Vbox Product Range Overview 2010
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Vbox Product Range Overview 2010






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Vbox Product Range Overview 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Leaders in vehicle testing, automotive electronics, and GPS
  • 2. Racelogic Racelogic are specialists in GPS, CAN, and Video technology, producing high accuracy data loggers, speed sensors, displays, video data loggers, and input modules for: • Vehicle Testing (VBOX & Video VBOX) • Motorsport (VBOX, Video VBOX, PerformanceBox) • GPS Device Testing (LabSat)
  • 3. Racelogic • Established 1992 • Based in Buckingham, UK, with office in Weilburg, Germany • 34 employees • Exports to 88 countries • Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2007 • 3000+ testing systems used by vehicle and tyre manufacturers globally • e.g. BMW, Ford, Pirelli, Goodyear, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Toyota, Honda, JCB, Bosch... • Over 8000 Performance Box sales to motorsport customers worldwide
  • 4. VBOX
  • 5. VBOX: Applications • Brake testing • Performance measurement • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) • Electronic Stability Control (FMVSS126) Testing • Aquaplane Testing • Coastdown • Durability assessment • Drive-by noise testing • Marine testing • Mining systems monitoring • And many more...
  • 6. VBOX 3i 100 HZ GPS Data logger • Flagship data acquisition system: accurate testing at 100Hz • IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) Integration for good quality data even in obstructed areas • RTK capability: brings positional accuracy to below 2cm • Configurable digital and analogue inputs and outputs • Low latency: 6.75ms • CAN Bus for data input and output • Bluetooth and USB • Audio tagging
  • 7. VBOX 3i with IMU Integration • Keeps high GPS accuracy even where view to the sky is less than perfect • Blending data with an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), produces smoother, more reliable data • Can deal with GPS dropouts lasting several seconds
  • 8. VBOX RTK System • Used with the RTK (Real Time Kinematic) Basestation, VBOX 3i is capable of <2cm positional accuracy • Detects Glonass as well as GPS: makes the 2cm lock more robust • Applications: Accurate track mapping, auto parking systems, ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems), ...
  • 9. ADAS Testing System • Allows Advanced Driver Assistance System developers to test products • Active Cruise Control, Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure Warning... • Single or multiple vehicle testing • Sync with Video VBOX data
  • 10. VBOX with Slip, Pitch, and Roll • Powerful 20Hz datalogger with triple antenna GPS engine • Measure three axis at high accuracy from a single box • Ideal for measuring dynamic handling manoeuvres and vehicle performance
  • 11. Speed Profiler • Enables drivers to follow a set route and conform to set speed requirements • Easy to set up reference route • Uses an OLED display with 4Mb of memory, and a VBOX Micro 10Hz GPS datalogger • Applications: fuel economy testing, durability, tyre development, real world verification
  • 12. Speed Sensor Range • 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, and 100Hz GPS update rate options available • Ideal for automotive testing, motorsport, marine and telematics where no data logging required, or where a third party data logger is used • Output via CAN bus – easy integration with data loggers and testing applications • Configurable analogue & digital outputs • IP66 Rating: Waterproof and dustproof
  • 13. VBOX Tools Analysis Software • Use for any VBOX data acquisition application • Ability to monitor tests in real time in the vehicle • Allows detailed processing and analysis of all recorded data (GPS, CAN, inertial, digital, analogue, video...) Above: Data from Lamborghini brake testing at Nardo
  • 14. VBOX Displays Real time in car monitoring MFD (Multi VBOX Function Manager Display) OLED (DSP04) OLED (DSP05)
  • 15. VBOX Input Modules Log external data with VBOX Thermocouple Input CAN Input Mini Input Module Module Module Analogue Frequency Input Module IMU (Inertial Input Module Measurement Unit)
  • 16. Video VBOX Pro a new dimension to data acquisition • Video VBOX Pro combines: • 10Hz or 20Hz GPS Data logger • Multi camera video (up to 4 cameras) • Real time user configurable graphics • Rugged portability: aluminium case with pro lemo connectors • Ideal for automotive testing, motorsport, driver training or industrial applications • CAN Interface for acquiring vehicle data • USB / SD Card logging
  • 17. Video VBOX Lite • Video VBOX Lite combines: • 10Hz GPS Data logger • 1 or 2 camera video • Real time configurable graphics • Ideal for racing / track day use • DVD quality video & SD card logging • Lightweight enclosure & lockable mini din connectors
  • 18. Circuit Tools Software • Designed for motorsport • Based on VBOX Tools • Ideal for driver training • Side by side lap and driver analysis • Video sync’d to data
  • 19. Performance Box • 10Hz GPS engine, SD card logging, and windscreen mounted display in one box • Measures performance: • Lap times • Speed • Acceleration & Braking • G-force • Horsepower
  • 20. DriftBox • Same capabilities as Performance Box • Adds a yaw rate sensor to measure drift angle • As used by the D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix Series
  • 21. Micro Input Module • Easy way of acquiring vehicle information • Use with any Racelogic datalogger, including Performance Box • 1 digital input and 4 analogue inputs • Pick up parameters such as RPM and throttle angle Shown connected to a Video VBOX Lite
  • 22. LabSat GPS Simulator • Records Real world GPS L1 signals • Replays GPS RF Data exactly as recorded • Simulates User Defined Scenarios
  • 23. LabSat GPS Simulator • Ideal for testing & developing GPS devices (e.g. smart phones, navigation systems, tracking devices), chipset development, and location based services • Calibrates GPS products (e.g. the VBOX range) • Customer list includes BAE Systems , Garmin, General Motors, Kongsburg, Nokia, RIM, and Roke Manor Research
  • 24. SatGen Simulation Software • Create user defined scenarios for LabSat • NMEA files can be imported directly into SatGen • Simulate a route anywhere in the world at any time • Create scenarios using a VBOX, or even from Google Earth
  • 25. LabSat Interface Modules • Log serial and CAN data at the same time as GPS, synchronised to within 60ns • Interface modules convert external data into a digital form that LabSat can synchronise with GPS • Three Interface Modules available: • RS232 • CAN • RS422 / 485
  • 26. www.racelogic.co.uk/vbox Unit 10 Swan Business Centre www.videovbox.co.uk Osier Way Buckingham Bucks www.performancebox.co.uk MK18 1TB UK www.driftbox.co.uk Tel: +44 (0)1280 823 803 vbox@racelogic.co.uk www.labsat.co.uk www.racelogic.co.uk