Corporate Social Responsibility


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Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. 1. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY at Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited By Muhammad Hanif , CEO – CDC Pakistan
  2. 2. • Chief Executive Officer of Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited • Executive Committee Chairman – Asia- Pacific Central Securities Depositories Group (ACG) • Founding Member of the Central Securities Depository and Clearing & Settlement Company in Pakistan • Chartered Accountant by profession • Advocate of investor cultivation, awareness and protection in Pakistan About the Presenter
  3. 3. About CDC • A public company incorporated in 1993. • The sole depository in the country providing services to a wide range of investors across all three stock exchanges of Pakistan. • An active company doing corporate philanthropy. 3
  4. 4. 49% of the country’s population continue to live below poverty line. Source: United Nations
  5. 5. More than 70 million Pakistanis face severe food insecurity. Food price hikes including those of flour, rice, sugar and vegetables, further worsen food insecurity. Source: Economic Survey of Pakistan
  6. 6. 13% of Pakistani children do not finish primary school education. Source: Economic Survey of Pakistan
  7. 7. Pakistan spends just 0.8% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on health which is insufficient to cater the needs of the population. Source: United Nations
  8. 8. Pakistan ranks 146 out of 187 countries on a human development index Pakistan spends 0.8 percent of its GDP on health and 1.8 percent on education Even, Congo spends 1.2% of GDP on health and 6.2% on education
  9. 9. Pakistan’s poor performance is due to the low level of public investment in sectors like Health, Education, Housing and other Public Welfare projects.
  10. 10. Corporate Philanthropy 10 • Corporate philanthropy or corporate giving is the act of corporations donating some of their profits for charitable causes. • Corporations give charity to all kinds of nonprofit groups, from education and the arts to human services and the environment.
  11. 11. Volume & Impact 11 • The volume of the contribution of setups like SIUT, TCF, Indus, AKUH, Edhi and Chhipa are magnimous and their impact is countrywide. • These institutions mostly depend upon the corporate philanthropy to carry out extensive work across the country.
  12. 12. An Example of Global Champion of Corporate Philanthropy 12 • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on improving people’s health and giving them the chance to lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty. • They identify and fund high-impact projects that can help hundreds of millions of people lift themselves out of poverty and build better lives.
  13. 13. Champions of Corporate Philanthropy in Pakistan 13 • Aman Foundation is founded by the CEO of Abraaj Capital. • They are working in areas of Healthcare, Education & Skills and Nutrition • Apart from its own social development initiatives, Aman Foundation also engages in venture philanthropy by providing strategic grants to high-social-impact organizations that work in the Foundation’s core areas of focus.
  14. 14. Champions of Corporate Philanthropy in Pakistan 14 • Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT) provide free eye treatment to the poor & underprivileged citizens. • Standard Chartered partners with the hospital as part of “Seeing is Believing” the Banks global program to help combat preventable and curable blindness. • Its recent joint efforts include vision screenings for 800 underprivileged children across Pakistan in conjunction with World Sight Day celebration.
  15. 15. Champions of Corporate Philanthropy in Pakistan 15 • Shell Pakistan has a robust program of social investment, which supports organizations and initiatives in the areas of health, education, welfare, community development, heritage and environment. • They support wide range of organizations working in the areas from Diseases and Heath care to Road Safety and Heritage restoration.
  16. 16. CDC’s Corporate Philanthropy 16 • CDC’s Corporate Social Responsibility is set upon ambitious vision and purpose. • We are working to create a better future for Pakistan by giving donations to various organizations successfully working in their domains and have strong roots in the society.
  17. 17. CDC’s Corporate Philanthropy 17 • We invest our human and financial resources in inspirational, innovative programs that serve diverse populations. • Its just because of the Corporate Philanthropy by various organizations, the situation in Pakistan is not that worse and chaotic as it could have been.
  18. 18. The Organizations 18 CDC supports wide range of non-profit organizations including:
  19. 19. The Organizations 19 CDC supports wide range of non-profit organizations including:
  20. 20. The Organizations 20 CDC supports wide range of non-profit organizations including:
  21. 21. Philanthropy Amount 21 • So far, we have donated Rs. 52 million to several organizations since 2007.
  22. 22. CDC CSR Committee 22 • CDC has a working CSR committee who look after the company’s CSR initiative. • The company has a very transparent process. • The decisions regarding donations are made on merit by the committee.
  23. 23. Principles • Huge Impact • Impartial • Indiscriminate • Need based • Non Profit • Result driven • Transparent • Unbiased 23
  24. 24. Compliance 24 To ensure that each case referred to CDC-CSR committee is based upon merit and tag along our principles, we have a checklist for CSR evaluation that must be submitted with the proposal.
  25. 25. Checklist for CSR Evaluation 25 • Organization Name, Address, Phone, Email & Website is mentioned • The organization is registered with income tax authority for donation rebate • Copy of tax certificate is provided • List of board of trustees is provided • Scope and Area of work is mentioned • Brochure and other relevant details are available The checklist ensures:
  26. 26. Checklist for CSR Evaluation 26 • Audited financial statements are obtained • Name of auditors are mentioned • Copy of audited accounts along with a copy of auditor’s report is obtained • Organization should be financially sound and healthy • List of major donors or contributors is obtained • Ensure that organization does not support or focuses on community basis like: Race, Religion and Cast
  27. 27. Checklist for CSR Evaluation 27 • Ensure that organization is not politically affiliated • And their scope is within CDC’s policy parameters
  28. 28. Process • Public charities may request philanthropic funding by writing a letter to our CSR committee. • CDC-CSR Committee will evaluate the organization on the basis of checklist. • They will then be invited annually to submit proposals. • After second-level assessment, the cases are referred to the board for approval. 28
  29. 29. Other CSR Activities 29 TCF Rahbar Program • CDC is also providing active human support to The Citizens Foundation (TCF) by encouraging its employees to participate in TCF’s Rahbar Program. • TCF Rahbar is a Mentorship Program aimed at the development of youth as responsible individuals and as productive members of society.
  30. 30. Other CSR Activities 30 Pakistan Flood Relief • CDC is amongst few organizations in this country which encouraged its employees to participate in Pakistan Flood Relief Programs. • Several delegations from CDC have been to Pakistan Flood Relief areas to support the community.
  31. 31. Other CSR Activities 31 Charity Greeting Cards • CDC has been supporting Patient Behbud Society of AKUH by sending AKU Greeting Cards to its customers on the occasion of Eid. • Proceeds from the sale of cards go directly to the Patient Welfare Programme that provides needy patients with financial assistance.​
  32. 32. CDC Staff Education Fund 32 • CDC has a separate fund for its staff earning below Rs. 30,000 per month. • The fund provides grant for education to the low-pay staff’s children.
  33. 33. Thank You! To learn more about CDC Pakistan, please visit: