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Final cancer presentation Final cancer presentation Presentation Transcript

  • CANCER Zerin Ziaudeen MBA (HM)
  • TYPES OF TUMORS View slide
  • TYPES OF CANCER • • • • • • • • • lung cancer Breast cancer Colon and rectal cancer Endometrial cancer Pancreatic cancer Kidney cancer Prostrate cancer Thyroid cancer leukemia View slide
  • CAUSES OF CANCER Environmental factors Genetic • • • • • • • • Eg • Retinoblastoma in Children • Leukemia in Mongols Tobacco Alcohol Dietary Factors Occupational exposures Viruses Parasites Customs ,habits, Lifestyles Others – sunlight, pollution, drugs
  • Factors Believed to Contribute to Global Causes of Cancer
  • SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS • • • • • Early cancer no symptoms Change in bowel habits or bladder functions Sores that do not heal Unusual bleeding or discharge Lumps or thickening of breast or other parts of the body • Indigestion or difficulty swallowing • Recent change in wart or mole • Persistent coughing or hoarseness
  • DIAGNOSIS • • • • Screening Self examinations Biopsy X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, PET scans, and ultrasound scans • Molecular diagnostic test
  • TREATMENTS • • • • • • • Surgery Radiotherapy Chemotherapy Immunotherapy Hormone therapy Gene therapy Cancer-specific immune system cells to treat cancer
  • 2013 ESTIMATES
  • Cancer scenario in India Year wise total cancer prevalence in India [ICMR, 2006; ICMR, 2009]
  • Statewise depiction of the most incident cancers in India [Koul, 2010; ICMR, 2001; Somdatta, 2008; Das, 2005; Sharma, 2009; Gaur, 2006; Prasad, 2005; Malothu, 2010; Sumath STATEWISE DEPICTION OF CANCER IN INDIA Statewise depiction of the most incident cancers in India [Koul, 2010; ICMR, 2001; Somdatta, 2008; Das, 2005; Sharma, 2009; Gaur, 2006; Prasad, 2005; Malothu, 2010; Sumathi, 2009; (b) http//]
  • Cancer causes in India o o o o o Dietary habits Tobacco Alcohol Radiation Miscellaneous pollutants
  • ETIOLOGICAL FACTORS FOR DIFFERENT CANCERS IN INDIA SMOKING & HOOKAH BIDI & HOOKAH SMOKING SMOKED MEAT,TOBACCO, HOOKAH BETEL NUT, PANMASALA, ALCOHOL BETEL CHEWING TOBACCO USE IN DIFFERENT FORM PAN MASALA AND ALCOHOL NUCLEAR POLLUTION TUIBUR AIR POLLUTION GALL STONES PAN MASALA & GUTKA Etiological factors for the prevalence of different cancers in India [Koul et al, 2010; ICMR, 2001; Somdatta et al, 2008; Sharma et al, 2009; Gaur et al, 2006; Prasad et al, 2005; Malothu et al, 2010; Sumathi et al, 2009; (b): http//
  • COMPARISON OF CANCER INDIA WITH GLOBAL SCENARIO • 2020- 10 million deaths,70% in developing countries ( Murray et al,1996) • Incidence in India less than developed countries (Fenley et al ,2001) • Lung cancer worldwide 14%,all of india 6.8%(Nandakumar,2001) • South east asian countries including India, lower rates of stomach cancer (Parkin et al,1999,WHO,2001),mizoram shows increased no cases ( Hadjiiski et al, 2006)
  • INDIAN SCENARIO WITH USA (2001) Comparison of cancer; Indian scenario with USA [Fenley et al, 2001]
  • Preventive measures of cancer o physical activities o avoiding obesities o healthy dietary practices o reducing occupational and environmental exposures o reducing alcohol uses o immunization against hepatitis B virus o safe sexual practices for avoiding cancer genesis
  • RECENT STUDIES • Lifestyle changes reduce the risk of prostate cancer( published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer, was carried out by researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC).) • Researchers Aiming To Suppress Therapy Resistance In Brain Cancer ( • Fish Oils Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer (
  • Life style changes reduce the risk of prostate cancer (Nutrition and Cancer" Lenore Arab, PhD, et al. Nutrition and Cancer Jun-2013) • Focuses on 8 new lifestyle recommendation by WCRF • Encouraged physical activity and consumption of food low in caloric density(under 125kcal/100 grams of food) • who followed less than 4 recommendation at higher risk(38%)
  • Research aiming to suppress therapy resistance in brain cancer (Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres. Medical News Today. MediLexicon, Intl., 29 Jun. 2013. Web) • Gliomas are malignant brain tumors, treatment combines radiotherapy with anticancer drug temozolomide • Some cases shows resistance , DNA repair mechanism aided by NAD+ molecule • QRTP enzyme break down quinolinic acid to NAD+ molecule • Agent directed against enzyme help suppress therapy resistance in brain
  • Fish oil reduces the risk of breast cancer (Nordqvist, Joseph. "Fish Oils Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer." Medical News Today. MediLexicon, Intl., 28 Jun. 2013. Web.) • Links fish,n-3PUFA intake and risk of breast cancer • Marine n-3PUFA intake associated with 14% reduced risk of breast cancer • For every 0.1g/day increase in consumption ,risk reduced by 5%
  • CONCLUSION • • • • Increase in the no: of cancer patients every year Factors responsible should be controlled Create awareness about cancer and its prevention Careful about diet and lifestyle
  • REFERENCE • All about cancer • Imran Ali,Waseem A. Wani and Kishwar Saleem,( 2011)Cancer Scenario in India with Future Perspectives, Cancer Therapy Vol 8, 56-70 • National cancer institute, • Gobal cancer facts and figures, surveilance/documents/document/acspc-027766.pdf