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An important Du'a which serves to educate us regarding our awareness of the Ummah, its constituents, needs and aspirations, social and moral obligations, political and economic justice, objectives etc.

A Du'a as well as curriculum to be benefited.

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  • Du'a forummah[slideshare]

    1. 1. “ DU’A FOR THE UMMAH” “ A Du’a (supplication) which contain teachings regarding the hope and attainment which each category of people in this Ummat should strive to seek from Allah (through effort & du’a)- the attainment of which would indeed be termed as true success for our society and the Ummah.” AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 ‘ AMALAN (PRACTICE) Delivered by: USTAZ ZHULKEFLEE HJ ISMAIL
    2. 2. IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, MOST COMPASSIONATE, MOST MERCIFUL. “ And your Lord says: "Call on (supplicate) Me; I will answer your (Prayer): But those who are too arrogant to serve Me will surely find themselves in Hell in humiliation!" (Qur’an: Ghafir: 40: 60) DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    3. 3. IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, MOST COMPASSIONATE, MOST MERCIFUL. “ He is the living (One): There is no god but He: Call upon Him giving Him sincere devotion. Praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds!” (Qur’an: Ghafir: 40: 65) DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    6. 6. AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 LET US SUPPLICATE <ul><li>The essence of this Du’a is from a compilation by a prominent leader of the Ahlil-Bayt –an-Nabi, al-Imam Muhammad ibn Hassan (may the Salutations of Allah and Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad and Aali-Muhammad, as well as to all who follow them with loyalty and love till the Hereafter) </li></ul><ul><li>This Du’a should be reflected upon, so that we can learn what specific attainment and aspiration should be the concern of each category of people of this Ummat. That they should strive in accordance with their specific position / situation in life and in the society. These attainment will ultimately be the social characteristics of “Success” for the Ummah. </li></ul>DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    7. 7. In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 BIS-MIL-LAA-HIR-RO H -MAA-NIR-RO- H EE-M DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    8. 8. Praise be to Allah, Who hath guided us to this (felicity): never could we have found guidance, had it not been for the guidance of Allah AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 AL- H AM-DU – LILLAA-HIL – LADZII- HA-DAA-NA – LI-HAA-DZAA WA-MAA – KUN-NAA LI-NAH-TA-DI-YA – LAU-LAA - AN-HA-DAA-NALLAAH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    9. 9. O Allah, (Your) salutation and Peace be upon Muhammad and upon the Household of Muhammad, AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 AL-LAA-HUM-MA - SWOL-LI- ‘ALAA –MU- H AM-MAD WA ‘ALAA – AA-LI MU- H AM-MAD DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    10. 10. O Allah, provide for us, Success in the obedience (towards You), Avoidance of every disobedience (towards You), And being true in our intention, AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 AL-LAA-HUM-MAR- ZUQ-NAA – TAU –FEE-QA –TO- ’A-TI WA – BU’-DAL – MA’ –SWEE-YA-TI - WA – SWID-QAN – NI-YAH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    11. 11. And true knowledge of Honour (and what is to be honourable). AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘IR-FAA –NAL - H UR – MAH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    12. 12. Honour us with hidayat (Guidance) dan istiqomah (Consistency in holding to uprightness), AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – AK –RIM – NAA – BIL – HU-DAA WAL – IS –TI –QO – MA H DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    13. 13. Straighten our tongues, with (affirming) the Truth and the (speaking with) Wisdom AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – SAD – DID – AL – SI-NA –TA – NAA BIS – SWO –WAA – BI – WAL – H IK-MAH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    14. 14. Fill our hearts with ‘ilm (knowledge) and ma’rifat (Gnosis i.e. knowledge specific to knowing Allah subHaanahu wa ta’aala ), AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WAM– LA’ – QU –LUU – BA – NAA BIL – ‘IL – MI – WAL – MA’ – RI - FAH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    15. 15. Cleanse our stomach from (consuming) anything which is haram (forbidden) and syubhat (doubtful), AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – TWA – HIR – BU – TWUU – NA – NAA MI-NAL – H A- RAA –MI - WASH – SHUB - H A DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    16. 16. Stop (or prevent) our hands from (committing acts of) injustice and theft (dispossessing what belongs to others), AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WAK – FUF – AY – DI – YA – NAA ‘ ANIL – ZUL – MI - WAS – SIR - QA DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    17. 17. Lower for us our gaze away from (looking upon) all evil (sinfulness) and treachery, AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WAGH – DWUD – AB – SWO – RA – NAA ‘ ANIL – FU – JUU –RI – WAL - KHI- YAA -NAH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    18. 18. Turn away from our hearing, (from listening to) all vain or useless talk and the backbiting (of others), AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WAS – DUD – AS – MAA –’A- NAA ‘ ANIL – LAGH – WI – WAL – GHEE - BAH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    19. 19. Bestow upon our scholars ( ‘ulama ), renunciation or detachment from worldly concern (zuhud ) and (sincerity in giving) advise and intention ( naseehah ), AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 TA – FAD – DWAL – ‘ALAA – ‘U - LA – MAA – INAA BIZ – ZUH – DI – WAN – NA – SWEE - H AH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    20. 20. Upon the students (all those who engage in seeking knowledge), Utmost (in their) striving and with passion (determination), AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A-LAAL – MU –TA – ‘AL – LI – MEE –NA BIL - JUH – DI – WAR – ROGH - BAH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    21. 21. Upon those who hears (listening to us), with following and (heeding i.e. obeying to our good) counsel, AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A-LAL – MUS – TA – MI – ‘EE-NA BIL – IT – TI – BAA – ‘EE – WAL – MAU – ‘I -ZOH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    22. 22. Upon every Muslims who are sick, With their Healing and relief (recuperation), AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A-LAL – MAR – DWOL – MUS – L I - MEE-NA BISH – SHI – FAA – I – WAR – RAA - H A DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    23. 23. Upon Muslims who dies, With Allah’s Love and Mercy, AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A-LAL – MAU – TAA – HUM BIR – RA’ – FA –TI – WAR – RA H - MA DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    24. 24. Upon our elderly (aged folks), With Honourable life and tranquillity, AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A-LAA – MA – SHAA – YI – KHI – NAA BIL – WA – QAA – RI – WAS – SA – KEE-NA DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    25. 25. Upon our youth, (Bestow them with) Regret and with repentance ( taubat ), AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A-LASH – SHA – BAA – BI – BIL – INAA – BA – TI - WAT – TAU - BAH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    26. 26. Upon our women, (Bestow them with) Sense of shame (decency) and modesty (virtuous), AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A-LAN – NI – SAA – I BIL – H A-YAA – I – WAL – ‘IF - FAH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    27. 27. Upon those who are rich (wealthy), (Bestow them with) Attributes of tawadhu’ (humility) and generosity, AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A-LAL – AGH – NI – YAA – I BIT – TA –WAA – DWU -’I – WAS – SA –‘AH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    28. 28. Upon those who are poor (and needy), (Bestow them with) Patience and sufficiency, AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A-LAL – FU – QO – RAA – I BIS – SWOB – RI – WAL – QO –NAA – ‘AH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    29. 29. Upon all who strive in battle, (Bestow them with) Victory and conquest (over their adversaries), AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A-LAL – GHUZ – ZAA – TI BIN – NASW-RI – WAL – GHO – LA - BAH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    30. 30. Upon those who are imprisoned, (Bestow them with) release and rest (recuperation), AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A-LAL – U-SA –RAA – I BOL – KHO – LAA- SWI – WAR – RAA - H AH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    31. 31. Upon the Leaders, (Bestow them with) Justice and compassion (tenderness, solicitude etc.) AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A-LAL – ‘U-MA – RAA –I BIL – ‘AD-LI – WASH – SHA – FA - QOH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    32. 32. Upon the people (the general population), (Bestow them with) Honest self-awareness (of fairness) and goodly behaviour, AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – ‘A- LAR– RO – ‘IY – YA –TI BIL – IN – SWAA – FI – WA - H US – NIS- SEE - RA DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    33. 33. Bless all those who undertake the Hajj (pilgrimage) and the visitors (of holy places), with provision and sustenance, AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – BAA – RIK – LIL – H UJ- JAA- JI- WAZ – ZU –WAA –RI – FIZ – ZAA – DI – WAN – NA – FA - QOH DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    34. 34. Accomplish for them whatever You have made obligatory upon them, in their performing the Hajj and Umrah, AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA Q – DWI – MAA – AU – JAB –TA - ‘ALAY – HIM MI- NAL – H AJ – JA - WAL – ‘ UM- RO DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    35. 35. By Your (Generosity and) bestowal and with Your Mercy, O (Allah, Who is) the Merciful of those who show Mercy. AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 BI – FADW – LI –KA – WA – RO H – MA – TI –KA YAA – AR – H A –MAR – RAA – H I - MEEN DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    36. 36. And (may All a h send) salutations and prayers upon Mu h ammad and upon the household and companions of Mu h ammad (the pure ones of his family and all the loyal followers). AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 WA – SWOL – LAL-LAA-HU – ‘ALAA – SAY –YI –DI-NAA MU- H AM-MADIN WA – ‘ALAA – AA – LI – HI - WA – SWO H -BI –HI – WA-SAL -LAM DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    37. 37. “ Glory to thy Lord the Lord, of Honour and Power! (He is free) from what they ascribe (to Him)! And Peace on the Messengers! And praise to Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of the Worlds.” AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 SUB – H AA –NA – ROB – BI-KA – ROB- BIL – ‘IZ-ZA-TI – ‘AM-MAA YA – SWEE-FUUN – WA –SA –LAA-MUN ‘ALAL MUR –SA –LEE-NA WAL – H AM-DU – LIL-LAA-HI –ROB – BI; - ‘AA-LA -MEEN DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    38. 38. AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009 AA – MEE-N DU’A FOR THE UMMAH
    39. 39. السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُاللّهِ وَبَرَكَاتُه All welcome to visit my web-blog: http://an-naseehah.blogspot.com/ http://introductiontotauhid.blogspot.com/ http://oyoubelievers.blogspot.com/ http://al-amthaal.blogspot.com/ http://zhulkeflee-archive.blogspot.com/ http://criteriaforaholybook-quran.blogspot.com/ http://with-the-truthful.blogspot.com/ http ://muqaddam-nurul.blogspot.com/ AllRightsReserved©ZhulkefleeHjIsmail2009