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Bticino Overview Bticino Overview Presentation Transcript

  • CommunicationBticino UKGreat King Street North, Birmingham, B19 2LFTel: 0870 608 9000 Fax: 0870 608 9004 GENERAL CATALOGUE 07/08Customer services:Tel: 0845 605 4333 Fax: 0845 605 4334Quotations and technical support:Tel: 0870 608 9022 Fax: 0870 608 9023E-mail: CommunicationWebsite: Sales Offices Northern region1. LeedsTel: 0113 233 9971 North WestFax: 0113 233 9973 region2. BirminghamTel: 0870 608 9015 1Fax: 0870 608 90163. West London GENERAL CATALOGUE 07/08Tel: 0870 850 0965Fax: 0870 850 0967 Midlands 2 Eastern region region London 3 region Bticino catalogue 04/07.10K Southern region CG07T/UKIn accordance with its policy of continuous improvement, the Companyreserves the right to change specifications and designs without notice.All illustrations, descriptions, dimensions and weights in this catalogue arefor guidance and cannot be held binding on the Company. CG07T/UK
  • Global leaders and innovators in 2 wire and digital door entry systems possibly new imageFormerly known in the UK as the Terraneo range, In addition to the core door entry products shownBTicino systems present key developers with in this catalogue, BTicino provides specialist salesinnovative and bespoke door entry solutions, engineers who are on hand to create bespokesupported by pre-sales design and enhanced system solutions for any door entry application.service options. Central and regional technical support providesWith a number of plants and production facilities contractors with the confidence to install theconcentrated in Italy, as well as a successful, most complex systems for the most demandingwell-known brand name in more than 60 applications and a specialist field supportcountries around the world, BTicino represents the engineer can aid with final commission on sitebest traditions in Italian design and innovation. and provide post-sale client support.
  • Choosing the type Guide to the of system 2 wire 8 wire 8/2 wire page 4 catalogue Equipment summary page 6 Choosing the entrance panel page 10 2 Digital 2 wire system (audio/video) page 24 Digital 2 wire, digital 8 wire and analogue 8audio/video door Digital 8 wire system entry systems (audio/video) page 42 7+n Analogue system (audio/video) page 56 Kits Audio and video kits page 66 180 61 Technical 210 information Dimensional data page 78 Numeric index page 86
  • The Offer B/W and Audio door colour kit entry system Colour video door entry system Home CCTV A complete offer for communication in the building Telephone system and video telephone Colour system video and audio signalling Access control For all types of buildings, from individual houses to large apartment blocks2 INTRODUCTION TO THE SYSTEMS
  • The Systems The perfect solution for new installations or refurbishmentsDigital system Digital system Analogue system Digital system It is possible to combine digital systems together, combining 2 wire and digital 8 wire systems. Products Premier SFERA VANDAL AXOLUTE RESISTANT Choice SFERA MONOBLOC PIVOT DISPLAY Advanced SFERA PIVOT MODULAR Standard LINEA 2000 SPRINT GENERAL FEATURES 3 COMMUNICATION GENERAL CATALOGUE 07/08
  • Latest system technology DIGITAL 2 WIRE SYSTEM With the 2 wire system it is possible to create Digital system any type of installation, whether it be in an individual home or in a large apartment block, in a simple, fast and intuitive manner YOUR WORK IS MADE EASIER The technology of the 2 wire system allows you to create, with the same simplicity, an installation in an individual home or in a large apartment block. SAVE TIME AND EARN MORE A 2 wire installation is simple and fast to complete, eliminating mistakes and ensuring that there is no time wasted in going back to put them right. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS HAPPY WITH YOUR WORK For its 2 wire system, BTicino offers a wide range of handsets and entrance panels. You can offer audio, colour video or black and white video solutions to your customer. Apartment 3 Apartment 2 2 2 2 2 Floor distribution block 2 2 2 2 Apartment 1 2 2 2 2 2 Private remote Dedicated control camera entrance panel 2 24 CHOOSING THE TYPE OF SYSTEM
  • CHOOSING THE TYPE OF SYSTEMDIGITAL 8 WIRE SYSTEM DIGITAL 8/2 WIRE SYSTEM Digital system Digital system■ 6 wires required for audio systems ■ Combines 2 wire and digital technology■ 8 wires required for video systems 8 wire backbone, 2 wire risers for audio (no coaxial cable required) and video systems■ B/W and colour video handsets ■ B/W and colour video handsets■ Intercom facility available ■ Intercom facility available To other Apartment 3 Apartment 4 Apartment 1 apartments Apartment 2 8 Riser 8 8 Floor 2 2 distribution block Floor distribution block Apartment 1 2 6 Apartment 2 2 2 6 8 8 8 backbone To other interfaces 8 8 2 2 GENERAL FEATURES 5 COMMUNICATION GENERAL CATALOGUE 07/08
  • Entrance panelsaudio and video solutions to suit all requirements ENTRANCE PANELS FOR SYSTEMS ■ aVaIlablE wItH all SyStEM tEcHNologIES ■ flUSH aND wall MoUNtINg Digital system oPtIoNS ■ INcoRPoRatE ExtRactablE Digital system coNNEctoRS foR PRE-wIRINg of tHE SyStEM ■ SUItablE foR all VaRIEtIES Analogue system of accoMMoDatIoN (1 to 4000 aPaRtMENtS) SFERA modular SFERA monobloc SFERA vandal resistant tHE cHoIcE Whether choosing modular, monobloc or vandal resistant entrance panels, modularity remains a key feature. Available in a selection of colours and materials, there is a solution to blend into any environment. ENTRANCE PANELS FOR KITS ■ wall oR PoSt MoUNtINg Digital system ■ SlIM aND coMPact Analogue system For one and two-family homes, LINEA 2000 offers security with a neutral, discreet and modern appearance. LINEA 2000 video video LINEA 2000 audio audio LINEA 2000 metal6 EQUIPMENt SUMMaRy
  • audio EQUIPMENT SUMMARYhandsetsThe following selection represents the complete range Multiple functions allied with various designs willof audio handsets for the various types of systems. satisfy the widest variety of requirements and tastes. PIVOT VIVAVOCE Digital system■ SUItablE foR: flUSH aND SURfacE MoUNtINg Analogue system■ cHoIcE of StylISH coVER PlatES: lIVINg lIgHt LIVING LIGHT Detail of VIVAVOCE unitcHoIcEThis ultra-slim alternative to traditionalhandsets combines hands free two wayspeech with a sleek contemporary design. PIVOT■ SUItablE foR: Digital system wall MoUNtINg, flUSH MoUNtINg aND tablE MoUNtINg■ ExPaNDablE to allow foR Digital system aDDItIoNal fUNctIoNS Analogue systemaDVaNcEDThe PIVOT range of audio handsetsfeatures stylish design with advancedtechnology that can more than match itslooks. SPRINT■ SUItablE foR: Digital system SURfacE MoUNtINg■ ExPaNDablE to allow foR aDDItIoNal fUNctIoNS Digital systemStaNDaRDSPRINT handsets have a simple and Analogue systemneat design which will meet standardrequirements. gENERal fEatURES 7 COMMUNICATION GENERAL CATALOGUE 07/08
  • Videohandsets Video door entry systems enable users to see exactly a choice of handsets, there is a solution to meet any who they are talking to. With a range of systems and installation requirements. AXOLUTE ■ SUItablE foR: Digital system flUSH MoUNtINg (DISPlay) NEW SURfacE MoUNtINg (StatIoN) ■ cHoIcE of StylISH coVER PlatES AXOLUTE STATION AXOLUTE DISPLAY PREMIER The internal units of the AXOLUTE range create a luxury segment with their style and evolved functions. PIVOT HANDS FREE NEW Digital system PIVOT STATION PIVOT DISPLAY cHoIcE The range of PIVOT handsets has been enhanced by ■ SUItablE foR: the addition of two hands free video solutions: SURfacE MoUNtINg PIVOT STATION and PIVOT DISPLAY ■ EaSy to USE oN-ScREEN DISPlay8 EQUIPMENt SUMMaRy
  • EQUIPMENT SUMMARY PIVOT■ SUItablE foR: wall MoUNtINg, flUSH MoUNtINg aND tablE MoUNtINg■ aVaIlablE wItH b/w aND coloUR MoNItoRS■ ExPaNDablE to allow DIffERENt fUNctIoNS Digital system Digital system Analogue system PIVOTaDVaNcEDPIVOT marries stylish design with a full range offunctions. Handsets feature pushbuttons to activatethe entrance panel and staircase lighting.Image brightness and contrast can also be controlled. SPRINT■ SUItablE foR: Digital system wall MoUNtINg■ black aND wHItE MoNItoR Digital system Analogue system SPRINT NEWStaNDaRDSPRINT video handsets feature push buttons toactivate the entrance panel and staircase lighting.Image brightness and contrast can also be controlled. gENERal fEatURES 9 COMMUNICATION GENERAL CATALOGUE 07/08