmail.com <br />amma.s.africa@gmail.com <br />vim.africa@gmail.com <br />yes.we.can.africa@gmail.com <br />dwa.africa@gmail.com <br />SouthAfrica@gmail.com <br />aardvertise.africa@gmail.com <br />ndstr.africa@gmail.com <br />cathy.gillmer@gmail.com <br />Hi,<br />i am amateur dilettante secular god Zikalkis<br />i am randomising groups, chats, buzzes and blogs looking for the ministers in my simulated symbolic universal government,<br />we all are in same game with the rest of the civilisation<br />if you find any virtual minister on Internet ready to cooperate and collaborate with me in that regard, please send me its email address so i can communicate with this entity<br />of course you are kindly invited in such capacity to join this adventure<br />thanks best regards zikalkis<br />it is kind from you to ban me for my own good<br />many did it to me so that I could become secular godeven today they exclaim: "I am killing you for your own good!"<br />i am doing the same on chats, only i don't ban, i ignore<br />so you are technologue and I am moralologue ( technie <> morlie )<br />i speak universal english not british or american one<br />i simply improve english by finding new words and putting new significance to such lovely language<br />god and civilisation are proud of english language<br />okay expel me from your group but you can join my group universal government and help us with your technology of speaking well and proficient english<br />so you will explain why i am use universalisation and not proper term universalising<br />and what is with impost impose impostor differencesmore about definition of god etc<br />Zikman Crauzi Grabarbo Ormansorte<br />        imagery is real in my case<br />» i call it real virtuality<br />i am here in special mission to delimit the potentials of the civilisation, or i am not the god<br /> i know this try of the civilisation<br />» with their particular egoism they try to suppress my universal altruism<br />i am here in special mission to delimit the potentials of the civilisation, or i am not the god<br />» this channel is so good<br />» no uniforms here i see<br />» bots and mods are mostly disguised in uniforms and then banning instead of ignoring<br />» maybe they listened my advices<br />» and will not act as scare craws any more<br />» i protect my chatters<br />» thay are all to me<br />» my godlyness and divinity is nothing without them<br />» so divinisation is also when mods and bots become chatters as the god does already<br />» i know tha all chatters want to become the gods<br />» so i divinised them all<br />        they are all to me<br />» my godliness and divinity is nothing without them<br />» so divinisation is also when mods and bots become chatters as the god does already<br />» i know the all chatters want to become the gods<br />» so i divinised them all<br />» you see, chatters don't ban me, they ignore or read what i am here gibbering and rambling<br />» when uniforms come, as mods and bots they impose their will<br />» imagine<br />» no bot no mod have ever used command ignore<br />» what a civilisation<br />» and god Zikalkis ignored many times but never banned anyone<br />» that means that the god and civilisation have to merge, to get married to complement to each other<br />So that full potential can be achieved<br />» i say GDP in full potential of this civilisation should reach 280 t$<br />» now days GDP is 70 t$<br />» it is per capita = 10000 $/y<br />» as the secular god i am ready to add so much every year to each civs<br />» it is 5 russian salaries but 1/5 of american wages<br />zik<br />dilettante (plural dilettanti or (rarely) dilettantes)<br />An amateur, someone who dabbles in a field out of casual interest rather than as a profession or serious interest.<br />A person with a general but superficial interest in any art or a branch of knowledge. (Sometimes derogatory.)<br />[edit] Derived terms<br />dilettantish, dilettanteish<br />dilettantism, dilettanteism<br />[edit] Related terms<br />delectable<br />delight<br />Noun<br />dabbler (plural dabblers)<br />one who dabbles <br />zikalkis is just a dabbler when it came to writing; he blogged a little, but had never submitted any work to a serious publication.<br />[edit] Synonyms<br />amateur<br />dilettante<br />[edit] Antonyms<br />lifestyler<br />[edit] Anagrams<br />drabble<br />