Celebrity endorsement in pakistan


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Impact on Youth

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Celebrity endorsement in pakistan

  1. 1. Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on youth
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  6. 6. Informative The word informative means to provide the useful and interesting information to a person, group or audience. Our aim to provide the accurate and relevant information to our listener which the asks us.
  7. 7. “A sign of a celebrity is that his name is often worth more than his services.” Daniel J Boorstin Aristotle said , “Beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction
  8. 8. Definition of Celebrities “Celebrity” refers to an individual who is known to the public, such as actors, sport persons, entertainers and others of the like for his or her achievement in areas other than that of the product class endorsed. “A celebrity is a person who is widely recognized in a society”.
  9. 9. Actors (Moammar Rana, Shan, Ali Zafer ) Models (Shahista Lodhi, Mahira Khan,Faisal Suresh) Sports athletes (Shahid Afridi, Wasim Akram ) Pop Stars ( Atif Aslam, Ali Azmat) Businessmen (Malik Riaz,) Politicians (Sheikh Rashid, Atiqa Audo) Fictional celebrities (Uncle Sargam,Ool Jalool,Bankey Mia)
  10. 10. What is celebrity endorsement ? Celebrity endorsement occurs when an individuals who enjoys public recognition and who uses this recognition on behalf of a consumer good by appearing with it in an advertisement .
  11. 11. Celebrities like movie actors, television stars, and famous athletes are widely used in television advertisements to influence consumers' brand choice behavior. Advertisers try to establish a link between their brands and a desirable image or lifestyle of a celebrity.
  12. 12. Motives behind Endorsement by Celebrities. Helps to position and re-position existing brands. Brings global awareness to a brand and brand recall. Contributes extensive PR advantage and opportunities for brands. Famous personalities are a major influence for our lifestyles. To push the demand of the product To bring the reliability and retention of the product. To refresh the brand image.
  13. 13. WHY ENDORSEMENT BY CELEBRITY IS GAINING IMPORTANCE About a decade ago, one in three television commercials used celebrity’s endorsements, and today this advertising approach appeared to be on the increase across all media types. It was found that celebrities are featured in 15% of the prime-time television commercials
  14. 14. Pakistani and Indians like to associate themselves with their icons. Brand Ambassadors became attention grabber. The trick of the company. They motivate consumers to purchase. They increase awareness. They create positive feelings towards brands, connect user to brand
  15. 15. Types of Celebrity Endorsements As themselves They advertise the product and promote it with their name. As actors They act as a different character in the advertisement. Voice Over They don’t appear in the ad but lend their voice. Testimonials They share their own experiences of using that product
  16. 16. Pros of Celebrity Endorsement 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Builds Trust and Credibility for brand Helps Personify your brand Celebrity as a persuasive source Increase the sale Strong impact on learning style and memory Underpin global campaigns
  17. 17. Cons of Celebrity Endorsement 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Celebrity Endorse one brand and using another Overshadowing Irresponsible Advertisement Celebrity scandal influence on brand image Conflicting image Mismatch between the celebrity and the image of the brand Stunt Ads
  18. 18. Celebrity endorsement can create a buzz and make a consumer feel better about the product but it can not itself guarantee sales. People start copying heroes and heroines, their style, their way of living and their talks thinking them. Movies are spoiling the living style and fashion style. If a fan sees his favorite actor or actress smoking or drinking as a part of them the fan also starts doing it.
  19. 19. Advertisement & Celebrity Endorsement Celebrity endorsement today is the ultimate and ideal promotional strategy for marketers as the consumers get attracted towards those brands that reflect their inner lives, values, beliefs and most importantly their desires. Consumers want to improve their self image by opting for those brands which have relevant meanings to their self-concept. Every Advertisement aims to create awareness and arouse interest in the minds of customers. To do so advertisers employ several of marketing techniques.
  20. 20. Celebrity Endorsement is one of these power tools by which advertisers try to leverage the image and identification of the celebrity to promote a product or company (Atkin & Block, 1983). This not only makes the adv`ertisement lively, attractive, interesting, but attention getting as well (Ohanian 1991, Kamins 1990). So happens because audience takes the celebrity as a role model and in turn these celebrities impact their lives
  21. 21. Impact on Pakistani culture Pakistan is one of those developing countries which are suffering from western culture due to foreign and private channels on satellite or cable network.
  22. 22. Due to increase and explosive growth of cable & satellite transmissions, affects the youth of Pakistan especially by changing their thoughts, minds, beliefs, cultural values and daily life style. Our youth become weight conscious as well as having perfect body shape due to media influence. Indian culture, are getting popularity due to cable television transmission which promote the modern way of life
  23. 23. Majority of the people admitted that they follow Hindu traditions in marriages, start celebrating Valentine’s Day, and Holly, with Pakistani norms and traditions Most of us having opinion that ostentation & lavish life style presented in soaps & dramas are dragging them away from austerity & contented life style and invoking with in them status consciousness by engraving the race of materialism in their minds
  24. 24. It is general observation that people follow the celebrities shown in media. They start idealizing and seem them as role models. Fashion and style introduced through celebrities is considered as latest and advanced in our society.
  25. 25. The Indian dramas & films have frequent and intensive negative impact on our social, cultural, religious beliefs and values of Pakistani youth. We all are accepting it. The effects are clearly visible on lifestyles, food, dressing, language, traditional celebrations and religion. When we look around us, find fashion every where, girls or boys wearing fashionable clothes, sitting together, fully makeup, stylish hair cuts etc.
  26. 26. Impacts of Television & Films Television has a wide range of good and bad effects especially on growing youth and children. There are many important uses of television in children such as quiz programmed and sports channels to improve the General Knowledge and physical skills of growing children so television plays a major role in the development of electronic media
  27. 27. In many films, stunts are being performed, the teenagers try to copy such stunts on their bikes and cars which many a times lead to severe accidents. Also now abuses are so common in almost all the films that even a kid of 10 years is able to speak such abusive language knowingly or unknowingly.
  28. 28. Movies nowadays leave a great impact on the minds of people. The effect of cinema on youth can be easily observed. Not only its effect can be seen on the elders of rural and urban areas but on the children as well. Knowingly or unknowingly the films molds the youth of today in one way or the other and effect of cinema on youth can be seen widely. Even the youngsters in rural areas are so much affected by the movies, that they place the heroes of the film in a very integrated part of their minds. They try to change their lifestyle according to the films, starting from hairstyle, clothes, dialogues and so on.
  29. 29. The people start imagining themselves in the story lines of those films. Girls and boys, especially in the age of 5-21, are the easiest preys. The dialogues, the dressing style of the actor becomes the latest trend for the youngsters. They try to imitate what all goes in films and without understanding that some part of it might leave a negative impression on them.