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'Local Collaborative Agenda for Economic Recovery!'
Faro 14-17 September 2011 (

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Ecci xii faro 14 set vf

  1. 1. ‘Local Collabor ative Agenda for Econ omic Re covery!’ José Carlos Mota Department of Social, Political and Territorial Sciences University of Aveiro | PORTUGAL ( &
  2. 2. This strange E wor(l)d Subprime mortgage only 2% of the world1 capital flow is related Crisis C re to ‘real economy’ di n tur t cr n ow un D ch Public & Private Un Debt em plo ym en Rating Agencies l t a ob s &Gl al America, Europe pit ets SloCa ark w (South & Ireland) M do are in trouble wnRecession a non economist view…
  3. 3. What do we mean by crisis?2 Different dimensions Economic/Financial: ‘public & private debt’ -> ‘very high interest rates‘ -> ‘risk of bailout’ -> recession Political: regulation of financial global markets’ & ‘rating agencies’ -> ‘democracy issue’ Social: ‘income inequalities’ -> ‘high unemployment rates’ -> ‘protests in the streets’ a non economist view…
  4. 4. How we are facing this crisis?3 Guilty IssueBanks, InvestmentBanks & FundsRating Agencies Central BanksGovernments: Greece, Portugal, Ireland & Spain And what have we done?
  5. 5. Solutions for the crisis?4 How to get out? PortugalCuts, corrections and adjustments > Reduce PublicDebt? Cuts on Public Investments? Tax increase(taxpayers & enterprises)? Reduce Civil Servants? And what about economic recovery/growth? How are we going to create jobs? How can we mobilize society to this huge challenge? If we don’t answer these how are we going to pay the debts? What will be our future? alternative?
  6. 6. Need a Plan B different way to think about the future & economic recovery! 5 Bottom-up approach to balance top-down economic & financial policies ‘Local Collabor ative Agenda for Econ omic Re covery!’Collaborative approachinvolve communities/local Need different public policiesauthorities/universities/stakeh & methodologiesolders in looking for creative New forms of collective actionanswers to ‘economic growth’ [in an individualist world]
  7. 7. Reinvent the role of cities and citizenshipto stimulate economic ‘recovery’6 based on a ‘Cidades pela Retoma’ Portuguese civic movement proposal Spatial based development policies centred in cities Cities: critical mass (people / knowledge / power) -> opportunity to connect local/global -> test, learn & spread Inspired in Saskia Sassen idea every city has it own micro-stories that can make them global cities -> ‘we have to go to the streets and talk to people’
  8. 8. Agendas to challenge cities & economic recovery7 & u re ult tive C a y Gr een tion Cre nom c o Co nstru Ec Cities Local oft lity S bi Fo od M o Active Ageing
  9. 9. Collaborative Agenda for Recovery!8 Ambitious idea ‘Social Innovation’ Collaborative Approach [in a individualist paradigm] & DIY approach Promoted by: Local Authorities or by qualified civic groups or both (strengthened local democracy) ‘Low-cost & high-impact’ (‘Knowledge based’) Ideas for Places, challenging different agendas
  10. 10. Action: linking knowledge to action9 Mapping Knowledge (scientific/popular) about Cities & five Agendas (free and public access knowledge repositories) Mapping City Civic Groups (‘Global City 2.0’) Mapping Stakeholders & Key Projects (each agenda)
  11. 11. Action: linking knowledge to action10 Connecting Citizens - ‘create neighbourhood civic centres managed by citizens using vacant spaces) (reinvent ‘Casas do Povo’ old concept – João Seixas, Lisboa Ideia 2011) Connecting Local Authorities/Stakeholders/Knowledge (‘local hubs to recovery’) Connecting Places, Ideas, Promoters and Money: ‘low-cost & high impact ideas’ & ‘city crowdfunding system’
  12. 12. Now, it’s time for you to take action Coming Soon to a City Near You! Autumn/Winter 2011 ‘Local Collabo rative Agendafor Econ omic Re cov ery!’
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