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Shapeshifter Yoga is the newest technique that aims to better the body by introducing new postures and exercises and by giving more emphasis to the scientific angle of yoga. Yoga aims to rid the mind, body and soul of all ailments and it cleanses like none ...

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  • I used Shapeshifter Yoga while I recovered from a knee injury. I loved that I was still able to do the lying/seated poses and work my arms/abs. More information here:

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Shapeshifter Yoga Reviews

  1. 1. Shapeshifter Yoga ReviewShapeshifter Yoga is the newest technique that aims to better the body by introducing newpostures and exercises and by giving more emphasis to the scientific angle of yoga. Yoga aims torid the mind, body and soul of all ailments and it cleanses like none other. Developed by KristineFondran and Adam Steer, Shape Shifter yoga seeks to give real importance to the movement ofthe body while exercising. If you are a person who hates yoga with all your might, then probablyyou can consider this. This method of yoga is good for anyone, it can be started at any age. It isalso good for people who suffer from aches and joint pains.Regular sessions of yoga will rid your body of the uncomfortable pains that you wake up withevery morning. Even if you look fit on the outside, your body might be wearing out slowly and ithappens everyday. There are people who cannot sit up straight, much less get up and walk.Eventually, they will have to depend on other people to get even the simplest of chores done. It isnot exaggeration; it can happen anytime and it is in your power to stop it. Slight degeneration ofthe muscles can lead to muscle spasms and aches. Sure you can take medication to curb thesituation, but then you will have to suffer through severe side effects. Why go through all thattrouble when you can easily try yoga instead?Pros of Shapeshifter YogaDoing Shapeshifter Yoga on a regular basis will make your body really flexible, revitalized andrejuvenated. Shape Shifter Yoga teaches you self control and reduces the mental strain when youare feeling stressed out. With regular workouts, the stiffness in the joints and the rest of the bodyare reduced. You will feel as if your body has loosened up a bit.
  2. 2. Practice Shapeshifter Yoga to remove the stress you experience at work. If you own your ownbusiness, doing Shapeshifter Yoga regularly will increase business productivity. Shape Shifter yogawill give a boost to the energy levels in the body and will ease all feelings of fatigue. You willexperience an improvement in your memory and you will be able to concentrate and focus onthe job at hand. With ShapeShifter you will develop stronger muscles and it will ultimately lead tobetter general health.If you have a team working under you then it will be a good idea if you can do a group ShapeShifter yoga session before you start working. ShapeShifter yoga will help the team memberscome together, melt any feelings of negativity they had had before coming and you can see theresults in the job they do. You can avoid burn outs and reduce absenteeism. It will increase theconcentration levels enabling them to work much faster and with faster results. It has beenproven that the time taken to do yoga on a regular basis will actually save time on projects andassignments.Cons of Shape Shifter yogaThis is not a body building strategy. If you are thinking of ShapeShifter yoga along those lines youare wrong. Also, you are not going to get fast results. If you want to see a toned and healthy body,you have to keep at it religiously and without fail.==> CLICK HERE to Visit Shapeshifter Yoga Official SiteHow does Shape Shifter yoga work?It is important that you breathe normally when you do yoga. Veterans believes that it is in thehealth and well being of yoga that the wisdom of the heart and the rejuvenation of the soul lies.Shape Shifter yoga aims to release all the potent tension by reducing the tightness in thediaphragm. Each time you breathe there is a kind of tightness in the diaphragm. When you do
  3. 3. Shapeshifter yoga regularly it will help increase the elasticity of the diaphragm. It will workwonders to reduce the stress in the body and will to raise you to a level where you feel notensions and no stress.Your brain becomes sharper and you are able to perform better at intellectual problems. This isanother major benefit of ShapeShifter yoga. And when you do Shape Shifter yoga regularly, it willhelp you breathe in a relaxed manner where you can virtually feel a positive aura around thebody. You will also feel younger because you can move all the body parts freely since you becomeflexible and you will feel no more pains. You will look fresh and happy and with it improves yourconfidence level. It will help deal you with difficult people and you can marvel your ability to keepcalm when your boss is in a particularly irritating mood.You will feel as if the tensions and blackne ss inside you are escaping through every pore in yourbody. ShapeShifter yoga can generate a feeling of calmness around you and whenever there ischaos all around and people are rushing about and screaming at each other, you will feel acurious relaxation. Your body organs are chilled and mind is relaxed; you will not be worried butyou will work with a certain calmness that can produce positive results.Customer reviewNatascia Zullo, (Affordable Figure Skater, College College, Cleveland, OH)“A few summers ago I decide to include yoga into my education so that you just can improve myflexibility. It is crucial for a figure skater that they are fluid, graceful, and tough; my experiencewith Kris Fondran continues to help me attain these qualities. I reached my goal to raise myflexibility; however, I learned that the important thing to better results is usually preserving anduniting a proper body and mind. Kris made “yoga class” attracting, fun, and enjoyable and I mightrecommend her class to your aggressive athlete or this exercise fan. ”Conclusion
  4. 4. If you want to lead a relaxed life then you need to do something. Shape Shifter yoga will put anend to tensions and anxieties that have been invading your body and playing havoc with yourmind. ShapeShifter yoga will help in spiritual progression; you have to start trying it out to knowhow it really feels.==> CLICK HERE to Visit Shapeshifter Yoga Official Site