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  • 1. Definition of Inertia
    • The tendency of an object to stay at rest or preserve its state of motion.
  • 2. Small Mass
    • An object with small mass has a small inertia.
    • An object with small inertia is much easier to stop then one with a large inertia.
  • 3. Real Life Example
    • Bowling
    • A bowling ball has a large inertia compared to a bowling pin.
    • Therefore when you throw a bowling ball down an ally it doesn’t want to stop when it hits the pins, so it carries through the pins, knocking them over.
  • 4. Large Mass
    • An object with large mass has a large inertia.
    • When a large mass is in motion it is hard for it to stop.
  • 5. Real Life Example
    • A train
    • Its hard for a train to start moving.
    • Once the train is moving, its hard for it to stop because its has such a large mass.
  • 6. Example
    • If an object like a train could run through almost anything with enough velocity.
    • A train can do this because it has a great amount of inertia.
  • 7. Example
    • Coffee in a car: When you have a cup of coffee filled to the brim, and you start accelerating in your car, your coffee spills. This is because the coffee wants to stay in the state it is in which is not moving, this is why the coffee flows back in the cup and ultimately onto your lap. The same thing happens when to begin decelerating in your car. The coffee will want to continue moving at the same speed in the same direction and will fly forward onto your dashboard or even your windshield.
  • 8. Example problem
    • Which object requires the most force to stop:
    • The 4000kg tractor trailer
    • A 120kg man on a bike
    • The 600kg motorcycle
  • 9. Example problem
    • Which object has the highest inertia:
    • The 125 kg runner moving at 2m/s
    • b. The 1000kg car at rest
    • c. The 0.025kg bullet traveling at 400m/s