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  • 1. F a c u lt y o f A r c h it e c t u r eD e p a r t m e n t O f In d u s t r ia l D e s ig n S e l m a K A D İR O ĞL U Z e lih a U YU R C A 2 0 11- 2 0 12 S p r i n g S e m e s t e r ID 5 0 1 A d v a n c e d P r o je c t D e v e lo p m e n t In In d u s t r ia l D e s ig n
  • 2. Main ArgumentBy observing the change in notion of culture, weaim to explore dynamics of culture viainspecting the everyday life practices, which areshaped by modernization, performed in publicspaces through urban equipment.
  • 3. Loitering Spaces• open-to-public offices,• places suitable for passing time,• one of the most important functions of loitering spaces are their contribution to social life.• controling each other in loitering spaces• feeling safe in crowd
  • 4. Loitering,•Renders a space simultaneously inside and outside; public and private;recreational and commercial,
  • 5. Privacy: not observable from outside (createcuriosity)Ottoman sofa(cedar) and table: shape thesitting postureBeing socialized by observing each other
  • 6. sitting close with each other Sitting plate that can be pulled choosing points to put plates into wall‘practices that systematically form the objects of which they speak’
  • 7. Explanation of installation
  • 8. Gündelik olan epik bir görünüme, maskelere, kostümlere ve dekorlara bürünmüş olarak sahneye çıkar (Lefebvre)
  • 9. Social Relations in Turkey
  • 10. Social Relations in Turkey
  • 11. Q&A