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A review of Zero Wait-State as a company and the methodology we use to deploy product lifecycle management solutions.

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  • Welcome to this presentation titled “About Zero Wait-State” . Over the next few minutes you will learn more about the history and capabilities of Zero Wait-State, a cutting edge Product Lifecycle Management resource organization. We help companies fully utilize today’s PLM technology to maximize the impact it can have on their company productivity and help them identify business outcomes that can help them move the needle significantly for company performance.
  • As you can see from the graphic we work with companies across many industries including, Medical Device, High Tech, AeroSpace, and Consumer Goods. This experience working with some of the industry leaders has allowed us to develop strong methodologies for successfully mapping PLM to our clients most critical business problems and helping them solve these issues. We have aligned ourselves with Oracle and have been a Gold Partner for 5 years since their acquisition of AgilePLM.
  • Zero Wait-State resources are well versed in mechanical design since the majority of our technical resources are degreed engineers. This familiarity with Engineering has allowed us to become a leading resource for integrating Engineering Organizations with Enterprise software. We develop solutions to streamline this process and also have an extensive background in migrating complex design information from legacy systems into PLM solutions like Agile PLM. Our partnership with Oracle also has allowed us to develop and deploy integration solutions for Customer Resource Management applications (Seibel, Sales Force) and Enterprise Resource Planning applications (EBS, SAP, Dynamics). We tackle the most challenging elements of PLM deployment which include data migration, Engineering data management, and system integration.
  • By spending time up front to fully understand our clients critical issues and utilizing technical resources with industry experience we deliver solutions that track closely with our clients desired business outcomes. We solve the disconnects between technology and process by coordinating our approaches with information from the client to ensure results that matter for the client.
  • It is critical to have a sound methodology when tackling companies’ toughest business challenges. Zero Wait-State has developed a proven approach through years of experience working with PLM and based on the experience of our resources, who come from industry leaders. Notice the upfront discovery activities and the conference room pilots which ensure companies are getting solutions based on their business needs and have the opportunity to fully validate these solutions before going live.
  • Project Management is crucial for success with PLM solution deployment. Zero Wait-State has invested heavily into ensuring we have sufficient resources to document, track, and communicate project status. Solution deliverers are much to focused on their day to day activities to be effective at directing multiple resources and keeping a project on track. Dedicated project managers are an essential element in delivering solution in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Business architecture scoping is a unique aspect of our approach that allows for identification of needed business outcomes for the client and how they are going to be delivered. Too many times consulting organization focus on execution of implementation without taking the time to understand why the customer is adopting the technology in the first place. This valuable activity allows us to capture and document key business drivers and ensure the results of the project align with these outcomes.
  • Methodology is a key element ofsuccessful PLM adoption and based on our experience and background we have learned that it is critical to identify early on who the key players will be in any project. The RACI approach is a excellent tool for systematically documenting how communication will be structured in a project and who is responsible on both sides for successfully executing the playbook.
  • Needs Assessment workshops are a often overlooked activity that we deem to critical to a successful project. In this era of quick-starts it is easy to overlook the critical requirements that will drive the value of a PLM engagement. Without fully understanding and documenting a customers business drivers how will the project achieve the client’s goals? This step eliminates scope creep and is very helpful in making sure both parties understand the desired outcomes of the activity.
  • Effective training can make the difference between success and failure in PLM adoption. We make sure our resources are fully prepared with thorough curriculums tailored to our clients needs. We use our top resources to deliver training and work with our clients to make sure they fully understand the solutions they are adopting. We also are developing online training courses that will allow our clients to access cost effective ways to further expand their capabilities.
  • We have dedicated ourselves to being thought leaders in PLM and have created a website rich with content for assisting companies with their PLM decisions and ownership. The PLM Primer is a compilation of some of this content that will help companies and individuals trying to optimize their product development processes through the adoption and deployment of PLM.
  • About Zero Wait-State

    1. 1. Zero Wait-State Company Confidential
    2. 2. Migration MadnessThe Science of Data MigrationStephen Porter, CEO, Zero Wait-StateTitle Slide
    3. 3. Data Migration is in our DNA Our Name Our HistoryImportant Facts About Zero Wait-StateZero Wait-State - Company ConfidentialFACTS ABOUT ZWS - IN OUR DNA
    4. 4. We are Vendor and Partner Neutral Associate Service Partner and Research Associate for SolidWorks Oracle Gold Partner PLM and PDM Services onlyImportant Facts About Zero Wait-StateZero Wait-State - Company ConfidentialFACTS ABOUT ZWS - NEUTRAL
    5. 5. DM IS HARDZero Wait-State - Company Confidential
    6. 6. Be PreparedZero Wait-State - Company Confidential
    7. 7. BEST PRACTICES INCREMENTSZero Wait-State - Company Confidential
    8. 8. DM IS CRITICALZero Wait-State - Company Confidential
    9. 9. BEST PRACTICIES FORGET ITZero Wait-State - Company Confidential
    10. 10. Test, Validate, RepeatZero Wait-State - Company Confidential
    11. 11. Garbage In, Garbage Out …Zero Wait-State - Company Confidential
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