What is drafting


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What is drafting

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Drafting is part of planningbecause as you write:You discover more about the topic think how to present itThink of new ideasOr new ways to present theexamples.
  3. 3. Finishing is the last step of yourdocument.In the finishing stage:Produce a consistent,Accurate,And readers oriented document.
  4. 4. Strategies for drafting andfinishing
  5. 5. If you do not know the topic, obviouslyyou must learn about it.For this you need to spend time inresearching.For searching the best way is to go tolibrary or search on webYou can also get information byinterviewing people or experts.
  6. 6. To design your information, remember that you arecreating an experience for your readers. You are helpingthem to build a model. You have to give the informationthat is helpful for the reader.General principles1. For an audience with little knowledge, use thefamiliar to explain the unfamiliar.2. For readers familiar with some knowledge. Useaccepted terminology.
  7. 7. Your introduction should supply an overallframework so that the reader can understand thedetails that later explain and develop it.You can use an introduction in one of three ways:To define termsTo tell what caused you to write.And to explain the documents purpose.
  8. 8. Placing important material at the top. Thebeginning of a paragraph emphasizes itsimportances.This strategy gives readers the context so thatthey know what to look for as they read further.Put statements of significance, definitions andkey terms at the beginning.
  9. 9. It is a list which contain the key words to be usedin a document. In any written communication thebasic list has three components: an introductorysentence that ends in a “control word”, a colon,and a series of items.FOR EXAMPLE:A Test package Include Three Parts:I. Test PlansII. Test SpecificationsIII.Tests
  10. 10. Coordinate structure means that each section of adocument follows the same organizationalpattern. Readers react positively once theyrealize the logic of the structure you arepresenting.A good document must contain:First a definition.Followed by details.And last explain the terms.
  11. 11. Testing is asking other people to interactwith your document in order to discoverwhere it is effective and where it needs tobe revision. The document can be tested by thetarget audience or sometimes peoplefamiliar with the target audience to reviewthe document
  12. 12. Drafting and Finishing is one of theessentials part of the technical writingprocess.Drafting is the part of planning andfinishing is the last step of document.The Strategies of drafting and finishinghelps in completing the documenteffectively.
  13. 13. THE END!13