Marketing Management: Active Learning Project


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Marketing Management: Active Learning Project

  1. 1. TEAM ONLINE MARKETING MANAGEMENTPresented to: Mr. Altamash Pervaiz Amar Fateen Samir Saleem Zeeshan Villiani Muhammad Haris Muhammad Suhaib
  2. 2. Tasks Customer buying behavior and Social Media Usage Research Achieve 5000 Facebook Fans Develop Facebook fan page as additional channel for course registration and sales Design Social Media Campaign for Launch Develop integrated program for Facebook, Website, blogs, email and SMS Long-term content strategy aligned with customer needs/behavior and company positioning Integrated sales promotion campaign (discounts upto 20%) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Studies website and fan page
  3. 3. Customer buying behavior and Social MediaUsage ResearchFactors Influencing Selection Of CoachingCenters
  4. 4. Customer buying behavior and Social MediaUsage ResearchFactors Influencing Selection Of CoachingCenters Popularity of coaching center (high priority) Location and accessibility of the coaching center (medium-high priority) Results and accolades of alumni (high priority) Qualification and name of faculty (very high priority) Size of the coaching center (medium-high priority) Fees per course/program (medium-high priority) Modern teaching methodologies (very high priority) Accreditation of institution (medium-high priority) Parents/peers review (medium-high priority)
  5. 5. Customer buying behavior and Social MediaUsage ResearchSocial Media Usage And Effects On InternetShopping (Social Commerce)
  6. 6. Customer buying behavior and Social MediaUsage ResearchSocial Media Usage And Effects On InternetShopping (Social Commerce) FACEBOOK MOST popular (100% respondents using FB)  Keep in touch with friends  Read interesting news  Most users are satisfied with privacy and usage of facebook  69% fans of some brand or the other on FB  69% of respondents also observed that companies sell products on facebook  Fans find info about upcoming products, check reviews for future purchases  More than 50% respondents gave negative response on the safety and usage of credit card online
  7. 7. Email Marketing Attempts A list of 900 people (mostly residing in Karachi)was extracted from past email records to increase the number of likes on Studies Facebook page. Account on  Gmail (mystudiespk@gmail)  AOL (  Hotmail (mystudiespk@hotmail)  Mailchimp (stuidiespk) Were created to market Studies Facebook are page . Mass mailing software; Groupmail was also used. The attempts completely failed due to spamming policy. Activity on Hotmail and Gmail were suspended for 24hrs on count of spamming suspicions
  8. 8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Internet marketing is a lot more affordable than traditional marketing. Internet marketing is a lot more effective and targeted than traditional marketing. Every day people use the internet more and more to find products they want to buy and services they want to hire.
  9. 9. Some Examples
  10. 10. Studies Ad Posting Karachi Blogs:  keep in touch with friends  16,500 Page views every week Karachi Economist:  2000 Page views every week The Technology Café  22000 Page views per month
  11. 11. Forum Posting Skyscrapercity Forums Page Rank 6
  12. 12. Facebook Page Posting Posted Admin ad on Karachi Facebook Page 81,020 Page Likes
  13. 13. On Page Optimization Moodle is not SEO friendly We recommend Studies website to be on Wordpress
  14. 14. Search Appearance and CompetitorAnalysis
  15. 15. Our Approach In Optimizing Studies Site Installed Google Webmaster Tools  To help analyze viruses  Submission of links  Auto XML submission Installed Google Analytics  To track visits from search engines  To track visits from social media  To measure engagement and virility Created a 404 Error page Redirected non-www to www
  16. 16. Facebook Analysis
  17. 17. Engagement Strategies Event based content - Independence Day - Al-Qadr Leveraged associations with Universities/Schools - 14th August Celebrations in NED - KGS winning the international debate title Leveraged general motivations - Entrepreneurial motivations (quotes) Leveraged humor - Derp & Derpina jokes
  18. 18. Facebook Fan page Tabs
  19. 19. Tab 1 – Official Website
  20. 20. Tab 2 - What we Offer?
  21. 21. Tab 3 – Twitter Integration
  22. 22. Studies Facebook Fans Previously there were 1500 Likes We expect it to cross 7000 in 3 weeks period provided if we invest in Facebook Ads 2500+
  23. 23. R&D and Suggestions Facebook Fan page Tabs  Customized Tab Icons, 111px wide by 74px tall  ‘Liquid Layout’ of Enable Secure Browsing (Https) Wordpress is easy to maintain  Easy to deploy  Available readily over 50 million web hosts and cheap as well
  24. 24. SEO Recommendations RSS Feed Validation/Creation  Schedule Feed to be posted on Google and Bing automatically  Discounts/Specials Feed  News Alert for subscribers delivered in their mailboxes Dynamic Sitemap and Submit it to Google, Yahoo and Bing  To improve search ranking  Up to date indexing in Google/ yahoo etc New Leads for Ringside Search Partners  Social media linking  Newsletter integration  Applicant tracking system integration
  25. 25. SEO Recommendations Back Linking  To get popularity  Chance to give your intro at another online location  Get relevant traffic  Via sponsored posts and guest posts  Videos on High PR ranking sites such as YouTube via own studies channel Google Alerts  Will allow users to be alerted if something new comes up on studies website  Catch the copy cats  Do some damage control
  26. 26. Engagement StrategiesPromotion Strategy: Advertising : Advertising to get a more connected audience which is genuine and engaged based on actual demographics such as Age: 15-22 Interests: Education, science, math, music, arts, commerce, MBA, physics, chemistry O-Levels, A-Levels etc Demographics: Pakistan, Karachi Age: 22-30 Interests: Foreign admissions, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE Demographics: Pakistan, Karachi Running 5-7 ads at the same time targeting males, females, parents etc to hit the audience and create awareness plus interest to come visit studies and register.
  27. 27. Engagement Strategies Cost: Keeping a monthly budget of Rs 15000 based on $.025 / click, we can get approximate of 600+ viral reach = approximate 1000 fans / month, which will be genuine and filtered.
  28. 28. Engagement StrategiesContent based promotion Graphic content to promote studies brand which will be posted keeping a schedule to make a more viral effect. This is such as  Course List JPEG  Registration JPEG  IELTS Preparatory classes JPEG  Teachers names  Quotes by famous people in artwork  Discount on registration  Cover images These images would be posted 3 times a week to make more impact and viral effect. These would be posted at times such as Sunday, Saturdays and Tuesdays where we believe the most engaging Facebook audience can be reached. Apart from that general content to be posted to engage users comments, likes and such as statements from Einstein, polls and quizzes.
  29. 29. Engagement StrategiesTabs We would be creating 3 tabs for engagement and optimizing of time spent on the page.  Registration Tab: A form that will allow us to collect data and register user at convenience any time.  Denizen tab: Already exists  Community Tab: Comments and discussions will be taking place to maximize discussions  Events: Announcing events and session such as at Marriot or other places to manage people coming in or not. Contests: To get more registrations, we can keep contests of winning USB drives or iPods to attract users and create not only engagement but viral reach such as
  30. 30. Engagement Strategies
  31. 31. Web Strategies Wordpress hosting needed Wordpress is secure Automatic SEO Is available readily over 55 million hosting sites Is cheap Can integrate any script on the web  Groups  Forums  Registrations  Drag and Drop
  32. 32. Thankyou 