Is internet marketing for you?

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  • 1. Is Internet Marketing For You?Is it Affordable?The Internet has fundamentally changed the rules of business. It is 24/7 online and hasa world-wide reach to millions of people and because of this it has created manyopportunities for people who want to become rich and to have a financial freelifestyle. Are you ready for it?Although it is true that the computers today have become more sophisticated but italso have simplified many procedures and steps to enable newbies to quickly learnand apply the software with ease. If you are able to follow simple instructions likedownload , upload, copy and paste you are nearly there. The rest is all hands-onapplications and getting used to it.Building an on-line business is easier now than ever because you can learn from theMasters-those that have already succeeded in making millions from the Internet.Proven methods and software with video training are provided to get you startedwithout having to go through the hassle of doing the research yourself. What theyhave done to take them to succeed in 5 years you can do it in less than two years. Thatis if you are willing to take action and invest in yourself. The journey is not smoothsailing but it is rewarding.The advancement of the Internet has induced rapid evolution in related fields that helpthe Internet easier to use for both consumers and business owners. Faster connectionspeeds have allowed increasingly compelling information and entertainment to bedelivered inexpensively. In short what this means is this is the right time forEntrepreneurs like you and me to mind our own business. No bosses to report to.What we do is based on the outcome of our work performance.The most profound impact of the Internet is that it has reduced the cost of doingbusiness. Unlike the typical brick and mortar business whereby you will need anoffice and staff, and initial capital outlay Internet business is relatively affordable.The cost of starting an on-line business is cheaper than before. What you need is aLaptop Computer, a network connection and you are ready to go. All this will costyou around US$1500 the most.
  • 2. Next you will need to sign up a website hosting package that will include, 1. A domain name 2. Website hosting 3. E-mail accounts 4. E-mail autoresponder 5. A decent websiteAll this for less than US$15.00 a month. It may drop further with increasingcompetition in the future. But, of course monthly recurring charges for these servicescan add over time. In contrast to starting a real world business which will cost perhapsfrom several thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, this is peanuts.Like any business, once set up we need to find customers or traffic to buy our servicesor products. This process in Internet marketing will require some form of basicunderstanding and training in order to succeed. This is where we need expert help.According to Forrester Research, in the US alone online retail sales have reachedUS$172 billion a year and will likely continue to rise to US$350 billion by 2015. Soyou see the opportunities of making money online is humongous and are you readyfor it?To discover more on Internet Marketing please visit