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20111018 boost and gtest
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20111018 boost and gtest



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Boost &googletest Will Shen2011/10/17
  • 2. OutlineBoost • Smart pointer • Assign • oreach • bindgoogletest • Simple tests • Assertions2
  • 3. Hundred of boost libraries hpp hpp hpp + lib hpp + lib (.h+.cpp) (.h+.cpp) up to 90% without linking date_time filesystem regex program_otpions test thread python3
  • 4. Memory Leaking Cause of Evil - new/delete4
  • 5. boost – Smart pointer Cause of Evil - new/delete Managing memory in a smart way • std::auto_ptr  Ownership • boost::scoped_ptr  Non-copyable • boost:: shared_ptr  Reference counting5
  • 6. Stack and Heap Using Stack variable to manage Heap memory p1 Proxy fun() … stack heap6
  • 7. Different smart pointers Ownership, Non-copyable, Reference counting ap1 ap1 ap2 ap2 shp1 shp1 shp2 shp27
  • 8. Used in STL Container Both auto_ptr and scoped_ptr can not be used in STL container. vec[0 vec[0 ] e ] vec[1 vec[1 ] ] vec[2 vec[2 ] ]8
  • 9. scoped_array and shared_array operator[]9
  • 10. boost::assign – filling containers with data operator+=(), operator,() operator()()10
  • 11. boost::assign list_of - to initialize a container repeat, repeat_fun, range11
  • 12. boost::foreach BOOST_FOREACH, BOOST_REVERSE_FOREACH Supported Sequence Type • STL containers • arrays • Null-terminated strings (char and wchar_t) • std::pair of iterators12
  • 13. boost::foreach + typeof BOOST_TYPEOF13
  • 14. boost::bind A generalization of the standard functions std::bind1st and std::bind2nd. Supports: function objects, functions, function pointers, and member function pointers Able to bind any argument to a specific value or route input arguments into arbitrary positions. Function object14
  • 15. boost::bind - place holders _1, _2, …, _915
  • 16. Use boost::bind() in STL algorithm binding member function16
  • 17. googletest - Unit Testing Framework Execute test cases through the GUI Google test framework (gtest) • Easy to execute • Easy to implement test cases“Unicode Debug-test” configuration Execute test cases in console17
  • 18. gtest is more lightweight than cppunitCppunit gtest1. Write a test class derived from TestFixture 1. One TEST macro2. Write setup3. Write teardown4. Write test method5. Define test suite6. Context-switch between .h/.cpp files18
  • 19. Basic concepts Start by writing ASSERTIONS • statements that check whether a condition is true. • success, nonfatal failure, or fatal failure. A test case contains one or many tests. A test program can contain multiple test cases.19
  • 20. Assertions Basic Assertions, Binary Comparison, String Comparison20
  • 21. To Write Simple Tests Subject to be tested21
  • 22. Test Fixture - Using the Same Data Configuration for Multiple Tests SUTTestFixture Tests 22
  • 23. gtest folder in GMapShop project Tests23
  • 24. Recommended Books24
  • 25. Recommended Books25
  • 26. Recommended Books26
  • 27. Recommended Books27
  • 28. More to talk Code Smell Refactoring method Principles of Object-oriented Design • SRP, OCP, LSP, DSP, DIP28