How to buy premium domain names and drive more traffic to your website
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How to buy premium domain names and drive more traffic to your website






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How to buy premium domain names and drive more traffic to your website How to buy premium domain names and drive more traffic to your website Document Transcript

  • How to Buy Premium Domain Names and Drive More Traffic to Your Website Selecting a premium domain name is a simple process and ultimately oneof the most important steps to take when starting out your business. To getstarted remember this: With as little as pennies, you can find a premium domainname that may sky high your chances of being found on the internet. A premiumdomain name can create a high search engine ranking, and as a result you coulddevelop an instant source of online marketing for your business. The first step in finding a domain name is to identify the major keywords(try not to use more than 2) that will describe the core of your business. Forinstance, this name describes the core of thebusiness and it’s easy to remember. The next step is to look for expired (deleted) domain names. According, names drop at 2 pm Eastern Time everyday and the dropcontinues for one and a half to two hours. Also, “domain tasters” test the domainnames for traffic and release them within a five day grace period. For as little aspennies, by registering and entering specific keywords, willsearch and identify domain names that will be sending to you on hourly basis.This is one technique and you may get lucky and find a premium domain namefor your business for very little money. Otherwise, you have to spend a lot more. But is it worth it to find and bid on more popular names that drive morebusiness to your site? YES. Keep in mind, that the better names are likely to betaken and more expensive. Depending on how your negotiation skills are, startyour bid low (usually $200) and be prepared to go higher. Some premium domainnames may be auctioned as high as millions on sites like Again, ifyou have great negotiation skills, it’s better to buy directly from the seller. Somesellers are not aware how much they are worth and you may end up with a greatpremium domain name for much less. Or you may choose to find a name onmarketplace sites such as,, andetc. Before you make your purchase, remember there are also pitfalls inbuying expired domain names. Do your homework and find out about the domainname before purchasing. Some domain names might have prior associationswith violence, pornography or hate sites. Check with to makesure the used name does not have any negative links like the ones mentionedabove coming into it. There are also some blacklisted names that you need to beaware of. Check to see if the site or its associated IP address hasbeen blacklisted.
  • A premium domain name will make a huge difference in today’s highlycompetitive online market. If you are looking to create a successful onlinebusiness or improve an existing one, it is crucial to take the time and plan how tochoose a domain name that will drive traffic to your business.