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About The Academy of Marketing

About The Academy of Marketing






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    About The Academy of Marketing About The Academy of Marketing Presentation Transcript

    • The Client Creation & Retention Company
    • We teach facts. “The Academy of Marketing’s Course is based upon the key fundamentals of marketing and consumer behavior - fundamentals all business owners, marketers, and media professionals must know and understand to truly be successful.”en Middleton, Faculty, University of Michiganoss School of Businesshe Ross School of Business is currently the 4th ranked business school in
    • What Do Clients Expect from Media?Results.But what does that mean, exactly? Sales?Well, not sales – because media cannot actually sell somethingfor advertisers – that’s ultimately up to their salespeople.It’s something more basic than that. Every industry calls itsomething different: foot traffic, phone calls, ups, clicks, etc.So, let’s generalize it. Let’s call it Leads.
    • Once we agree with the Client that it’s about Leads, the seeds for attrition are sown. WHY?
    • No One behaves like we expect our audience toName 3 things you’ve bought directly from a TV or Radioadvertisement in the last: • 6 months • 1 Year • 10 Years FACT: Most people state 0 – 2 products or services bought…in last decade.
    • In order to generate Leads consistently & predictably, Consumers would have to exhibit truly odd behavior Let’s say your air conditioner breaks. What do you do? Common Answers include: • Ask a friend for their Air Conditioning company • Use Google to find an Air Conditioning company • Call a company you’ve used previously, or are a customer of currently This is never an answer: Run to the Radio or TV and wait for an ad for an HVAC company.
    • Attrition: The Hole in Our Ship that We Forgot to Fix
    • “I Tried it… and it didn’t work.”Clients expect consumers to behave in a way that simply does nothappen – and then blame the media for the failure.The result: the all too common comment: “I tried it, and it didn’twork”…and an industry standard of 30%+ annual Client Attrition –a staggering number that would bring any other industry to itsknees.
    • It’s Time to Fix The Hole in our Ship. How?
    • We must reset the paradigms of the Client – in line with the way Consumers actually behave. To do this, we must be experts. But the critical question is: An Expert in what?. ADVERTISING SALES When you’re an expert, the questions go away.
    • It is an obvious statement that someone in ‘Advertising Sales’needs to be an expert in ‘Advertising’ and in ‘Sales’ – becausethe AE is where both disciplines meet: SALES AE AdvertisingSo, what is ‘advertising’?It’s the study of consumer behavior - and its application to how abusiness goes to market.
    • We teach the fundamentals of Consumer Behavior toadvertising professionals – enabling them to teachClients how media advertising truly works.AEs are differentiated from their competitors – whofocus on “why to buy” their media products (the markof a Vendor), rather than “how to use” the media (themark of a Consultant).The Academy of Marketing literally changes thedefinition of AE: AE = ADVERTISING EXPERT