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Presentation from EBSCO outlining the features of the new NoveList Plus

Presentation from EBSCO outlining the features of the new NoveList Plus



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New NoveList New NoveList Presentation Transcript

  • New NoveList Training
  • Why the new interface? We’ve spent the two years since our last interface change listening to your feedback, conducting focus groups, and gathering as much information as we could about what you want to see in NoveList , and we designed our interface accordingly. We’ve adjusted the look of NoveList and added the features you asked for to help make your job easier.
  • The Homepage The Basic Search bar now appears on each page in NoveList . We put recommendations for popular titles right on the homepage.
  • For these Best-Selling Books, NoveList also recommends: This rotating selection of best-selling books helps you take care of readers waiting to check out a popular title while helping you put some of your older titles back in circulation. Hovering over any book jacket image on the homepage will display information about that title.
  • For these Best-Selling Books, NoveList also recommends: To help decide whether the title is a good match for your patron, click on the title for an explanation of why we recommend that tile. Click the orange X in the corner to close the box. For more information on the recommended title, click the title to access the title record. Use the arrows on the left and right to see more best-selling titles.
  • Recommended Reads Lists We’ve put Recommended Reads lists are right on the homepage for easy access. You now have access to over 800 ready-made genre and subject books lists covering all reading levels from this menu. NoveList Plus users can choose to browse for Fiction or Nonfiction lists by selecting the appropriate tab. You can browse for lists for Adult , Teen , Ages 9-12 , or Ages 0-8 by selecting an option from the drop-down menu.
  • Recommended Reads Lists Clicking on any of the genres will open a hover with book lists within that category Select any of these links for a list of recommended titles.
  • Recommended Reads Lists Each Recommended Reads list contains a citation along with the book list. You can also browse other Recommended Reads lists within the same genre, or browse Related NoveList content, from the menus on the right. Click the Print icon at the top of the page to print the citation along with the book list. Use the Print This View icon to print only the titles in the list. By default, Recommended Reads lists display in Grid view, but you can select the format and the type of information to display and print by selecting an option from the View drop-down.
  • Print Options Use the menu above the result list to choose the information you’d like to include in your printout, and the format in which you’d like to see it. Use the Print This View link to print only the list of books (without the citation) as displayed on screen. Sort titles by Relevance, Author, Title, Date Descending or Ascending, or Popularity. Choose to display only 5 or up to 50 titles per page.
  • Print Views: Grid and Detailed Because you print different lists for different reasons, we’ve given you four print options to meet your varying needs. The Grid view is the default view for Recommended Reads lists, and was the preferred option by avid readers. The Detailed view provides the most information of the four options, with Title, Author, and a brief description, along with Series and Popularity information, and Fiction/Nonfiction label.
  • Print Views: Title Only and Brief The Title Only view gives the least amount of information, with only Title, Author, and Publication Date, and is useful for printing a list of recommendations for your patrons. Similar to the Title Only view, the Brief view is useful for printing, but provides some additional information including Series, Popularity, Reading Level, and Fiction/Nonfiction.
  • NoveList Resources We’ve made NoveList lists and articles easily accessible right from the homepage. Clicking the How to Use NoveList button will take you to the NoveList Support Center, where you can find FAQs, Training, and Promotional materials. Browse by Author, Series, or Subject/Appeals from any page in NoveList , or use the More drop-down to view select from Dewey Numbers, Titles, or NoveList lists and articles We’ve made our most popular librarian-created NoveList content available from the homepage for browsing.
  • Readers’ Advisory Toolbox In the Readers’ Advisory Toolbox, you’ll find resources to help you with RA in your library. Browse content to bring you up to speed in various genres. Use the Featured Book Display ideas to create a display for different reading levels, or browse archived ones using the link to the right. Sign up for our monthly RA Newsletter to get up to speed with what’s going on in libraries throughout the country. Featuring… will include new, regularly posted podcasts covering different genres and hot topics.
  • Teaching with Books Teaching with Books page makes all materials created for those who work with kids and teens easily accessible from the homepage. Browse content to help you when working with kids and teens. Find curriculum-based lists and articles in different subjects listed by grade level Sign up for our monthly School News Newsletter Featuring… will include new information about librarian contributors and new juvenile editorial content.
  • Describe a Plot By entering search terms in the Search For… box on the homepage, you can find titles that match a certain description. Select from the same print options available from the Recommended Reads lists Narrow Results By allows you to limit by the most frequently used genres, subjects, appeal terms, and locations found in the first 125 titles in your result list. These options vary with your searches. The options in the Limit your results box allow you to narrow your search by Audience, Fiction/Nonfiction, and Publication Date. These options are the same for each search.
  • Title Detail Page All of the information about a title is gathered in the Title Detail Page, found by entering the title in the Search bar, and clicking on the title from the result list. Click the Print icon at the top to print citation box, along with the information included in the active, or visible, tab below. We’ve added Appeal Terms, which address why readers enjoy this title. To learn more about Appeal, click the Definition of Appeal Terms link. Reviews is the default tab. Select More About This Book for Publisher, Genre, Subject Headings, and ISBN information. Find NoveList content about this title behind the Lists and Articles Tab .
  • Title Recommendations For each title, NoveList provides up to nine recommendations. Similar to the bestsellers on the homepage, you can hover over the jacket image for an explanation of why the title was recommended. Or, you can use the Search for More options to find titles yourself. Select Print All to print a list of all the recommended titles. Use the numbered links to view the next set of recommended titles.
  • Series Detail Page All of the information about a Series is gathered in the Series Detail Page, found by entering the series title in the Search bar. Select the Series tab from the result list, and click on the Series Title link. At the Series page, you’ll find recommendations for similar series that readers may enjoy. You can view and print these like the Title recommendations. The default tab lists all of the titles in reading order. Find additional information at the More About This Series tab. Click Print This View for a list of only titles in reading order as you see them with the view selected, or click the Print icon above to include the citation along with the title list.
  • Author Detail Page You can find everything you need to know about an author on the Author Detail Page. Enter their name in the Search box and select the Author tab from the result list. If the author has a pseudonym, you’ll have the option to view the detail page for the author under either name. The Author Description is not a biography; rather, it offers an explanation of the author’s works, along with a recommendation of which title to start with. The default tab shows all Books by this Author , which can be sorted by Popularity or Publication Date Descending or Ascending. Click the Series by this Author tab for a complete listing of this author’s series, with links to their Series Detail Pages. Find additional author information behind the More About This Author tab, and relevant NoveList content behind the Lists and Articles tab NoveList provides up to 9 read-alikes for each author. Click the magnifying glass icon to learn why that author is being recommended.
    • For more information, visit the NoveList Support Center at .
    • Here, you’ll find additional training and promotional materials, along with a list of Frequently Asked Questions and additional screen shots.
    If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to share with us at [email_address]