Chilean transition from school to work life


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Brief empathyzing and definition of the transition between student life to work life in Chile, through analysis of three stakeholders interviewed.

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Chilean transition from school to work life

  1. 1. Emphatize and Define By @ZeryanG from Chile
  2. 2. Stakeholders 1. Woman, chilean, 17 years old, highschool student. 2. Woman, chilean, 52 years old, civil builder, dedicated to home working, 4 sons, divorced. 3. Woman, chilean, 25 years old, undergratuate student of primary school teaching. In general … • Chilean women that have pass, or will have to, from a student life to work life.
  3. 3. The answers 1. How do/did you face/faced the transition from the student life to work life. 2. How would you like to be the pathway from school to work life? … and why?
  4. 4. Say How did you face your transition? Woman says that it was not a good experience, because she discovers, on the way, that after a lot of efforts to get a job (a women on a construction site in the 80´s!), she doesn´t like the profession. How would you like it to be? Student girls do not understand the question
  5. 5. Do How did you did it? I get my certificate, went to a lot of interviews and finally get a job in a construction site How you will do it? I will get my certificate, will go to some interviews and i will wait, hoping to receive the call.
  6. 6. Think What they think about the process? That is a hard process to face up: lot of competition and absolutely unceirtanty about what to expect. They believe that this way is the only pathway: to face alone and with his own tools, the incoming work life.
  7. 7. Feel What kind of feelings she might live on his experience? It was a hard, long and painful process; specially because it did not finishes in success. What might they feel now, a couple years before facing this process? They feel unceirtanty: there is no warranties and no helpful guidance.
  8. 8. Insights • They experience a “lonely” transition from student life to work life: when they graduate, they lost contact with school. Until they find a job, they are by their own. • This process implies a lot of stress, because of unceirtanty of results and expectations about work life. • They think that the “lonely” transition mode is the only possible.
  9. 9. Problem Statement • Chilean students needs a way to face the transition between student life to work life because they believe that the “lonely” process they experience by now (that implies a lot of stress due to the uncertainty of results) is the only way to do it.