labour laws of pakistan
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  • 1. INTRODUCTIONTopic : ApplicationOf VariousProvisions OfFactory Act
  • 2. Factory act• The factory act 1934 was introducedto safeguard the workers againstexploitation by the industrialist.• The act aims at regulating theworking conditions of workers infactories.• The act also provides for penalties forinfringement of the law.
  • 3. PROVISIONS REGARDINGHEALTHThe factory act 1934 requires that the owner of afactory must maintain good working conditions forsafeguarding the health of the workers. Theseprovisions are given below:1. Cleanliness2. Disposal of waste3. Dust and fumes4. Overcrowding5. Lighting6. Drinking water7. canteen
  • 4. Provisions Regarding SafetyThe provisions of the factories act 1934 regardingsafety are:1. Precautions against fire2. Self acting machines3. Work on machinery in motion4. Employment of young persons on dangerousmachines5. Casting of new machinery6. Protection of eyes7. First aid application
  • 5. Working hours for adultsThe provisions of the factory act 1934regarding working hours for adults are:1. Weekly hours2. Weekly holidays3. Daily hours4. Interval of rest5. Extra pay for overtime6. Restriction on double employment
  • 6. Holidays with payThe provisions regarding holidays with payare:1. Annual holidays2. Pay during annual holidays3. Festival holidays4. Casual leaves and sick leaves
  • 8. INTRODUCTIONTinopal was originally founded in1973 as a surgical manufacturer andexporter.Over the past four decades, Tinopalhas established itself as the largest andmost respected manufacturer andexporter of surgical instruments inPakistan.
  • 9. Facilities Of HealthThe tinopal provides the proper healthfacilities to the workers of the factory. Allthe facilities are up do date as in thefactory act of Pakistan. The facilities ofhealth like:1. Cleanliness2. Disposal of waste3. Lighting4. Drinking water
  • 10. Facilities of safetyThe facilities of safety for workers in tinopal isgood as compared to other factories of Sialkot.The tinopal provides the proper safetymeasures like:First aid measure in case of emergencyProper training of workers before working onmachines.Fire alarm and back doors in case of fire.Provide suitable goggles and masks for theprotection of workers.
  • 11. Provision of Working hours& holidaysThe tinopal fully implies the provisions ofworking hours as defined in the factory act1934.No child labour is allowed to work in factory.All the labour works 8 hours in a dayProvides the lunch interval of one hour to thelabour of factory.And pay extra wages for overtimeThe complete holiday on Sunday and onfestival holidays.
  • 12. WEAKNESS:Due to the electric crisis they areincreasing labour working hours.Not giving annual holidays to labour.STRENGTHS:Well implementing factory act 1934Good feedback from the workersregarding safety and health provisions.
  • 13. The factory act aims at regulating theworking conditions of workers in factories.The act also provides for penalties forinfringement of the law.TINOPAL is trying its best to adoptfactory act 1934.They provide provision for health, safetyand working hours.CONCLUSION