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literature 101-C

literature 101-C



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Tausogcourtship final Tausogcourtship final Presentation Transcript

  • >The ideal is that courtship ( pagmaya-maya , literally flirting or "fooling around") is improper, inevitably leading to premarital sex, and that only a total prohibition of any contact between unmarried persons of the opposite sex can prevent the normal human tendency to engage in sexual relations if given the opportunity.
    • Traditional
    • a guy must talk to his parents and tell them to whom he wants to marry.
    • Parents of the girl will decide who will be her husband whether she like it or not.
    • Modern
    • A tausug guy can court someone but be sure that the guy must not touch the girl.
    • It is prohibited to have a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend unless it's a fixed marriage agreed by both parents.
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    • Traditional
    • it must be an agreement of both parents.
    • They will ask for a down payment or sometimes they’ll asked for a diamond.
    • The family of the girl must decide the value of the dowry.
    • Modern
    • According to Qur’ an touching a girl is prohibited unless you are already married.
    • It is ashamed to see someone to have an affair but not yet married.
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    • Traditional
    • Courtship is “haram” the guy must talk straight and ask the girl to marry in front of their parents.
    • Arranged marriage by parents.
    • Modern
    • It is okay to be together as long as the guy won't touch the girl.
    • It is prohibited to both of you to watch movie in the movie house or “cinehan” you must be in a group.
    • Traditional
    • there’s no such thing courting a girl before, the guy must go direct to the girl’s house and have an agreement with the family of the girl.
    • Courting must be accompanied by proposal.
    • There’s a three session the guy must do:
    • 1 st session- the guy must visit the family of the girl and tell his purpose. The guy must bring with him an “ustads”- a representative, who is familiar with the Islam Law.
    • 2 nd session - the representative of each clan will make an agreement about the value of the dowry and will set a date for their wedding.
    • 3 rd session - will be the wedding.
    • Traditional
    • Fixed marriage.
    • Same as the others but the relationship will be secret and just keep it within themselves.
    • The guy must give the demands or requests by the girl's parents.
  • >There is no publicly recognized courtship between unamarried young people; ideally marriages are arranged by parents.
  • >it is SHAMEFUL for a young man and woman to be caught together; or for a girl merely to be touched by a man. >shame or “sipug” in tausug
  • A young man cannot- and in practice does not- publicly confront an unmarried girl. His knowledge of her must be indirect, based upon reputation parental background, and external appearance and demeanor.