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It is a cooperative work by Winby and Joy.

It is a cooperative work by Winby and Joy.

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  • Barbie soon followed, celebrating the excitement of the space program while showing girls that any career is within reach
  • shimmering, with
  • To ensure Barbie authentically represented the military,


  • 1. The wonder of An American Icon
  • 2. Who is she?• run for president four times• a total of 108 careers• cared for 50 pets• starred in 14 direct-to-DVD movies• outfitted by 70 famous fashion designers• represented 50 nationalities• On March 9, 2009,celebrated 50th birthday
  • 3. ~ Attractive and popular~ Has no brain.
  • 4. “ I wanna be Barbie – that bitch has everything...” Cindy Jackson (1955- ) ~ $100,000 +~ 20 plastic surgery operations
  • 5. Amazing outfits designedby > 70 fabulous names in fashion1 billion pairs of the most to-die-for shoes.  Looks–oriented lifestyle
  • 6. "Barbie doll has been a cherished fashion phenomenon for five decades, so it wasexciting to be able to dress her in one of my signature gowns."  -- Monique Lhuillier ~ "Barbie was a dream client because she doesnt have a husband to rein in the fantasy or tone down the glamour.“ ~ As a model / muse. ~ From Calvin to Cartier, Gucci to Galliano, Versace to Vera
  • 7. An Artifact Of Female Representation. She MIMICS the female formShe FUNCTIONS AS a tool for self-imaginingShe REPRESENTS a confident andindependent woman with an amazingability to have fun while remainingglamorous.CAREER , SINGLE and FASHIONABLE .
  • 8. The very first Barbie® doll -- 1959 ponytail hairstyle too-cool shadesgolden hoop earrings black-and-white striped bathing suit open-toed shoes
  • 9. 1960s• 1961 -- first boyfriend, • 1963--The first female Ken astronaut, Russian
  • 10. 1970s Travel, Nature, Sports 1971 1975
  • 11. 1980s• 1986 -- her own band– Barbie and the Rockers™ • 1989 -- joined the Army
  • 12. 1990s • 1992: Inspired • ran for the Oval Office for the first time.• Ferraro 费拉罗• a Democratic politician• the first female Vice Presidential candidate
  • 13. 1992• Totally Hair™• the best-selling• the longest hair• 10.5inches=26.67cm
  • 14. 2000s• 2004 -- celebrity power couples, • 2008 -- a collection of make up and break up• broke up with Ken, 43years eco-friendly accessories• Valentine’s Day
  • 15. Thank You ForYour Attention 