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Introduction to software engineering


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  • 1. SOFTWAREENGINEERING If you dont understand it, you cant program it. If you didnt measure it, you didnt do it. Zhella Anne V. Nisperos
  • 2. Computer Programs+ Documentation
  • 3. Software isintangible complex flexible
  • 4. Software types Software types Generic Customized
  • 5. Application Software types types Stand- AloneInteractive transaction-based Embedded Control Systems
  • 6. Application Software types types Batch Processing Systems Entertainment SystemsSystems for modeling and simulation
  • 7. ApplicationSoftware types typesData Collection Systems System of systems
  • 8. Software types Software Areas (Roger Pressman) System SoftwareReal –time software Business software
  • 9. Software types Software Areas (Roger Pressman) Embedded softwarePersonal Computer software Engineering & Scientific Software
  • 10. Software types Software Areas (Roger Pressman) Web-based softwareArtificial Intelligence software
  • 11. Essential Attributes SoftwareSoftware of Good types MaintainabilityDependability & Security Efficiency Acceptability
  • 12. Essential AttributesSoftwareSoftware of Good types Usability Reliability Reusability
  • 13. What is the Role of Software ?
  • 14. The role of softwareengineering is to capture thecustomer’s business needs andspecify the “blueprints” for thesystem so that programmerscan implement it
  • 15. SoftwareEngineering
  • 16. “Software Engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software.” - IEEE’90
  • 17. “Software Engineering is an act of applying a collection of techniques, methodologiesand tools that help with the production of a high quality software system, …with a given budget, before a given deadline, while change occurs.”
  • 18. Techniques (Methods) Formal procedures for producing results using some well-defined notationMethodologies Collection of techniques applied across software development and unified by a philosophical approachTools Instrument or automated systems to accomplish a technique
  • 19. Software Engineering:A Multi-Disciplinary Discipline
  • 20. A blend of many older science &engineering disciplines and new ones
  • 21. Software Engineering Body of Knowledge Computing Software Product Software SoftwareFundamentals Engineering Management Domains Algorithms and Data Requirements Project Process Artificial Intelligence Structures Engineering Management Computer Software Design Risk Management Database Systems Architecture Quality Human-Computer Operating Systems Software Coding Management Interaction Programming Configuration Numerical & Software Testing Languages Management Symbolic Comp Mathematical Software Operations Dev. Process Computer Foundations & Maintenance Management Simulations Acquisition Real-Time Systems Management
  • 22. Why is SoftwareEngineering Difficult?
  • 23. 1Because you need to know about…software domain and problem domain
  • 24. 2 Software is formal there is a precise statement of what needs to be programmed Software Engineering deals only with the software itself Real World is informal there is NO precise statement of what needs to be programmedSoftware Engineering includes discovering a solution for a real-world problem
  • 25. SoftwareEngineers
  • 26. Software Engineer creates the design Programmer creates the code
  • 27. Software Engineer Works in multiple application domains Has only 3 months... Computer Scientist Proves theorems about algorithms, designs languages, defines knowledge representation schemes Has infinite time…
  • 28. Daily SoftwareEngineeringJobs/ Roles
  • 29. 1 Systems Analyst2 Software Architect3 Software Network Specialist4 Software Programmer5 Software Systems Administrator6 Software Database Administrator
  • 30. 7 Webmaster8 Software Security Engineer9 Software Tester10 Software Project Manager11 Software Configuration Manager12 Software Quality Manager
  • 31. How MUCHare Software Engineers Paid?
  • 32. Software Engineering Skills
  • 33. Communication “There are only 10 types of people in this world. Those who know binary, and those who don’t.”
  • 34. Feedback
  • 35. Motivation
  • 36. Analytical
  • 37. Project Management Skills Planning Risk Assessment Estimation
  • 38. Activity 1:List down thequalifications of aSoftware Engineer
  • 39. SoftwareEngineering Ethics
  • 40. ConfidentialityCompetenceIntellectual Property RightsComputer Misuse
  • 41. Online Activity 2:*Post links on news related to the statedissues of professional responsibility*Read about Software Engineering Ethicsand post link on news/issues related toone of the SE ethical principles
  • 42. SoftwareDevelopment
  • 43. Software Development is phased
  • 44. RequirementsDesignConstructionTestingOperation & Maintenance
  • 45. Types of Software Development Methodologies
  • 46. SSADMOOSDExtreme ProgrammingDSDMNCC Method
  • 47. AUPIntegrated MethodologyRUPSCRUMRAD
  • 48. Waterfall ModelConcurrent Dev’t ModelPrototyping ModelIncremental ModelSpiral Model
  • 49. REVIEW
  • 50. Thank you!