Overview of Zeke Zelker's "Billboard an Uncommon Project for Common People!"

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one page overview of an extraordinary transmedia project that is underway.

one page overview of an extraordinary transmedia project that is underway.

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  • 1. The Billboard Project is a multi-phase, cross platform, project based around a comedicmovie Billboard, an Uncommon Contest for Common People!, where the audienceparticipates in its creation over the course of a year and a half. The audience can simplyview the movie or become more immersed in the project by taking part in a multitude ofoutlets that crosses over from a website to social media, to live events and a game. !virtual radio station!bands submit music to become !a part of the stationʼs playlist!actors submit videos stating “why!they would be a good contestant !for the Great WTYT Billboard !Sitting Contest” to be in the movie!movie!an Uncommon Contest for Common People! Times are tough, listenership !is down and Casey needs tocome up with a plan to save !his struggling radio station,WTYT960, and fast! !His brilliant idea is to host abillboard sitting contest. !Where four lucky contestantshave the opportunity to win“nine-sixty thousand dollars”and a mobile !home. All !they have to !do is be the !last person !to survive, !living on a !billboard!!discovery tour!A fifteen city tour is beingembarked upon during thesummer of 2013 to discover talentfor the project. Auditions will be ablend of live auditions and videosubmissions where theproduction team will cast theleads and the audience will selectday players. Artists will competein an Art Wars !event to decide!Who in that city!will be working !With the us on !future elements !of the project. !webisodes!3-5 minute episodes from the“live” feed on how the contestantsare faring in the billboard sittingcontest. The contestants willinteract with the audience viasocial media that will affect futureepisodes.!Released during productionand beyond!!mad art dash game!A Mobile App !where game !play is a !scavenger hunt !based on clues!within all the !content created!for the project. !Players need to!discover art !work to continue game play. Thegoal of the game is to find the onepiece of artwork left behind byone of the billboard sittingcontestants that has a videoaffixed to the back of it to win thegrand prize. !Blending:  QR  codes,  NFC  tags,  videos  geo-­‐caching,  web  sites,  SMS,  email  &  much,  much  more!