Presentation for ACCA - Making it big through innovation & diversification


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Presentation for ACCA - Making it big through innovation & diversification

  1. 1. Sustainability through Diversification
  2. 2. • Central Depository Company is a public limited company incorporated in 1993. The company is the only depository of Pakistan which records, maintains and registers the electronic transfer of securities across all three stock exchanges of the country. • The company portfolio includes Central Depository System, Investor Account Services, Trustee & Custodial Services, Shares Registrar Services and IT consultation & implementation service by the name of ITMinds Limited. About the Company
  3. 3. • The biggest challenge for the company after the launch of Central Depository System included reliance of general investors on manual processes and lack of confidence. • Understanding the local environment, the company focused on positioning its brand as a reliable service provider by taking out-of-the-box initiatives. Leading from the Front
  4. 4. Automation Being the Primary Driver • Automation through effective use of technology is the hallmark of CDC; • Today all businesses that we are in are technology driven; • Reliance on technology has enabled the company to streamline its processes; increase transparency, efficiency, reliability and governance; • It also helped the company achieve competitive edge.
  5. 5. Filling in the Gap • CDC understands the need for indigenous products and solutions catering to the needs of the local market by constantly focusing on innovation and product development. • One such initiative includes the launching of Investor Account Services (IAS) which is an entirely new product not offered by any other depository.
  6. 6. Diversification Ensured Sustainability To hedge the risk of business failure and reliance on one market, CDC diversified its business in a number of areas and entered new sectors and industries: • Trustee and Custodial Services for mutual and pension funds • Share Registrar Services • ITMinds Limited (IT Consultancy & Implementation Service)
  7. 7. Investor Protection & Convenience • CDC took several initiatives to enhance investor protection and convenience. Some of these initiatives include: • Business Continuity Planning • CDC Access – Web, SMS & IVR • Toll Free Customer Care • Simple Account Opening Form
  8. 8. Learning From Others We continuously enhanced our knowledge and capabilities by learning from best international practices. • CDC is an active member and serves on the executive committee of Asia-Pacific Central Securities Depository Group (ACG) • Member of South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE) and International Securities Services Association (ISSA). • Signed ten Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with regional and international depositories. These include: • Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, USA, Thailand, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Taiwan.
  9. 9. Hiring the Right People We hire an attitude and train the skills CDC takes pride and derive great satisfaction for: • Having highly qualified and trained employees; • Comprehensive training programs to enhance skills, so employees can grow with the company; • International Affiliations with professional bodies such as ACCA; • Employee Retention Policies in place ensuring that the right talent is retained and groomed.
  10. 10. Making it Work - Investor Focus  Strong brand is necessary to occupy a distinct image in the minds of consumers.  Information Technology should be used as enabler and not just support.  Diversification helps hedging the risk of business failure in response to the increasing criticalities happening worldwide due to multiple factors.
  11. 11. Making it Work - Investor Focus  Investor Protection & Facilitation measures result in investor confidence.  Learning from other experiences means learning faster, better and a lesser chance of failure and loss. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.  Hiring the right people matter the most. Problems and challenges can be solved by ensuring that the right talent is hired, groomed and retained.
  12. 12. Thank You! To learn more about CDC visit: