Formal channels of communication.


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Formal channels of communication.

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Prepared by: Zeeshan SafdarPresents to: Sir Imran AshiqRoll # : AM552928Topic: Formal Channelsof Communication.2
  4. 4. Communication is defined as anexchange of ideas and information.Communication is important because itis about how information is sent andreceived.So we can say that communication is atwo way process of exchanginginformation. 4
  5. 5. All the patterns, networks and systemsof communication within anorganization.People in organization spend 75% oftheir time communicating with oneanother.So effective communication becomesimportant for organizational success.5
  6. 6. Effective communication involves the following features:1. Sender:Sender is the person responsible for turning the ideainto a message and then sending it through achannel.2. MESSAGE:Message is the main idea that you wish tocommunicateIt can be verbal or non verbal.6
  7. 7. Medium is the channel for transmitting the message. Themedium can be oral as well as written.4. RECEIVER:The reader of your message is called receiver. The messageis designed for the receiver. The receiver has to be smartenough to understand a message.5. FEEDBACK:Since every action has a reaction, the receiver of themessage certainly reacts, either in favor or inopposition, the „silence‟ of the receiver is also afeedback.7
  8. 8. Internal communication is the communication that occurswithin the organization between people who works in the sameorganization.Examples are:A boss talks to manager.A memo is passed to the employeesExternal communication:The communication outside an organization is called externalcommunication. The communication between the organizationsand other individuals.Examples are:Getting the feedback from customers.Advertising. 8
  9. 9. Formal communication: Formal communication refers to communicationthat Is part of the communication required to doone‟s job. it is Official information exchange.Examples are:EmailsMemosLetters 9
  10. 10. Along with formal channel, every organization hasinformal channel of communication that is equallyeffective.It is Not officially statements and oftendiscouraged.Informal communication can carry gossip.Examples are:Talking with friendsGossipsContain shorter version of words.10
  11. 11. Four directions in which communicationcan travel are:DownwardUpwardlateral or horizontalAnd Vertical.11
  12. 12. Involves communication from high level to low level . ForExample, when managers assign goals to their employees.2. UPWARD COMMUNICATION:Flows from low level to high level of the organization, forexample, when there is a need to communicate problems,results or suggestions.12
  13. 13. Communication between two or more persons who areworking under the same person or on the same level.More casual in tone and occurs more frequently.It Saves time.4. VERTICAL COMMUNICATION:That cut across work areas and organization level. Communication flowing between people belonging todifferent levels of hierarchy and having no direct reportingrelationship.13
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  16. 16.  It is the prime bank in country establishedin 1941 having a head office in Karachi. It was nationalized in 1974, but on 26thFebruary 2004, it has been privatized bygovernment of Pakistan. It is one of the largest banks of Pakistan Quaid-e-azam was the first person to openhis personal account in HBL.16
  17. 17. “Enabling people to advance withconfidence and success”.Mission statement:“To make our customers prosper, ourstaff excel and create value forshareholders”.17
  18. 18. The communication channels that are used to communicateinternally and externally of HBL are:1. Emails2. Ip phone3. Letters4. Memos5. Advertising6. Notice boards7. Video conference8. Computers9. Fax18
  19. 19. It is the most commonly used channel in HBL. It is usedfor internal communication. Emails are send betweenbranch-to-branch, branch to regional office, and branch tohead office. The branch managers have the power to sendthe emails or the department managers have the powers.Advantages of Emails:Low costHighly confidentialEasily send and receive.19
  20. 20. IP phones are used to communicate internally betweendifferent branches of HBL. This communication channel isvery cheap and easily available. The managers just have todial the code of the other branch and can communicatewith it.3. Letters:Letters are not often used in HBL for communication. It ismostly used to send hard copies, invoice, receipts and forpurchasing. The managers of each branch have the powerto send letters. The other staff members need to takepermission from managers to send it.20
  21. 21. Memos are used to communicate internally in HBL. Memos arewritten between different departments or different branches toshare information. The managers and staff members have thepower to send and receive memos.5. Advertising:Advertising are the one-way communication withthe customers. TV, radios, and newspapers areused to communicate. Advertising is also the mainchannel of communication. Only the head officehas the power for advertising.21
  22. 22. Notice boards are used to communicate internally andexternally. Important news or notices are often seen onHBL notice boards. The things that are placed on noticeboard are:Timings of bankNew policiesNew interest ratesPamphletOther material22
  23. 23. Video conferences are not mostly used in HBL.It is often used at the regional level offices butnot at the branch level.8. Computers:Computers are the most widely used communicationchannel in HBL. It connects the internal and externalenvironment of the bank. The networks andsoftware‟s are used to communicate. The accountant,cashier, managers all use the computers.23
  24. 24. Fax is not commonly use these days but the Fax facility isalways available in HBL for communication. Faxcommunication is the rarest communication channel in HBL.It is mostly used when internet network is down.24
  25. 25. Strength:Strong communication channels.Clear management structure of HBL that is help incommunicating effectively.No communication gaps.Weakness:using old communication channels.using old ideas in advertising.Ip phones networks are not good.Managers has all the powers that delays thecommunication.25
  26. 26. Call centre services should be improved to enhance theirnetwork.The improvement in communication channels can attractthe customers.The upward and downward communication improves theenvironment of bank.Threats:The competitor banks like Standard chattered and MCB areadvertising well which is the main threat for HBL.The use of modern and effective technology by competitorsis another threat for HBL.26
  27. 27. From the report I concluded that everyone In HBL knows hisauthority and responsibilities that why their communication isbetter than other banks.Everybody knows that when and where to communicate.They are using old communication channels for upward anddownward communication.However, they should improve IP phone network and shouldincrease the Video conference that can make theircommunication easy.And other Communication channels are working properly andeffectively.27
  28. 28. 1. Now a days, they are not advertising properlytherefore they should focus on theadvertisements.2. They should improve the links of IP phone,which makes hurdles in communication.3. The manager should delegate some authority tojuniors that can make the communicative fast.4. They should use the modern technology likeVIDEO CONFERENCE and SKYPE28
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