American spaces showcasing ourselves


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  • Internalstyle guide: http://r.state.sbu/visiblyamerican/Shared%20Documents/Documents/style_guide_internal_hi.pdf
  • American spaces showcasing ourselves

    1. 1. american spaces: showcasing ourselves! sarah ziebell information resource officer u.s. embassy moscow @USEmbRu @sarahjziebell
    2. 2. image problem?“citizens no longerneed to physicallygo to embassies tohave their questionsanswered--they cansimply read tweets.” –fergus hanson,“baked in and wired:eDiplomacy at state”
    3. 3. marketing• taking steps to move goods + services from producers to consumers• determining what people want• delivering it• communicating about it• periodically updating the whole process
    4. 4. strategy vs. messagingpublic relations publicity long-term communication  sending a message via strategy official channels various media employed  news releases goal: to convince the  newsletters public to have good will toward something  press conferences, etc.
    5. 5. encouragement vs. associationpromotion branding furthering the growth or  establishing a strong link development of something between an organization and its more than building good logo/typeface/picture or name/phrase will  making people encouraging people to immediately associate the use a product or service by organization with the telling people how it would graphics or words it uses benefit them  can help build loyalty
    6. 6. direct vs. subtle persuasionadvertising advocacy calling attention to  getting people who have something through paid good opinions of your announcements organization to speak to others on its behalf  it’s more meaningful to have others talk about your worth than it is to do it yourself.
    7. 7. creating a marketing plan stake out your ambition determine performance measures assign numerical targets to match performance measures analyze from which sectors of your public these targets can be met periodically review and adjust
    8. 8. fun with video Save the Troy Library  New Spice | Study "Adventures In like a Reverse scholar, scholar Psychology” (Troy (Brigham Young Public University, Utah) Library, Michigan)
    9. 9. “visibly american” standards (2012)•address “awareness gap” about usg activities overseas•moratorium on the creation of new logos•guidelines for highlighting usg initiatives•inclusion of standard rectangular american flag in all materials•some exceptions
    10. 10. maker spaces: learning by doing• #MAYkerMonday• digital fabrication revolution/fab labs• 3D printing • uses heated plastic applied layer by layer to a heated bed by a glue-gun-like appliance, turning designs created on a computer into real objects • thingiverse file-sharing database with over 36,000 downloadable designs • need sources for cheap plastic Westport Public Library (CT) MakerSpace
    11. 11. coworking spaces – democratizing entrepreneurship  business incubators with internet access, work space, reference materials, + professional guidance  arizona state university’s “alexandria network”  brooklyn public library’s shelby white + leon levy information commons  both 2013 american spaces supporting fund + public diplomacy innovation fundbrooklyn public library are targeted toward entrepreneurship projects
    12. 12. thank you + questions