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NetApp Product training NetApp Product training Presentation Transcript

  • NetApp 產品介紹零壹科技股份有限公司Presentation Aug,2012
  • Gartner Midrange & High EndModular Disk Array Magic Quadrant Source: Gartner, Inc. Nov 2011 Roger W. Cox, Pushan Rinnen, Stanley Zaffos, Jimmie Chang Magic Quadrant for Midrange and High- End Modular Disk Arrays This Magic Quadrant was published as part of a larger research note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire report. The report is available upon request from NetApp. The Magic Quadrant is copyrighted Nov 17, 2011 by Gartner, Inc. and is reused with permission. The Magic Quadrant is a graphical representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It depicts Gartners analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in the Magic Quadrant, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors placed in the "Leaders" quadrant. The Magic Quadrant is intended solely as a research tool, and is not meant to be a specific guide to action. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. 2
  • 來自雲端領導者的成功案例 300 million active accounts“Music Service” 100–200 million users“Social Network” 200 million active users 290 million reservations/month 46 million users 1.3 million e-mail accounts 客戶利用NetApp的產品, 建構雲端來服務超過十億個的用戶 3
  • Industry’s Best Storage Platform for Future-Ready IT  真正的統一儲存平台 FAS/V6280  最有效率 FAS/V6240  極佳的彈性 FAS/V6210 4,320TB FAS/V3270 1,440 Drives 8TB Flash Cache FAS/V3240 4,320TB 1,440 Drives 6TB Flash FAS/V3210 3,600TB Cache 1,200 Drives FAS2240 3TB Flash 2,880TB Cache 960 DrivesFAS2220 2TB Flash 1,800TB Cache 600 Drives 1TB Flash 720TB Cache 240 Drives 432TB 144 Drives 180TB60 Drives Unified Storage Architecture 4
  • V-Series Open Storage Controllers V6200 and V3200 Models V-Series builds on your current storage investment to satisfy unmet needs V6280 V6240 4,320TB V6210 4,320TB 3,600TB V3270 V3240 2,880TBV3210 1,800TB720TB Supporting Disk Arrays from Major Storage Vendors 5
  • NetApp FAS系列能做到什麼? 靈活的配置多個協定, 統一的儲存平台 SAN SAN NAS NAS 企業 部門 企業 部門 iSCSI Ethernet LAN FCoEFibreChannel SAN NAS (Block) (File) 整合  簡單  靈活
  • 資料中心的進化 以應用程式 以虛擬化區 私有雲 公有雲 為主 為主 AppsServersNetworkStorage 傳統的架構 IT資源分享式的架構 一個彈性又有效率的儲存設備是必要的 7
  • IT: Entering the Era of Scale
  • ScalabilityFAS2xxx FAS/V3xxx FAS/V6xxx Scale Up – Modular capacity upgrades – Add FlashCache to increaseUp to Up to to Up to performance 2,880TB 4,320TB432TB – Data in-place controller Unified Storage Architecture upgrades as needed Scale Out – Scale controllers horizontally – Distribute data across controllers to add capacity Cluster – Distribute client I/O across controllers to add performance Scale capacity and performance on-demand 9 NetApp Confidential - Internal
  • Storage Efficiency Low-cost components  SATA drives$ Data Growth  RAID-DP® SATA / RAID-DP  FlashCache Snapshot™ technology Data reduction  Deduplication Thin Provisioning  Compression Cloning Increased utilization Deduplication  Thin provisioning Compression  Thin replication Flash Cache Fewer full copies Storage  FlexClone®  Deduped backups Industry leading storage efficiency NetApp Confidential – Limited 10
  • Intelligent CachingVirtual Storage Tiering Real-time Flash Cache  Promotes hot data to Flash without moving on-disk data  Automatically responds to Performance changing needs Efficient  Highly granular (4KB) Capacity  Enables SATA to match FC performance at half the cost SATA + Simple Dual-Parity RAID  Works out-of-the-box with the default settings Optimized for cost-performance NetApp Confidential – Limited 11
  • Unified Architecture Protocols Broad System Portfolio Performance FC Flash Cache FCoE iSCSI SSD NFS CIFS FlexCache® Object NetApp® FAS and V-Series running Data ONTAP® Unified Management Same tools and processes:  Integrated data protection Learn once, run everywhere  Unify across vendors Integrated data management One architecture for diverse workloads NetApp Confidential – Limited 12
  • Integrated Data Protection Application  Instant backups Integration  Fast and easy recovery Continuous Data Availability  Continuous data availability  Protection that spans disaster Snapshots recovery, backup and archives  Network and space efficient – Up to 90% less capacity used – Up to 70% less network utilizationBackups Disaster – Up to 75% lower management costs RecoveryArchives Seamless data protection for DR, backup, and archive NetApp Confidential – Limited 13
  • Continuous Operations Eliminate downtime  Transparent upgradesON ON 24/7 and technology refreshes  Seamless capacity and Storage Pool Storage Pool performance expansion  Maintain data access across product lifecycles DataData Motion Data Data Data Transparent, non-stop data availability NetApp Confidential – Limited 14
  • Secure Multi-Tenancy Validated Reference Architectures  Enhanced security  PCI & FISMA certifications  Multi-tenant workload profiling  Manage each resource pool independently  Integrated, tenant-specific backup and DR Secure separation for a shared IT infrastructure NetApp Confidential – Limited 15
  • FAS2200系列零壹科技股份有限公司Presentation
  • FAS2200 Product Roadmap Today 1Q 2012 2Q 2012 3Q 2012 4Q 2012 2U/24 SAS 4U/24 SATA FAS2240 Data ONTAP® Essentials DOT 8.1 FAS2040 FAS2220 Repriced/Repackaged SAS/SATA Data ONTAP Base Data ONTAP DOT 8.X Essentials DOT 8.1.1 17
  • FAS2220 Front View 18 NetApp Confidential -- Limited
  • FAS2220 Front View Without Bezel NetApp Confidential – Limited 19
  • FAS2220 Rear View NetApp Confidential – Limited 20
  • FAS2220 I/O Connections NetApp Confidential – Limited 21
  • FAS2240 SystemFor demanding workloads,without the demanding price Powerful, Intel dual core processors and latest storage technologies 2-3X performance of previous generation 2 New Models Built-in investment protection with flexible IO and disk shelf conversion option FAS2240-2 FAS2240-4 More software value and all storage protocols included at no additional cost. Simplified management including latest OnCommand System Manager Best price performance to meet growing needs NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 22
  • FAS2240 Configuration Details Based on SAS shelves – FAS2240-2 uses DS2246 and internal SAS disks – FAS2240-4 uses DS4243 and internal SATA disks – Up to 24 internal disks for both form factors Same controller PCM used in both models 4x GbE ports and 2x 6Gb SAS ports per PCM Optional mezzanine card per PCM – 2x 10GbE - or - – 2x 8/4/2 Gb FC (target or initiator mode) - or - – No card, slot can be left empty 23 NetApp Confidential -- Limited
  • FAS2240 Configuration Details FAS2240-2 internal disks – 12 and 24 disk orderable configurations – 450GB or 600GB 10K SAS supported at launch FAS2240-4 internal disks – 12 and 24 disk orderable options – 1TB, 2TB SATA, and 3TB SATA available at launch 24 NetApp Confidential -- Limited
  • FAS2240 Upgrade Guidelines FAS2240 can be converted to storage shelf – Replace PCMs with correct IOMs – Connect to controller – Assign disk ownership Existing SAS shelves cannot be converted into FAS2240 – FAS2240 always ships as a new system – FAS2240 cannot be created in field by converting a shelf 25 NetApp Confidential -- Limited
  • Key Specs FAS2040 FAS2240-2 FAS2240-4 FAS3210Form Factor 2U 2U 4U 3UChassis Depth 24 in. 19 in. 24 in. 24 in.Max Storage 408 TB 374 TB 430 TB 720TBMax Drive Count 136 144 144 24010GbE Support No Yes Yes YesFlash Cache/SSD No SSD only SSD only YesV-Series No No No YesMetroCluster No No No YesSupport Data ONTAP Data ONTAPOS Version Data ONTAP 8.1® 7.3/8.x® 7.3/8.xAll figures represent dual-controller configurations NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 26
  • FAS2240-2 Front View 27 NetApp Confidential -- Limited
  • FAS2240-2 Rear View 28 NetApp Confidential - Internal
  • FAS2240-4 Front View 29 NetApp Confidential -- Limited
  • FAS2240-4 Rear View Processor controller modules Power Supply/Fan Module 30 NetApp Confidential - Internal
  • FAS2240 I/O ConnectionsWith Mezzanine Card Option Optional 31 NetApp Confidential - Internal
  • New Simpler Software Structure More value included - Simple to configure FAS2040  Best storage efficiency FAS2240  Superior data protectionIncluded All  Scalable performance Protocols All Protocols ®Software Data ONTAP Base ® Data ONTAP Essentials($0) Snapshot, RAID-DP, NearStore, also includes: FlexVol® , FlexShare® , Thin – Business continuity provisioning, Deduplication, – Secure multi-tenancy Compression, SyncMirror® , System – Automated management & Operations Manager, Filerview 8 Add-on S/W Options 6 Add-on S/W OptionsOptionalSoftware Foundation Pack SnapRestore ® Virtualization Bundle Complete Bundle Complete Bundle Windows Bundle Protection Pack SnapMirror ® Server Pack SnapVault ® Application Pack FlexClone ® Advanced Pack SnapManager Suite® 32 NetApp Confidential - Internal
  • FAS3200系列零壹科技股份有限公司Presentation
  • Key FAS/V3200 Features • New I/O expansion module – 50% more slots • Two PCIe v2.0 (Gen 2) slots in controller I/O • Onboard SAS ports • Midrange performance improvements • 15% higher spindle and capacity Scaling • HA available in 3U and 6U footprints • Service processor (SP) remote management • Goes beyond RLM and BMC RASM • Adds high-end RASM capabilities to midrangeFlexibility and continued price/performance leadership 2011 34
  • Rev 2FAS/V3200 Configuration FlexibilityChassis 3UController I/O Expansion Module Chassis 3U 35
  • FAS/V3200 Single-Chassis Configurations Standalone HAFAS3210 FAS3210 FAS3210AFAS3240 FAS3240E FAS3240AFAS3270 FAS3270E FAS3270A 36
  • FAS/V3200 Dual-Chassis Configurations HA PairsFAS3210 N/AFAS3240 FAS3240AEFAS3270 FAS3270AE 37
  • FAS/V3200 Series Features HA Controllers FAS/V3170 FAS/V3210 FAS/V3240 FAS/V3270Processor Cores 8 4 8Memory 32GB 8GB 16GB 32GBNVRAM 4GB 1GB 2GB 4GBI/O Expansion Module -- -- YesMax PCIe Slots 8 4 12 * 4 x GbEOnboard I/O 4 x 6Gb SAS, 4 x GbE, 4 x 4Gb FC 8 x 4Gb FCMax Spindles 840 240 600 960Max Capacity** 1680TB 480TB 1200TB 1920TBMax Aggregate 70TB 50TB 50TB 70TBData ONTAP® 7.2.5+ 7.3.5 and 8.0.1 * With I/O expansion module ** Requires Data ONTAP 8.0+, otherwise maximum capacity is half 38
  • FAS/V3200 I/O and Flash Cache Limits Onboard and Expansion Ports in HA Pairs FAS/V3170* FAS/V3210* FAS/V3240** FAS/V3270** 6U 3U 6U 6U Ports FC Target 16/40 8/20 24/48 24/48 (8Gb/4Gb) 10GbE 16 8 24 24 GbE 36 20 52 52 6Gb SAS 32 20 52 52 FC Initiator 40 20 52 52 Flash Cache Maximum 2TB 512GB 1TB 2TB* FAS/V3210 and FAS/V3170 are in single-enclosure HA configuration** FAS/V3240 and FAS/V3270 are in dual-enclosure HA configuration 39 NetApp Confidential -- Limited
  • FAS/V3200 Sample Configurations Dual-Enclosure HA Solution* Cluster-Mode SAN NAS Solution Solution Solution Adapters** 8Gb FC Target (2-port) -- 4 -- Number of adapters by 10GbE (2-port) 4 -- 4 type in HA Flash Cache 2 2 2 pair SAS HBA (quad) 4 4 4 Port Limits FC Target -- (8/4) (0/4) Number of (8Gb/4Gb) ports in HA 10GbE 8 -- 8 solution from GbE 4 4 4 adapters and SAS 20 20 20 onboard ports FC Initiator 4 4 4 Max Spindles Supported Platform Maximum* Onboard ports and expansion slots From onboard Example, 4 ports per card x 4** Two free slots in HA pair ports only cards + 4 onboard = 20 40 NetApp Confidential -- Limited
  • FAS/V3200 Sample Configurations Single-Enclosure HA Solution* Cluster-Mode SAN NAS Solution Solution Solution Adapters** 8Gb FC Target (2-port) -- 2 -- Number of adapters by 10GbE (2-port) 4 -- 2 type in HA Flash Cache -- 2 2 pair SAS HBA (quad) -- -- Port Limits FC Target -- (4/4) (0/4) Number of (8Gb/4Gb) ports in HA 10GbE 8 -- 4 solution from GbE 4 4 4 adapters and SAS 4 4 4 onboard ports FC Initiator 4 4 4 240 on FAS/V3210A (SAS or FC) Max Spindles 324 on FAS/V3240A and FAS/V3270A* Onboard ports and expansion slots From onboard ports only** Two free slots in HA pair 41 NetApp Confidential -- Limited
  • FAS/V3200 Slots and Interfaces Standalone Controller (ports labeled next slide) 2 PCIe v2.0 (Gen 2) x 8 slots  Management (wrench) – Top full height, full length – SP and e0M – Bottom full height, ¾ length  Private management 2 x 6Gb SAS (0a, 0b) – ACP (wrench w/lock) 2 x HA interconnect (c0a, c0b)  Serial console port 2 x 4Gb FCP (0c, 0d)  I/O expansion module 2 x GbE (e0a, e0b) – 4 x PCIe 8x – Full length, full height slots USB port (not currently used) 42 NetApp Confidential -- Limited
  • FAS/V3200 Controller I/O HA Serial USB Console c0b c0a (disabled) Port Slot 1 Slot 2 e0a e0b Management (e0M/SP) ACP0a 0b 0c 0d EthernetSAS Fibre Chanel e0a and e0b ports are GbE Management and ACP ports are 10/100 43 NetApp Confidential -- Limited
  • FAS/V3200 I/O Expansion Module (IOXM) Slot Not hot swappable Numbers – Controller will panic if removed – If inserted into running FAS/V3200 IOXM not recognized until controller is rebooted 4 full-length PCIe v1.0 (Gen 1) x 8 slots 44 NetApp Confidential -- Limited
  • FAS/V3200 Supported Back-End Storage Shelves and modules – DS2246 with IOM6 – DS4243 with IOM3 – DS14mk4 with ESH4 – DS14mk2 with either ESH2 or ESH4 – DS14mk2-AT with AT-FCX Any HDDs supported in above shelves Any SSDs supported in above shelves – Exception: SSD not supported on FAS/V3210 45
  • FAS6200系列零壹科技股份有限公司Presentation
  • FAS/V6200 儲存系列 FAS/V6280 FAS/V6240FAS/V6210  High performance for demanding workloads – Double the performance of current FAS systems ® – Ongoing performance gains with Data ONTAP 8  Future-ready scalability and flexibility – Up to 3PB capacity, plus 2x more PCIe connectivity – Built-in 10Gb Ethernet, 8Gb FC, and 6Gb SAS  Enhanced enterprise-class availability – Service processor and alternate control path (ACP) 47
  • FAS6200 Base Components* FAS6200 Controller 3U6U Chassis 3U FAS6200 I/O Expansion Module * Port and slot details covered later in presentation 48
  • FAS6200 Base Configurations Single Chassis Dual ChassisFAS6210 N/AFAS6210A N/AFAS6240 SeeFAS6280 BelowFAS6240A SeeFAS6280A Above 49
  • FAS/V6200 Series Features HA Controllers FAS/V3170 FAS/V6210 FAS/V6080 FAS/V6240 FAS/V6280Processor Cores 8 16 16 16 24Memory 32GB 48GB 64GB 96GB 192GB*NVRAM 4GB 8GB 4GB 8GBExpansion I/O -- -- -- YesModuleMax PCIe Slots 8 8 10 24Onboard 8Gb FC -- 8 or 16 -- 8 or 16Onboard 10GbE -- 8 -- 8Onboard 6Gb SAS -- 0 or 8 -- 0 or 8Max Spindles 840 1200 1176 1440Max Capacity 1680TB** 2400TB 2352TB** 2880TBMax aggregate 70TB 70TB 100TB 100TBData ONTAP® 7.2.5+ 8.0.1 7.2.4+ 8.0.1* Requires Data ONTAP 8.0.2, memory in Data ONTAP 8.0.1 is 96GB** Requires Data ONTAP 8.0+, otherwise maximum capacity is half 50
  • FAS/V6200 IO and Flash Cache Limits Onboard and Expansion Ports in HA Pairs FAS/V3170 FAS/V6210 FAS/V6080 FAS/V6240 FAS/V6280Ports FC Target 16 / 40 32 / 48 20 / 40 48 / 48 48 / 48 (8Gb/4Gb) 10GbE 16 24 20 40 40 GbE 36 36 76 100 100 6Gb SAS 32 40 40 72 72 FC Initiator 40 48 80 128 128Flash Cache Maximum 2TB 3TB 4TB 6TB 8TB FAS/V3170 and FAS/V6210 in single-enclosure HA FAS/V6080, FAS/V6240, and FAS/V6280 in dual-enclosure HA 51
  • FAS6200 Controller I/O Standalone Controller PCIe v2.0 GbE Vertical I/O Slots USB Slots (disabled) e0a, e0b Slots 1, 2 Slots 3, 4, 5, 6 e0M / SP e0c, e0d, e0e, e0f 0a, 0b, 0c, 0d Serial Console Management ACP 10GbE 8Gb FC10/100 Ethernet 52
  • FAS6200 I/O Expansion Module (IOXM)Horizontal Vertical I/O HorizontalSlots 7, 8, 9, 10 Slots 11, 12 Slots 13, 14, 15, 16 All PCIe v2.0 (Gen 2) slots – Vertical slots have different form factor Not hot-swappable – controller will panic if removed – Hot pluggable, but not recognized until reboot – Use in HA pairs to replace IOXM nondisruptively 53
  • FAS6200 Performance Enablers • Latest Intel 64-bit processor architectureCore • Faster memory, and more of it • PCIe v2.0 (Gen2) x8 architecturePCIe • Over 2x FAS6080 slot expandability • Onboard 10GbE and 8Gb FC I/O • Integrated 10GbE stateless off-load Up to 3.6x performance improvement over FAS6080 54
  • Disk Shelf零壹科技股份有限公司Presentation
  • Leading SAS Storage TechnologyThe DS2246 Disk Shelf Storage and Performance Density  24 x 2.5” SFF drives in 2U rack space  10k RPM SAS disk drives in 450GB or 600GB sizes  6Gbps SAS interconnect and backplane  30% to 50% lower power consumption than DS4243 shelf  Same availability and resiliency features as the DS4243 56 56
  • Density Takes Big Steps with 2U DiskShelf Normalized Normalized Performance Density Storage Density ~2.6 ~2.1 ~1.3 ~1.3 1.0 1.0 DS14mk4 DS4243 DS2246 DS14mk4 DS4243 DS2246 15k RPM FC 15k RPM SAS 10k RPM SAS 15k RPM FC 15k RPM SAS 10k RPM SAS Disk IOPS per rack unit Capacity per rack unit for an OLTP workload using same size drives 57
  • DS4243 vs. DS14 DS4243 DS14 10 shelves per stack 6 shelves per loop SAS 1.1 FC-AL SAS and SATA intermixing in same No intermixing of drive types within stack same loop SAS, SATA, and SSD drives FC and SATA drives IOM3 ESH2, ESH4, and AT-FCX 3Gb/sec per lane (4) = 12Gb/sec 2Gb/sec or 4Gb/sec 24 drives in 4U 14 drives in 3UElectronically readable serial numbers Manual switch for setting shelf IDs and shelf IDs unique to the system 58 58© 2010 NetApp. All rights reserved.
  • Use Cases for Flash Cache and SSDsIntelligent Caching Persistent Storage NetApp® Flash Cache (PAM II)  SSDs in NetApp DS4243 shelfGood fit when… Good fit when… Workload is random read intensive  Workload is random read intensive Hot data is dynamic or unknown  Must have consistently fast Administration free approach desired response timesExample workloads Example Workloads Server and desktop virtualization  Databases for mission-critical File services, e-mail, databases applications Technical applications 59
  • Reduce Latency with NetAppPerformance Acceleration Module (PAM) Disk Drives  Intelligent read cache  Improves throughput and reduces latency Storage Controller  Ideal for file services and PAM application workloads with a high percentage of Memory small-block random reads CPUs 60
  • Perforce Benchmark Comparison for Reads — With and Without PAM Dir Test (Read) DIR TEST (Read) 1 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6Seconds 0.5 91% 0.4 87% 96% INTEGRATETest (Read) Integrate TEST (Read) 0.3 0.2 70 0.1 60 0 NFS iSCSI FC-SAN 50 Seconds 40 76% 30 75% 85% 20 Sync Test (Read) SYNC TEST (Read) 2.5 10 0 2 NFS iSCSI FC-SAN 1.5 43% Seconds 61% 36% 1 With PAM 0.5 Without PAM 0 NFS iSCSI FC-SAN 61
  • 資料保護零壹科技股份有限公司Presentation
  • 同時兼顧資料保護和效能RAID 5 RAID 1+0 RAID 6• 資料保護不足 • 空間損耗嚴重 • 效能低落 RAID DP 最佳解決方案• RAID 1+0的效能 D D D D D D D D D D D D P A P A A A A A A A A A A A A A• RAID 6的資料保護 T T T T T T T T T T T T R I R I T T A A A A A A A A A A A A Y Y
  • 提供更多硬碟故障的保護 D D D D D D D D D D D D P P A A A A A A A A A A A A A A R R T T T T T T T T T T T T I I T T A A A A A A A A A A A A Y Y D D D D D D D D D D D D P PSyncMirror 保護 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A R R T T T T T T T T T T T T I I T T A A A A A A A A A A A A Y Y 64
  • 資料備份零壹科技股份有限公司Presentation
  • 備份、還原時間亢長?過去 現在 Servers Servers IP/FC SANDirect Attached Storage (DAS) Primary Tape Drive Data 9:00 AM Snapshot 9:10 AM Snapshot Daily Backup 9:20 AM Snapshot 66
  • 秒級的備份傳統 Snapshot NetApp Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot 效能下降 I/O Rates 40~60% I/O 效能不受 Rates 影響 Time Time Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot Time Time1. 沒有停機時間 4. 數秒鐘完成2. 在主機端及用戶端沒有任何CPU負載 5. 在用戶端不需備份程式3. 沒有網路流量
  • 秒級的還原功能  300 GB database 要求回復  傳統磁帶回復速度為 60 GB/hour 300GB  正常完整資料庫回復時間約需 5 小 Database 時 + log replay時間  SnapRestore 完整資料庫回復, 僅 0-3 分鐘 (Mail 及 SQL DB) Primary Backup  利用SnapRestore完整資料庫回復 時間僅需0-3 分鐘+ log replay 時 間Time toBackup To Tape (60GB/Hr Best Case) Snapshot™ From TapeTime to Redo LogsRecover SnapRestore® Redo Logs 012345678 備份時間長達數小時 68
  • 效率儲存零壹科技股份有限公司Presentation
  • 資源隨需分配技術 Provisioned Storage:4TB  按需求索取儲存資源400GB 2 TB  增加空間使用率 100 GB 300 GB 200 600 GB 400  提供超過實體空間的虛擬容量 GB GB  利用更少資源做到更多的事 Physical Storage:1TB 70
  • 重複資料刪除  消除重複區塊Data Meta Data  節省重複的資料空間 Deduplication Process Deduplicated Data General data in flexible volume Meta Data Deduplicated data in flexible volume
  • 資料壓縮 更低的總支出成本 針對各類型的資料做 更進一步空間節省 壓縮技術可應用在一 線/二線/封存的儲存設 備 NetApp Confidential – Internal Use Only 72
  • 資料壓縮 + 重複資料刪除帶來的節省空間效益80% Compression Only Deduplication Only Deduplication and Compression70%60%50%40%30%20%10%0% NetApp Confidential - Limited Use 73
  • 資料副本佔用大量儲存空間? 線上 測試 & 開發 儲存設備 儲存設備 30TB 儲存設備 6TB 5 份完整副本 資料庫未使用FlexClone 6TB 8TB儲存設備 資料庫 1 份副本, 4 份clone使用FlexClone ® 74
  • 加速應用程式開發與測試 傳統準備方案 NetApp 解決方案 27 分鐘 3 秒鐘 費時的實體複製 ®  FlexClone 即時副本 一再重複相同的動作 ®  FlexVol 快速供應 手動而且複雜的  簡單的命令或政策 75
  • 彈性解決儲存難題 NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 76
  • 各項功能的效益 Save Snapshot™ Copies over Point-in-time copies that write 80% only changed blocks. NoSave RAID 6 Protection performance penalty.up to46% (RAID-DP®) Protects against double disk failure Virtual Copies with no performance penalty. Save (FlexClone®) over 80% Near-zero space, instant “virtual” copies. Only Thin Provisioning subsequent changes in clonedSave dataset get stored.up to (FlexVol®)33% Create flexible volumes that Save Deduplication appear to be a certain size but up to Removes data redundancies are really a much smaller pool. 95% in primary and secondary storage. Thin ReplicationSaveup to (SnapVault® and Save Data Compression95% SnapMirror®) up to Reduces footprint of 87% Make data copies for disaster primary and secondary recovery and backup using a storage. minimal amount of space.
  • 階層式資源分配零壹科技股份有限公司Presentation
  • 提供服務優先等級 QoS未使用FlexShare™  Latency is similar when High Priority Volumes  FlexShare 有效的減少高 controller is fully loaded Medium Priority 優先等級 Volumes的延遲 Volumes and FlexShare is not used Low Priority Volumes  依照優先等級的設定延遲 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 其它的 Volumes Latency (msec)使用FlexShare High Priority Volumes Medium Priority Volumes Low Priority Volumes 一樣的工作負荷下 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Latency (msec) 達到飽和的控制器
  • 虛擬化儲存設備 Customer A Customer B Customer C Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data 虛擬儲存設備 虛擬儲存設備 虛擬儲存設備 控制器 控制器 控制器 • 以 IP 儲存為基準 (NFS, CIFS 和 iSCSI)
  • 同地/異地備援零壹科技股份有限公司Presentation
  • 建置異地備援成本太高? 過去 現在Primary Data Center Remote Site Primary Data Center Remote Site 1 Servers Servers Remote Site 2 SAN-to-IP SAN-to-IP Data Sync SnapMirror® FC FC Switch Switch Remote Site 3 NetApp® FC SAN SAN NetApp® Storage Storage SATA 82
  • 完整的大量資料備份、還原 LAN  提升效能 – 備份速度提升 92% Servers – 還原速度提升 88% with NetApp – 讓備份次數更頻繁  更大的可靠性 SnapVault SnapVault – 磁碟可靠性Servers OSSV – 減少磁帶的需求 withGeneric  減少成本 disk – 僅複製改變的資料  降低管理成本 – 簡單的管理任務 – 提供全球監控
  • 伺服器平台的備份 VMware  保護使用非NetApp儲存設備的伺服器 -Windows -LinuxLinux UNIX Windows ESXOSSV OSSV OSSV OSSV -UNIX  提高效能以符合 SLAs – 備份速度提升 92% – 還原速度提升 88%  控制成本 – 減少資料存放數量 – WAN傳輸的頻寬需求更少 – 整合 NetApp de-duplication  利用磁碟更高的可用性 NetApp FAS – 容錯的 NetApp 儲存設備 – 主動監控及警示
  • NetApp整合統一的管理軟體 An Integrated Data Management Approach Application Suite SnapManager ® SnapManager for SnapManager for Exchange SharePoint® Server for SAP® Integration Database Suite SnapManager SnapManager Service Layer Data ONTAP for SQL Server™Storage Pool for Oracle® ® Data ONTAP Server ®Suite VFM SnapDrive® for Windows® , SnapManager (Virtual File ™ for Virtual Infrastructure Manager ) UNIX® , Linux® Storage Suite Management Protection Provisioning Storage Manager Manager File Storage CommandCentral™ Operations Manager Resource Manager Storage Open Interfaces
  • Summary零壹科技股份有限公司Presentation
  • NetApp的優勢 虛擬化環境的最佳解決方案 導入前 利用虛擬化來整合、最佳化 資源使用率。 降低基礎建置費用達50% 減少管理成本達50%。 導入後 備份和還原的時間大幅縮短 整合 。 管理 資料保護 依照需求來擴充及重新分配 擴充 。 87
  • 整合異地端的備份/備援全面解決方案 主要資料中心 管理和監控應用程式Agents 高可用性 異地備援中心 備援 多個 快照副本 快速複製 - 開發/測試 Archive 應用程式 備份 遠端辦公室 88
  • NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 90