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Google Penguin Exposed by Zeeshan Afzal of HelpROI (A Google Evangelist - SEO, SEM, PPC & Social Media)
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Google Penguin Exposed by Zeeshan Afzal of HelpROI (A Google Evangelist - SEO, SEM, PPC & Social Media)


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Google Penguin Exposed by Zeeshan Afzal of HelpROI (A Google Evangelist - SEO, SEM, PPC & Social Media) …

Google Penguin Exposed by Zeeshan Afzal of HelpROI (A Google Evangelist - SEO, SEM, PPC & Social Media)
* How to do SEO for Google penguin
* How to learn SEO
* How to do SEO

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  • 1. Web SpamTERMINATOR!
  • 2. Google PenguinSecrets Exposed!
  • 3. Heuristic SEO Learning By ZeeShan Afzal
  • 4. MBA (Marketing), ITIL, CCNA, CCNP, PMP (Qlf) Google AdWords Certified (Advance Search) Google AdWords Certified (Advance Display) Google AdWords Certified (Advance R&A) Google Analytics Certified (Advance Analysis) VMware Sales Professional (VSP) VMware Technical Sales Professional (VTSP) Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional (RCSP) ZeeShan Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate (RCSA) Riverbed CASCADE Certified (Sales) IBM NW Training (Networking Products) 15 Years of Experience Blade Network Technology (BNT Product Training)In IT Sales/Marketing & Websense Sales Certification Business Development IBM Certified (Storage Sales)SEO, Social Media & PPC EMC Sales Trainings (Sales/Product) Manage Engine Trainings (Sales Training) Trend Micro Trainings (Sales/Solutions) Diploma in Computer Science, IT Courses (1993-97) Red Hat Certified Associate (Training) ZeeShan Afzal of HelpROI
  • 5. Spread Knowledge
  • 6. Live Status on Afzal HelpROI
  • 7. Cure and Best PracticesIf ‘Your Rankings’ are Hit.ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 8. Establish Trustworthiness of your Web Site. Google Spiders are looking for “ Fresh and Quality Search Terms “By ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 9. The Typical ‘ Link-Building ‘Game is No More, Only HighQuality and Natural Links.Link Relevancy is the key to keepthe Penguin HappyBy ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 10. Anchor Text Variety withrelevancy is a Winning Ranking.Balanced Link Density is alsovery important for good ranking By ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 11. Avoid Back Links from hazardouswebsites.Avoid Spamy Link Gestures fromother Sites.ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 12. Avoid Manipulated Spam in shape ofComments, Questions/Answers, Articles etc.Avoid Anchor Text Words using inthe Link URL words [Exact Match].ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 13. Using Natural looking Anchor Textand Links Not manipulated (SameKeyWords in Title and Anchor URL onsame page).Avoid “ Money “ keywords in yourpages use synonyms ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 14. Keep an eye on Negative SEOAttacks from Competitors on yourwebsites.Send the List of the MalevolentLinks to Google to ignore themwhile compiling the indexing &Ranking for You.ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 15. Be very Strict on DuplicateContent Checking beforeuploading on your Web Site.Build your Brand in the right Nichewith the pillars of Social Media. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 16. Create Trust of your WebSites like a ‘Real Life Person ‘ in the Real World.Trust is a very important Metric,Now.Search Your Keywords and ‘ ObserveResults ‘, Any Spam Attack, MightResult in High SERPs Positions, forshort time. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 17. Are Your Keywords or BrandWords on Google Instant ?The Big Taboo is Cloaking orRedirecting, Avoid it. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 18. Regular Inspection of your website forUnUsual activity or analytics.Use anchor text links to yourTwitter, Facebook, Pinterest andGoogle Plus pages in an intelligentfashion without Over-Doing it. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 19. Technical SEO Audits quarterly byProfessionals or Industry standardtools.Scraping the doorway pages, which areHidden or similar practice. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 20. Motivate Organic LinksBuilding, Stops buying them fromunreliable sources.Google Penguin loves to punishthe ‘ Hidden Text & Links ‘. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 21. Natural and Ethical Cup of Tea with theright Sugar of SEO, Can be SERPsToper and honey candy for GooglePenguin and Panda.Check for innocent damages by yourDevelopers in Anti-Penguin Coding. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 22. Say ‘ Ciao ‘ and ‘ follow-up ‘ withGoogle Web Spam Team, If youThink, You were wrongly penalized.Keep an eye on your ‘ Organickeywords referral report ‘. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 23. Pleasant User Experience is the Big Fishfor Penguin and gives You Good SearchRanks.Regularly Check Google Search Indexingfor your Website on Google.Com by theCommand. Site:[Your Website]ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 24. Time to Go Back-to-School, Learn theAdvanced SEO Techniques to Plan HighGoogle Ranks of ‘ Your Web Projects ‘,Achieving the Perfect ROI for YourMarketing Dollars! ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 25. Check the Umbrella Holes of your SEOConsultant, Team up closely forHeuristics based Optimization.Genuine, Interesting and FreshContent is the heart-beat of your WebSite and ensures the ‘ High Rankings ‘in return. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 26. Update and follow the best industryand dynamic practices for your On-page and Off-page SEO.Do Not Over-optimize your SEOefforts, Balance is a must Or You willbe punished by Google AlgorithmicUpdates.By ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 27. Title Tags are very important, Use5-6 Keywords in a Natural flow,No Grammar, Capitalization orSpelling Mistakes.ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 28. Preventive Measures : Link-pruningshould be your habit to secure yourselffrom Google lashes.Always perform an ITIL Root Causeanalysis in case of Sudden low-rankings on Google.ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 29. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 30. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 31. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 32. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 33. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 34. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 35. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 36. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 37. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 38. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 39. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 40. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 41. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 42. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 43. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 44. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 45. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 46. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 47. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 48. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 49. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 50. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 51. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 52. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 53. By ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 54. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 55. By ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 56. ZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 57. Attend Seminars Today! Register at GapLearn@Gmail.comZeeShan Afzal HelpROI
  • 58. ThanksGrazie 謝謝спасибо Dank Terima kasihSalamat ευχαριστίες