Zermatt Summit Graphic Definitions 2012


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During the 2012 edition of the Zermatt Summit artists from Houstonic Design and Zewaow were present. These are the topics represe

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Zermatt Summit Graphic Definitions 2012

  1. 1. 21-23 June 2012CollaborativeWorkshops& ScribingSummary A better way of working.
  2. 2. The JourneyZermatt Summit 2012Woven into the agenda of the Third Zermatt Summit were two 2½-hour definitions of the Common Good as we worked at multiple time frames.collaborative workshops. While participants had many opportunities to In both cases – the large game of Win As Much As You Can as well as themeet one another and socialize, the chance to spend time in intense di- exercise with remote controls, we brought playfulness to our discussionsscussion on the Common Good created a unique op- and thereby discovered important insights about ourportunity to learn from one another and dig deeper own understanding of the common good and our role inthan keynotes and roundtables alone would permit. bringing it about.The first workshop began with a large-group game On the second day of the summit, we shifted our focuscalled Win As Much As You Can. In small clusters, from a temporal look at the Common Good to one ofparticipants adopted different competitive stra- scale; i.e., we broke into new teams to explore how thetegies depending on their understanding of who conception of the Common Good changes as we shift ourwas competing with whom – were contestants focus from the individual to the family, the company, theindividuals, one- or two-person teams, seven- state, and the world. We debated where along that conti-person clusters, or the entire participant group. nuum we might have the most immediate impact andAfter playing several rounds, we discussed how our how to extend that impact across all ‘scales’ of our mo-collaborative behaviour – indeed our very identity del. Then, after a clustering exercise through which we– changes when we feel the stakes are high. The formed new teams based on the affinities we identifiedquestion we were left was “Who is the You?” which among our areas of ambition and insight, we discussedis to say, how particular or universal is the ‘common’ how to refine our emerging definitions of the Commonin the expression ‘Common Good’? Good into shared aspirations for the world we want to create. These final teams then refined our shared aspirations into actionsWe were each given a model of an empty remote-control and asked to and shared commitments when we return home and for the future.identify what powers – magic or practical – we would attribute to it tobring about the Common Good. Different teams worked on differenttime frames, ranging from hours to months to years to eternity. We thenmixed teams to see what coherence we could find between the emerging A better way of working.
  3. 3. Panel DiscussionGlobal Governance for the Universal Common Good A better way of working.
  4. 4. Collaborative WorkshopScaling the Common Good A better way of working.
  5. 5. Collaborative WorkshopDebrief A better way of working.
  6. 6. Panel DiscussionIs there a Common Good? A better way of working.
  7. 7. Keynote AddressHow to move from the current crisis to a stable economy? A better way of working.
  8. 8. Panel DiscussionTurning conventional leadership upside-down A better way of working.
  9. 9. Panel DiscussionMulti-stakeholder dialogue for the Common Good of Society A better way of working.
  10. 10. Keynote AddressSustainagility: innovation to save the world A better way of working.
  11. 11. Keynote AddressAlain Berset A better way of working.
  12. 12. Collaboration WorkshopTeam ArchitectureIn order to foster tangible change, we need allies. When we go back home,we need confidence that we are all facing in the same direction.We already have some toold, such as the Manifesto.But we need to go further by having more practical ideas and values,indeed a shared architecture for driving change. A better way of working.
  13. 13. Collaboration WorkshopTeam CareWe want to start at an individual level and little by little it will spread. A better way of working.
  14. 14. Collaboration WorkshopTeam Empathy Empathy is what permits us to understand each other. to further empathy, we want to set an example ourselves by respecting other’s points of view and to educate our children to be empathetic. A better way of working.
  15. 15. Collaboration WorkshopTeam LoveLove has three dimensions: brain, heart and soul. Happiness and pleasureof company are the deepest human aspirations. We each commit to liveand to share what we’ve learned here at Zermatt, to keep the Zermattspirit alive, and to find simplicity and fun with our family and friends. A better way of working.
  16. 16. Collaboration WorkshopTeam Meet at the topWe investigated the words that brought us together: Purpose, Faith, Courage,Passion, Positivity, and Spirituality. Our approach is to use these as tools to climbup out of the mess we are in, emerging at the top, above our differences, above thechallenges of daily life. As an example of turning these aspirations into actions, wecan push our companies towards a higher level of transparency. Another idea wouldbe to publicize acts of individual courage on the sides of buses, setting examples forothers to follow. A better way of working.
  17. 17. Collaboration WorkshopTeam OutlookWe were a very diverse group and yet we share important values.The headings in our diagram – humility, intuition, playing together andthe rest – are the spaces where action can happen. The white spaces areequally important as they represent the life that is all around us. A better way of working.
  18. 18. Collaboration WorkshopTeam PhiliaWe should, as a first step, look after our friends, after each other. Each ofus should choose another and look after him or her throughout the year.And if we are too numerous and don’t really know each other? As a firststep, we should try to keep in touch. Jo will collect email addresses andstart the ball rolling. Though we know that we need to be together in oneplace, staying in contact will be a good first step towards collective action. A better way of working.
  19. 19. Collaboration WorkshopTeam RespectWe have investigated the necessary value changes to further the commongood. Selfishness and laxity need to be fought by a new form of education:children should be educated to become citizens of the word and showrespect to the elderly, especially in the family context. Our children willbecome responsible ambassadors of a sustainable and fair society. A better way of working.
  20. 20. Collaboration WorkshopTeam Responsibility This is the time for transformation, for moving from our individualistic society to a more interdependent community. At the individual level, we encourage a reflective lifestyle and spiritual attitude, where saying ‘thank you’, taking risks and overcoming fear should help us contribute to this transformation. Technology might provide some tools for helping us scale up from these individual behaviours to society at large. A better way of working.
  21. 21. Collaboration WorkshopTeam SimpactWe took Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as our starting point. We are lookingfor meaning in life and for self-actualization. We recognize, however, thatthis is a privilege and that the majority of humanity is struggling to meetmore basic needs. Our focus is on education, focusing on youth , on Boards,on CEOs. A better way of working.
  22. 22. Keynote AddressInspiring leadership and innovative entrepreneurship A better way of working.
  23. 23. Panel DiscussionTransforming Management Education A better way of working.
  24. 24. Panel DiscussionNext steps towards the Common Good A better way of working.
  25. 25. Group Photo A better way of working.
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