Eclipse As An Ide Why Would You Need Wizards


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Eclipse Demo Camp 2008 Luxembourg Presentation of ORG Eclipse features.

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Eclipse As An Ide Why Would You Need Wizards

  1. 1. Eclipse as an IDE Why would you need wizards?
  2. 2. Who is this person? • Pierre-Antoine Grégoire • IT Architect at • Technically focused mainly on – Java/J(2)EE – Eclipse, OSGI – Web (whichever version you fancy ;) ) • Dislikes buzzwords (SOA, EDA…etc) • Likes concrete solutions to concrete issues (business or technical)
  3. 3. Why is he here? • He contributed to OSS projects like Spring IDE, or former Acegi Security (small contributions though) • He works on OSS libraries and tools hosted at: – – (we’ll talk about this in a moment) • He was kindly asked to talk at Eclipse Demo Camp and he is a little cocky, so he couldn’t refuse • Now let’s stop this 3rd person talking nonsense
  4. 4. A bit of polling • Who is a regular J(2)EE developer? • Who used to be a developer? • Who is not interested in development topics?
  5. 5. ORG Tools: DWS • Eclipse features – ORG Eclipse Core: the classical Core plugins you end up having in your toolkit… – ORG Eclipse DWS (Dependency Weaving System) – ORG Eclipse CheatSheet Helpers – ORG Eclipse Helpers
  6. 6. Eclipse DEMO camp • So let’s launch some demonstration of: – ORG DWS – ORG Helpers – ORG Cheatsheet Helpers • With a little description of each before the demos.
  7. 7. ORG Eclipse DWS • Leverage Maven 2 even when not using Maven 2 – Simple IDE interaction with Maven 2 repositories – Bridges between IDE functionalities and Maven 2 repositories – Not a replacement nor a Maven 2 launcher
  8. 8. ORG Eclipse Helpers • This provides a few Helpers for missing (IMNSHO) functionalities • For instance it provides Helpers for conversion of existing projects to WST Faceted projects
  9. 9. ORG Eclipse Cheatsheet Helpers • One powerful functionality of Eclipse: Cheatsheets. • Cheatsheets can launch Eclipse Commands • Lacking a few things to be even more powerful: – An accessible catalog of local and remote cheatsheets – Adapted commands (many commands can only be launched in a given context) – Better command editors – A concept of “Cheatsheet context” • This feature already provides useful cheatsheet-oriented commands, and will try and provide the rest in a near future (maybe by providing/asking for improvements to the platform’s cheatsheet capabilities) • This feature allows you to build tutorials very easily, therefore removing the need for Wizards
  10. 10. ORG Eclipse Cheatsheet Helpers • So finally we know what the title of this presentation meant. • IDE wizards tend to provide one view of the solution to a problem • IDE wizards are not very flexible and need coding for contribution • ORG Cheatsheet helpers provide a possible solution to that
  11. 11. Many thanks for your attention! Any questions?