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Triglycerides - The Enemies within your Body
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Triglycerides - The Enemies within your Body


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. TriglyceridesThe enemies with in your body
  • 2. Societies arecrippled withHeart strokesin the recentpast
  • 3. Media, N G O’sParamedicsconcentratingon Cholesterolit is good forman kind
  • 4. Everybody must haveknowledge about otherfats with in your bodycausing many healthproblems known asTriglycerides
  • 5. What are Triglycerides?We have HDL the goodcholesterol & LDL the badcholesterol triglyceridesare similar fats present inour food are convertedinto Triglycerides by liver
  • 6. They are assimilated inblood and give energy tobody. If calories takenmore excess triglyceridesare formed causing manyhealth problems
  • 7. Normal range is 100 mg/DL. Desirable range 150mg/ DL for a healthyperson. If it more than200 mg/ DL causes manydiseases and disorders.
  • 8. The possible problems likeHeart Problems: They form alayer in blood vessel andobstruct blood flow maycause heart problems,paralysis, brain stroke etc.
  • 9. Diabetes: High triglyceridesalso causes Diabetes. Byconsuming polished grainAtta, sweets, saturated fats,animal protein, alcohol willincrease central obesity andcause many problems.
  • 10. Excess triglycerides levelsalways indicate theuncontrolled diabetes. Thedirty cousin Hypertensionalso follows in majority ofthe people
  • 11. Pancreatitis: if the readingis 1000 mg/ DL there will bemicro blocks and leads todeath of cells and tissues.This increases acidproduction and releasespancreatic lipase enzyme.
  • 12. This enzyme produces in awhirl wind manner fattyacids and glycol. Thatleads to inflammation ofpancreas. Which is aserious health problem.
  • 13. Xantho mass: Excesstriglycerides causes yellowmasses in various parts likeunder eye, back, buttocks,chest, arms, knees byreducing triglycerides thesemasses will disappear
  • 14. Other Problems: Excesstriglycerides reduces bloodcirculation in the eyes andmay leads to vision loss.Also reduces the memory inmay people.
  • 15. How to test triglycerideslevels?By taking a blood sample12-14 hrs after taking foodindicates. Routinely donein lipid profile.
  • 16. What are the contributingfactors?•Food- Eat sensibly avoidrefined foods and consumefoods with Fibre•Age- As the age advancestriglycerides will increase
  • 17. Medicines- Steroids, Diuretics,F P Medicines, increasestriglycerides levelDiseases- Diabetes, Kidneyproblems, Hypothyroidismincreases triglycerides levelGenetic origin - Also increasestriglycerides level
  • 18. What is the solution?Lifestyle covering food,sleep, exercise, attitude isvery vital in reducingtriglycerides level. In factgood lifestyle preventtriglyceride levels increase
  • 19. Avoid/ reduce fatty foods, milk& milk products, fried foods asthe trans fats increasestriglycerides. Take skimmedmilk.Avoid refined foods, take foodswith fibre like whole multigrains atta, salads, fruits
  • 20. Omega 3 fatty acids in Soya,Fish in a limited way reducetriglycerides level. Acroot,Almonds strengthens heart andhelp to reduce triglycerides.Beetroot juice with pepperdaily for 40 days helps a lot.
  • 21. Daily exercise like walking,cycling, swimming, gardening,out door games for 30-40 minreleases endorphins and willhelp to reduce triglyceridelevels. They also helps toreduce cholesterol and reduceover weight.
  • 22. Yoga, Dhyana, Meditation,Pranayaamam 30 min/ dayhelp to reduce triglyceridelevels. Suryanamaskaras,Sarvaangasanam is highlyeffective. Learn from a goodguru.
  • 23. Ayurveda having Yastimadhu,Triphala, Aloe Juice, WheatGrass for 60-90 days helps a lotin reducing triglycerides.Dalchini, Lavang, Sonth, Ginger,Pepper are very good inreducing triglycerides
  • 24. Ancient Indian Life SciencesAyurveda has Panchakarmaa procedure to rejenuvatesU R body 28 days for every2-3 yrs makes you healthy,happy, disease free asservice UR automobile
  • 25. For more infoMurthy Kovur Wellness Consultant 98480