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1-to-1 is Not Enough


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It is necessary for us to go far beon

It is necessary for us to go far beon

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  • ITEC - Gary Stager
  • Dennis Harper and Sylvia Martinez
  • Dennis Harper and Sylvia Martinez
  • “Collecting data is important, but more important is collecting stories. Compile anecdotal evidence and interview students. Publish projects that evolve out of the students’ opportunity to have 21st century access 24/7 as opposed to test scores and teacher-driven assignments. Cultivates a culture where learning is the focus, not the teaching.”
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    • 1. Dr. Leigh ZeitzUniversity of Northern IowaDrzreflects.comzeitz@
    • 2. Is NOT about HardwareIs NOT about SoftwareIS about Kidware!
    • 3. Research reviewed 9961:1 learning environments
    • 4. 2010 – 2011 42 Districts2011 – 2012 100 Districts351 School Districts in Iowa
    • 5.  Goals and Objectives Financial Planning Procurement End-User Support Curriculum Integration Marketing and Communication Faculty Development Infrastructure Development
    • 6. Van Meter High School
    • 7. ≠
    • 8. Cognitive Tools Engagers
    • 9. Janae (UCEA Castle)
    • 10.  More than knowledge acquisition Forming networks Connecting nodes/information sources Learning may reside in non-human appliances Nurture/Maintain connections
    • 11.
    • 12.  Teachers Curriculum Teachers Leadership Teachers Environment Teachers
    • 13.  Control HOW/WHEN tech is used. Adapt materials to incorporate 1:1 Emphasize Project- Based Learning
    • 14.  Students can complete complex tasks Tech is a tool with many applications There IS high quality info on the Web Will use technology appropriately Expectations changed after seeing how skilled students used technology
    • 15.  Entry  Delivers Curriculum - PowerPoint Adoption  Directs students in procedural tech tool use Adaptation  Facilitates students exploring tech tool use Infusion  Teach provides context, students select tools Transformation  Tech tools used for HOTS. Achieve new things ACOT
    • 16.  Active  Actively engaged in using tech as a tool Collaborative  Use tech to collaborate with others Constructive  Use tech to connect new info w/prior knowledge Authentic  Use tech to link learning to real world Goal Directed  Use tech to set goals, plan activities, monitor progress
    • 17.  Change doesn’t happen without PD  Teachers, Principals, Administrators, EVERYONE Different Forms and On-going Teach how to teach with technology ISTE NETS for Tech Coaches Develop Student-Centeredness Gen YES  Student provide the support
    • 18. Little evidence that TECHNOLOGY makes adifference in scholastic achievement.
    • 19.  Maine  After 5 years: Little effect  Writing up 3.4 points out of 80 points Michigan  4 higher, 3 lower, 1 no difference Texas  Math slightly higher  Reading the same  Writing slightly lower.
    • 20.  Uniform integration of tech Teacher learning and collaboration (monthly) Use technology DAILY for online collaboration and cooperative learning
    • 21. Orchestrated Immersion  Complex, interactive experiencesRelaxed Alertness  Safe and highly-challenging environmentActive Processing  internalize info by actively processing it
    • 22. Collecting data is important, but moreimportant is collecting stories.
    • 23. “Differentiated in genuine ways for all students, with teachers who gather and mine just-in-time data. Further, teachers, students, and parents use technology every day to collaborate about what to do next in their collective pursuit of learning.”(Weston & Bain 2010)
    • 24. “Each student andteacher wouldstruggle to see therelevance of such aquestion, becausecomputers havebecome integrated inwhat they do.” (Weston & Bain 2010)
    • 25. Matt LevinsonAssistant HeadNueva SchoolHillsborough, California
    • 26. We must teach our students for their tomorrows, NOT our yesterdays.
    • 27. Thank You