Father Essay First Draft

                                                                                      October, 5...
The dinner night I went out with Zen, whom I had known for 2 days, was a romantic
moment ever. After I gave him my number,...
that my dad looked very mad. His eyes was very red, he looked at me like he wanted to punch me
down. I had never seen my f...
toward me as he needed to ensure that I always safe. My bad experience is no longer existed, but it
turned into a memorabl...
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More Than a Memory second draft


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More Than a Memory second draft

  1. 1. Father Essay First Draft October, 5, 2009 Sine Kunakorn More Than a Memory The word "father" not only refers to men as the originator of giving life, but including responsibility that every man should have as a chief or leader of the family also. The essential caring and loved from both hands of a father will ensures that every child will grow to be a good member in the society. With awareness of the role men have called the father is determined to be Father's Day to recognize that children have shown kindness and grateful thanks. Once time, when it almost the father day, I broke my father’s heart as disappearing with a guy. Due to everything that happened, my dad got really mad and angry at me. However, the justice from my dad inspired me that was very important for me as no man will ever love me like my dad loves. As with any family, they all have curfew. In my family, my sister, Fang and I were not able to go out after the sun goes down. If we had to go out, we needed to inform our parents when we will be back, and must be back in certain time. Previously, in high school, I usually come back from school after school over every day as a routine. I had never been hanged out with friend without permitted from my parents, especially from my father. Since he is the one who had to responsible for me and my sister, he always tended to be a reticent father. On the other hand, my mom tended to be friendlier or intimately with us than dad would be. My story started as 7 years ago, December 2, with the teenage, the interesting of having boyfriend or a feeling toward a guy had begun .That evening after school ended, I was still at my school sitting and chatting with friends. With the teenage, the interesting of having boyfriend or a feeling toward a guy had begun, we were sitting on a bench outside the building, looking at many guys walked past like a fashion show. Suddenly, my friends and I were shocked and surprised as seeing a popular guys group in our high school. Our giggles turned silent because of shyness. None of my friends even looked at them but I was. At that time, I did not know myself that I was starring at someone; his name was Zen. He was very cute in my eyes, the black hair, medium tall, and absolutely handsome. I just could not take my eyes off from him. They came closer toward us. I thought that guy might have noticed that I was looking at him. My friends started look at others, whom he glanced back. My heart was beating harder than usual similarly it was calling Zen to come closer. By the time, Zen and his friends came into interacted with us, “Oh my god” of course I was so excited because a popular senior guy in high school stood in front of me. Another shocked was he specifically talking to me, only me, and asking for my telephone number. It was just unbelievable, I did not know should have I gave him my number or not. Indeed, the instinct of my mind telling me, he just playing with me, however, all my friends encouraged me to give him my number.
  2. 2. The dinner night I went out with Zen, whom I had known for 2 days, was a romantic moment ever. After I gave him my number, he started calling me and invited me to have dinner, but I just reject to him as playing a game. However, he had more experience than I had. He came into my classroom to show everyone he wanted to talk to me. This time I just could not deny him anymore since he was playing very good in his role. He asked me to go to have dinner at one place where was far away around 4 miles. I was unsure to go over there. Thus, I replied to him I did not want to go this place and did not want to come home late. However, he was good at encouraging, he finally took me to that place where I did not even know where it was. The restaurant was very nice and cozy, he seem to be well known of this place. One of a waiters lead us to the table in the corner, and said “here is your favorite table, sir” smiled disingenuously to me and Zen. The warmness from yellow light, and excellent decorating interior had inspired me to like this guy. Moreover, a loved music, and a comfortable seat had made me felt like that was a very romantic moment ever. When we were having dinner, he first sit opposite side of me and later moved to sit next to me when we about to have dessert. He had treated me very well, l realized that he must have been had a lot of experience about treating a girl, but that was not warn me enough to think he probably dangerous. I was just still having a good moment and did not want to lose it. After that the romantic moment ended, although it was time for me to go back, I was hold back by strange forces. As soon as we finish our meal, I asked him to drop me off where my motorcycle was. Nonetheless, he had tricked me by telling me, he needed to go somewhere to get something from his friend. I looked at him discontentedly as I did not want to go anywhere else accept going back home. However, he successfully for taking me to the place he mentioned. There was a snooker place; the inside looked very dark and stinky with all smoked. So I decided to wait for him in the car. He went back inside for a while and there was no sign of him to come out. I got upset and worried about the time going back. Therefore, I decided to go inside to find Zen. What I saw was he was playing snooker with his tough friends and drinking alcohol. “Oh my god, what the hell are you doing right now” I yelled at him. Even though we just know each other but I just could not control myself at all. Then I calm down myself begged him to take me home but he ignored. Then I started to think how to get back home by myself, with few or little good alternatives, eventually this became an adventure once in my life. After I asked Zen to take me home and it was not successful for me. I was very upset and nervous. Thereafter, I waited for him outside the building; one man came to me and tried to talk with me. At that time I did not want to talk to anyone but I needed to listen to him. He had tried to warn me about Zen, he told me Zen did like this every time he had taken the girls here. “What did you mean” I asked suspiciously. He said every girl that came here eventually ended up with a sad story. He did not need to tell me anymore what was going to happen. I quickly decided I should run away from this horrible place as fast as I could. Before the dangerous man, Zen would realize. Then I headed out to the road, wishing there were some hope for me as any public buses would past by. Conversely, it was getting dark and it seem like there was not public transportation coming this way. Thus, I stared walked further but I still did not know where I was going. My phone had gone or left in Zen’s car, but I could not go back anymore. I was so scared, crying and thinking about my family might have been worry about me. My legs were tried as they were going to break as pieces, so much painful and exhausted. After a long distance that I walked for 2 miles, I saw a big street, the smiling as hopefulness appeared on my face. From this road I knew how to get home. I kept walking toward a night light from the city and finally catch a last bus to where I parked my motorcycle. It was very late that night; my dad was standing outside in furiously looked waiting for me to return home. I drove my motorcycle slowly through the alley of my townhouse, wishing everyone were asleep. I tried to sneak into the house, but my dad was standing there, he saw me. It was the first time
  3. 3. that my dad looked very mad. His eyes was very red, he looked at me like he wanted to punch me down. I had never seen my father like this before. This was not what I expected, absolutely not. “Where have you been, where did you go, with who?” He starred and yelled at me as he really wanted the answer. “I went out with friend” I replied trembling with tears in my eyes. He continued investigated, who did I go with? I was speechless, thought to myself how could I told him I went out a stranger guy whom I just met couple days ago. He yelled at me as needed the answer “Guy or girl?” I was startled with full of fear from my dad angrily looked and voice. I whispered him back “it was a guy”. After he heard my respond, there no more other question from him. He suddenly transformed himself like a cruel monster, grabbed the broom which was hanged on the wall in the garage. He was holding my left arm tightly and hit me many time at my bottom and my legs. I was deeply in silent as well as could not even cry anymore. I let him punished as much as he wanted to, thought to myself if he wanted to kill me then killed, slap me until I died, but please just listened to me what the truth was. After what seemed like pain and exhausted got through, I went back to my room, locked myself in, and cried until no tears left to cry. Meanwhile, my mother knocked at my door, wanted to talk with me. I decided to let her in, rushed to hug her and started to cry again. After I stopped crying, we were having a conversation about what happened last night. She asked me gently as she knew that I was deserved everything enough from the punishment last night. I told her everything I faced with, the most dangerous guy I had ever seen. He had tried to force me to his place, but I realized that was not good and safe anymore. However, there was nothing about sexual happened but dad would not listen to me. “Why he did not listen to me mom?” I hurtfully asked her. The answer was so simple. She replied to me if she were dad last night, she might have not been control herself either. Dad was very worried about me that he could not even to contact me. He also thought something dangerous probably happened to me. He kept waiting for me since the time I was supposed to be home but there was no sign of me to appear. He had told my mom that he did not want to hit me like he did last night. Nevertheless, since he heard that I went out with a guy and came home late, he could not control himself at that moment. As a father, he anxiously worried about me every much but I just broke his heart by what I had done. I suddenly understood my father how he felt that it was not his fault that he had punished me. Two days later in December 5, it was a father day in Thailand; our whole family went to the temple as joining the father day activities. First we did a religion traditional custom and then sang a father song. The heroically from everyone in the hall had inspired me to think about the love of a father, especially loved from my father. My eyes started filling with tears, I was sniffing and crying quietly, standing next to my mom. After we all finished singing a song, every child supposes to sit next to their fathers and listened to a story about father. The story of love from being a father shown that every father wanted to protect their child, and wanted their child to grow up to be a good man. Meanwhile, the story ended, every child were all holding flowers in their hands including me and my sister. We moved to sit in front of our father and mother, my sister and I gave him the flowers we made from ourselves to him. I saw tears in my dad’s eyes as well as my tears could not be refraining as well. I darted to hug my father and cried like I never cried in his arms before. I told him how much I was sorry about what I had done and how much I love him. It was a memorable moment ever. I am a lucky person to have grown in the family. My father is best man in my life. Although my father seems to be a man of strong character, taciturn but very kind. Full of love, filled with gentle raise a generous mercy given to me regularly. I also remembered well, as long as today. The loved relationship and warmth from the father had raised me to be successful like today. The protection from my dad had
  4. 4. toward me as he needed to ensure that I always safe. My bad experience is no longer existed, but it turned into a memorable experienced of a closer relationships between me and my dad. Nowadays, we have never mentioned about my bad memory anymore, however, we all memorized only the good thing and the loved of father in our hearts.