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Mitra investor indonesian

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Mitra investor indonesian

  1. 1. Mitra investor indonesian Strangeness and uniqueness always happen in this country . From trivial matter until about heavy , almost all of them will be present in the political arena . Here , of course parliament or parliament will take a ” role ” . Accidentally quoted word role , to emphasize that in reality it barely appeared role or never existed . The central government through its central bank , Bank Indonesia set up / take necessary policy in regulating the stability of the rupiah against foreign currencies , in this case the U.S. dollar . In the following discussion are discussed is the development of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar are all also affect the apparent impact sectors in various regions in Indonesia . Indonesia as well as other countries in various parts of the world also has its own currency , the rupiah . The trip up to the second rupiah is expected to reach a new equilibrium point at Rp 12,000 - Rp 12,500 per U.S. dollar , adjust to the real situation of the national and global economy at that time . dollars will have a new trend . Difficult to determine the exact figure , but the range of Rp 12,000 to Rp 12,500 per U.S. dollar , the point is normal, nothing to worry about . 2014 is an election year , but in the political turmoil too large will not affect the exchange rate . Fluctuation is likely to be stable , the money market is also awaiting U.S. employment data due to be published this weekend . The data will provide signals to market participants in anticipation of the Fed steps associated monetary policy . , The condition is tangent to the Indonesian capital market in 2014 is expected to be overshadowed deficit trade balance , current account and budget deficit . Besides flood that inundated several areas in the country including Jakarta in early 2014 somewhat influenced the development of the capital market . Perokonomian turmoil not only that , the U.S. shutdown news that some time ago too , still membyangi Indonesia. Chicago Fed President Charles Evans District , one of the supporters of accommodative policy , said in Washington chaotic fiscal plan to reduce the possibility of delaying the bond purchase program . In an interview with CNBC yesterday , Evans said the Fed may still delay the shutdown has made a taper because the economy is uncertain .
  2. 2. So that U.S. stocks ended down in trade . trading was decreased after many investors choose to stick with sensitive issues regarding Closure ( Shutdown ) U.S. Government . Always we still expect criticism and suggestions of our readers as a step to provide adequate and reliable information , in accordance with our motto into the media business information and your information . For more detail