Class of 2015 course selection and registration guidance

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  • 1. St. Charles East Counseling Department
  • 2.  Take classes that prepare you for your future goals. (If you are considering college, take a third year ofscience. If you haven’t taken one, consider an AP orHonors course.) Take classes that help you explore possible careers or college majors.Remember: Junior year is the last year of high school that many colleges are evaluating for admission decisions. Challenge yourself but don’t over extend.
  • 3.  All juniors must take 5 academic classes and PE course (6 credit-producing courses) to meet the CUSD 303 full-time student requirement. These are the minimum requirements:  English (1.0 credits)  Math (1.0)  US History (1.0)  PE (all year) (1.0)  2-3 credits of electives
  • 4. You are halfway to graduation – and to your post-secondary goals....Have you reviewed your progress toward graduation?Are you sticking to your Four-Year Plan?Or have your goals changed a little?Remember! Your Four-Year Plan is your roadmap toCourse Selection – and beyond!
  • 5.  All Juniors must be enrolled in 6 credit-producing courses to meet the CUSD 303 full-time student requirements. These are the minimum requirements for junior classes:• English (1.0 credits)• Math (1.0)• U.S. History (1.0)• PE (1.o)• Elective (1.0)• Elective (1.0) = 6.0 Credits• PLUS: (7) Elective (1.0) or study hall • (8) Elective (1.0) or lunch/study or Jr./Sr. lunch = 8 period day
  • 6.  Your Current English 10 teacher will recommend you for an English course for next year based on your performance in the class this year. His or her recommendation will be listed in your HAC account. Possible English class recommendations:  English 11 Standard  English 11 Honors  AP Language and Composition  AP Literature and Composition
  • 7.  Your Current Math teacher will recommend you for an Math course for next year based on your performance in class this year. His or her recommendation will be listed in your HAC account.
  • 8.  All juniors must take U.S. History to meet graduation requirements. There are 3 levels of US History from which to choose:  US History Standard  US History Honors  AP US History
  • 9.  You already have a proven record of academic success. However, when discussing your history course level, consider the following:  Have you regularly earned A and B grades in honors-level English courses?  Did you enroll in AP Euro? Did you enroll in standard Euro? What grade did you earn first semester?  How many other AP courses do you plan to take next year?  Do you read and understand text without the guidance of a teacher?  Is your writing free of grammatical and mechanical errors? Is it well-organized and developed?
  • 10. AP U.S. History Honors U.S. History Summer Reading  8 Units of Study Assignment 14 Units of Study  Regular, extended 4 Independent Units (in writing assignments addition to the 14 units  Participation in History noted above) Assignments that require fair is NOT a work over school breaks requirement Content focused  Content directed—big Extensive reading picture focused AP test in May required
  • 11.  All juniors must enroll in a PE course first and second semester. Juniors can choose from:  PE III  PE IV  PE V *Note all PE courses must be taken once either junior or senior year and one course is repeated senior year.
  • 12.  Juniors can elect to take a Jr/Sr Study/Lunch OR a Jr/Sr Full Period Lunch. Please choose carefully as preference changes after registration time will not be honored.
  • 13.  Juniors need to select 2-3 credits of additional electives. Take courses that are purposeful for your future goals– career and college. Read through the Course Catalogue posted on our school’s website as there are many new elective courses for next year. Check with your counselor! In addition to course selections within our building, there are numerous off- campus programs available to seniors through ECC and Fox Valley Career Center.
  • 14. Please see the next few slides for online guidance.
  • 15. Entering Course Requests thru Home Access Center•Log in to Home Access Center•Click on the COURSE REQUESTS tab•Next to each course type, click the icon under the Add/Edit Course Selectionscolumn.•This will open the box to select a course•Put a checkmark in the box next to the course you would like to select•Click SAVE when you are done with this subject area
  • 16. •The courses you have selected will appear below the subject area.•You can click on the icon under the Add/Edit Course Selections column if you would like toadd another course to a subject area, or change/remove a course that you had previouslyselected.