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Yap zhi jun extra credit essay

  1. 1. Extra Credit EssayEffective Public Communication [FCOM 0102]Individual AssignmentYap Zhi Jun (0310738)FNBE JAN 2012 – FCOM 0102( Effective Public Communication)Yap Zhi Jun ( 0310738 )
  2. 2. The movie that I choose is ‘As Good As Its Get’. This movie is a story of a singlemother (waitress), a misanthropic author and a gay artist form an unlikely friendshipafter the artist is in an accident. I found three suitable concepts to be applied in thismovie, there are trust, self-esteem and proximity. The relationship between Melvin, themisanthropic author and Carol, the single mother and also a waitress completelyexplained out these three concepts.The first concept that I use is trust. Trust is the belief or feeling that no harm willcome to you from the other person in the relationship. This concept can be showedclearly in this movie between the Carol and Melvin. Carol was a waitress in a restaurantand Melvin went to her restaurant every day to have his meal. He only wanted Carol toserve him and he was very dependent on her. One day, Carol’s son was sick of asthmaand Carol has no choice but to skip work and stay with her son. Melvin went to therestaurant and found out that Carol was not working that day. Then he went to Carol’shouse and asked her why he was not working. Moreover, Melvin requested Carol tocook for him because he was starving. Carol became mad because of his terriblealtitude and temper. But, they trust each other. Although Melvin has bad attitude andbehavior but Carol still tolerated him and be his only server in the restaurant. She stillaccepted Melvin’s invitation when Melvin asked her to have a vacation together. On theother hand, Melvin did not mind of how other people said and thought, he went to thesame restaurant, sat on the same table and wanted Carol as his only server. Heobserved Carol carefully and found out that she was not only a good waitress but also aFNBE JAN 2012 – FCOM 0102( Effective Public Communication)Yap Zhi Jun ( 0310738 )
  3. 3. good mother who full with love. The only reason was he trust Carol and he feltcomfortable with her.The next concept that I apply in this movie is self-esteem. Self-esteem is yourfeelings of self-worth. In this movie, there were conflicts between Melvin and Carol. Themain reason the conflicts started was because of Melvin’s attitude problem. Melvinsuffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder, which he was very sensitive when havingphysical contact with others. To protect his self-esteem, he turned mad easily andalways said something that would hurt people feeling. In this movie, Melvin accidentallysaid something bad about Carol’s son, and then Carol turned angry and scolded Melvin.She thought that Melvin was not a good guy who always spoke something bad. In thissituation, Melvin should change his attitude and control his temper. Not only to protecthis self-esteem, he should also think about other people feeling when speak. In thiscase, he should protect Carol’s self-esteem too as Carol was very care and sensitiveabout her son issue. If Melvin could behave himself, conflicts between him and Carolwould not occur and they won’t have any misunderstanding between each other.The last concept that I use in this movie is proximity. Proximity is about one ismore likely to marry someone geographically close. In this movie, Melvin and Carolalmost met everyday as Carol was Melvin only server in the restaurant. Because ofmeeting everyday, they have the chance to know each other more. Melvin knew thatCarol’s son has serious asthma, so he requested help from his friend’s husband, whowas a professional doctor to be Carol’s son specialist doctor. Besides, Melvin willing topay all the medical expenses for Carol’s son. Because of this, Carol very appreciatedFNBE JAN 2012 – FCOM 0102( Effective Public Communication)Yap Zhi Jun ( 0310738 )
  4. 4. Melvin’s kindness and she thanked him by accepting his invitation for a vacation. Shealso knew that Melvin has obsessive-compulsive disorder, so she tolerated him, taughthim how to speak in the right ways and also gave him the support to take medicine sothat he could control himself better. Melvin who hated medicine chose to take medicineafter meeting Carol because he said Carol is the only person who could change hismind, he wanted to be a better man because of Carol. Even though Carol hated Melvinat first, but because of their understanding on each other, their relationship becomecloser and at the last scene of this movie, Carol accepted kisses form Melvin.The three concepts that I use, trust, self-esteem and proximity are fully showed inthis movie. Because of their appreciation and treasure each other, this movie has ahappy ending. In a relationship, we must learn to appreciate and be thankful on what wehave, never aim or hope too high from others. Not only that, trust between each otheralso very important in maintaining good relationship. We also must know to protectother people’s self-esteem so that conflicts and misunderstanding can be avoided.FNBE JAN 2012 – FCOM 0102( Effective Public Communication)Yap Zhi Jun ( 0310738 )