social class of suzuki


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social class of suzuki

  1. 1. IntroductionName : Zeeshan safdarTopic: Social class
  2. 2. Consumer Behavior:Consumer Behavior is the behavior thatconsumers display in search for,purchasing, using, evaluating anddisposing of product and services.CB also gives answer like what, when,where and how they buy, use andevaluate it after the purchase.
  3. 3. Social class:Social class can be defined as ahierarchy in which the people aredivided in different groups on thebasis of:EducationOccupationIncomePlace of residence
  4. 4. Characteristics of SocialClass
  5. 5. TYPES of social class
  6. 6. Characteristics of upperclass:
  7. 7. Characteristics of middleclass:
  8. 8. Characteristics of poor:
  9. 9. Measurement of socialclass:The objective method measuresand analyzes “hard” facts.The subjective method askspeople what they think ofthemselves.The reputational method askswhat people think of others.
  10. 10. Practical study of pakSuzuki
  11. 11. Introduction of pakSuzukiThe firm was founded in 1983 as ajoint venture between the governmentof Pakistan and Suzuki Motor Japan.Pak Suzuki is the market leader inPakistan Automobile Market byhaving more than 60%(December,2011) of market share.
  12. 12. Suzuki consumersSuzuki has been targeting all thecustomers falls in Upper, middle andlower category.But the middle and lower classcustomers are the backbone of Suzukimarket share.The Suzuki models like mehran andcultus are the most selling products inlower and middle class.
  13. 13. Statistics market share of SuzukiconsumersUpper class - -----------------------------15%Middle class-------------------------------30%Lower class ------------------------------55%
  14. 14. Analyzing Social classbuying processSuzuki Pakistan always try to launch newmodels for all the social class consumers.The Upper level consumers looks for thestatus symbol.The middle class consumers looks forthe features and safety of the car.The lower class looks for the fuelefficiency and low price of the cars.
  15. 15. MARKET SEGMENTATIONOF SUZUKI• Suzuki has segmented itsmarket in following wayAPV AND JIMNY is forUPPER Class.Cultus, liana and swift is forMiddle ClassMEHRAN, and VAN is forLOWER Class.
  16. 16. PROMOTION STRATIGIES OFSUZUKI For upper class they only advertise the carstyle because the upper class just go for thecar status. Middle class concerns for the cars features sothe Suzuki just tells the car features in themiddle range cars advertisements. Lower class wants the fuel efficiency and theprice concerns so they mainly focused on theprice during promotion.
  17. 17. Online survey fromconsumersIn 2010, Suzuki conducted theonline survey from the social classconsumers of Suzuki.The consumers show concernsthat Suzuki Pakistan often lackessential features such as airbags,windshield defogger and back seatbelts.Suzuki is trying to overcome theseconcerns in near future.
  18. 18. Target market of SuzukiSuzuki always try to target the lower andmiddle class consumers but from 2010 andonwards Suzuki changed their strategy andnow also focused on upper class byintroducing the imported cars like APV andJIMNY. Which increases 7% of market share.
  19. 19. SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHS Cars for every socialclass consumers. Good resale value. Easily available spareparts. Highest market share.WEAKNESSNo sports carmodel.Lack of safetyfeatures.Less focus ondesign of the car.
  20. 20. OpportunitiesMake extraspace for heCNG cylinders.Opportunity tointroduce theelectric cars inthe market.THREATSCompetition fromimported cars ofchina and japan.Increase in fuelprices
  21. 21. From the report concluded that SuzukiPakistan is covering all the social classconsumers of Pakistan. They have a widerange of cars for all the consumers.Suzuki Pakistan has divided there marketsegmentation into lower, middle and upperclass consumers.
  22. 22. SUGGESTIONSTHEY should introduce luxurycars for upper class.The introduction of Electric carsfor the lower class.They should add safety featuresin the cars.