Customer Service Advice from Zendesk Customers


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At Zen U. San Francisco, several Zendesk customers gave video testimonials. This slideshare captures what they offered as advice for someone just starting out in customer service.

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Customer Service Advice from Zendesk Customers

  1. 1. “No matter how offbeat the idea, no matter how crazy the question, customers are the biggest evangelists of your product.” -Rob, Wiredrive
  2. 2. “Observation is key. It’s knowing the most that you can about the company you’re working with, and the people you’re working with.” -Allison, FindTheBest
  3. 3. “My advice is just be honest, be yourself. Find out what the person is after and just cut to the chase.” -David, Couchsurfing
  4. 4. “It’s a contact sport. You’ve got to get up and close and personal with your customers.” -Christina, Zuora
  5. 5. “A lot of times, we tend to overthink things. And a great rule to everything is just keep it simple.” -Anthony, IDEO
  6. 6. “Get metrics and measure what you’re doing.” -Jeanna, BPR Properties
  7. 7. “Patience is really important. Try to understand the situation by being inquisitive, wanting to find out more.” -Mara, DODOcase
  8. 8. “Treat a customer exactly how you’d want to be treated. Even if it’s a question you get every single day. It’s new to them.” -Kevin, Central Desktop
  9. 9. “Right before each call you take or email you answer, just take a breath. Give them 100% of your focus.” -Kay, Zlango
  10. 10. “Make sure you’re genuine and open and have a one-on- one relationship with the customer.” -Tara, Redtail CRM
  11. 11. “Empathize. Put yourself in their shoes. Acknowledge that you understand what their issue is.” -Trevor, TaskRabbit
  12. 12. “Keep them informed. Say, ‘Hey, we’re still working on this,’ until the issue is resolved. It’s very helpful in keeping customers happy.” -Chris, Zephyr
  13. 13. “Once you know the product and you’re confident with it, that confidence transfers into how you feel and interact with a customer.” -Aurora, Red Giant
  14. 14. “Trust your gut. You know what’s right. Speak from the heart about what the customer really wants and needs.” -Dale, Beats Music
  15. 15. “Treat your team well. They need to know that they’re doing their jobs well, that they’re hard workers. Give them feedback.” -Amery, Bonzi Sports Software
  16. 16. “Listen. Even if you don’t know an answer, by listening, you’re providing a solution to a customer’s problem.” -Elliot, Advisor Software