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Online marketing


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Marketing for Hotels

Marketing for Hotels

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Probably, Singapore’s most favorite & exclusive hotel which is situated in the heart of Little India with all the desired features and amenities. Variety of rooms for various customers. A wide range of facilities includes Flat Screen TV, Mini Fridge, Air-Conditioning, WIFI access in rooms, 24 hours front desk service, iPods available upon request, Room Service, Fine Dining Restaurant & Music Lounge. Conveniently close to the financial hub of this entrepreneurial city, Sandpiper makes business a pleasure, a luxury of leisure - and any visit an indelible memory. SANDPIPER HOTEL “The Ideal Nest for Tourist”
  • 2. Absolute Comfort Good Quality & comfortable mattress makes your stay calm and charm in the heart of modern Singapore – exclusive, historic, and one of a kind. Each room has a feel of home and designed in such a way that is calming and relaxing to the mind and body.
  • 3. Categories of Rooms Available The Nest : Standard Room Single spring mattress The Deluxe Nest : Queen size bed Perfect for couples The Sandpiper’s Family Nest : Queen size bed and a separate cosy bed
  • 4. Target Audience Singles who come on vacations or to visit by friends, Couples, Honeymooners Family Trips Corporate: Business Travellers
  • 5. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: Situated in the heart of Little India, with easy access to the main shopping, business & entertainment centres of the city. Highest levels of personalized service is provided Wi-Fi Provided
  • 6. STRENGTHS Services: 24 hours front desk service Communication Centre I pads available upon request Room Service First Aid Service Laundry Service/Dry Cleaning
  • 7. SWOT ANALYSIS WEAKNESS: Poor promotional activities & public relations OPPORTUNITIES: Excellent Location Strategic tie-ups for better and improved performance THREATS: Many hotels in the same area creates more competition It gives more options to the customers
  • 8. OBJECTIVES Build social media presence Attract new customers Expand our markets & identify new markets Improve perception of Sandpiper hotel
  • 9. Travel Agents Tour Wholesalers Concierges Internet Global Distribution Systems Consortia & Reservations Systems Specialists: Brokers & Junket Reps Hotel Representatives National, State, and Local Tour Agencies Marketing Intermediaries
  • 10. Social Media Marketing FaceBook Twitter YouTube & Flickr FourSquare & Facebook Places Blogging
  • 11. Facebook – “Talk to the world” Create Facebook Fan Page: A Great way to Spread a brand message & tell Your story Converse with audience, customers & Fans Promote Local attractions like festivals, concerts etc. Picture the Guest/Family experience Facebook Ads: Cost Effective Way
  • 12. Example
  • 13. Twitter- “If you want to be followed follow others” Brand your page, follow relevant people and organizations, Join the conversations, promote others as well as Sandpiper Hotel. Easiest Way to take over your competitor’s customers
  • 14. YouTube & Flickr – “Broadcast your Hotel” Hosts images for free Can also link back to hotel website, encouraging direct bookings Travellers want to visualize where they will be staying and the surrounding areas Offer consumers a rich digital experience, video becomes an ever-more appealing medium YouTube & Flickr tagged photos and videos indexed by search engines.
  • 15. Example
  • 16. Foursquare, Facebook Places Location based applications Helps to find the places Are golden opportunities for hotels to attract customers New way to connect with guests Promote with special offers
  • 17. Example
  • 18. Blog – “Create New Audiences” Get to know customers on what's happening at hotel Adding a blog to your website is the most efficient way to keep your website fresh & on the Google radar More Website visitors, More pages indexed by search engines.
  • 19. Hotel Blog Example
  • 20. Online Travel Agents Contact top travel booking sites: Get hotel listed on their websites Give international advertising platform Platform to compete with larger chains Connect potential customers Help to reach more customers Drive up occupancy rates
  • 21. Example of Online Travel Agents, Expedia, Travelocity, travel web, orbitz, hotwire,, latminute, priceline etc.
  • 22. Marketing in India Tie-up with Travel agencies in India Largest and most trusted travel agents Travel Agents helps customers in all aspects of travelling Make bookings, Provide Tickets, Accommodations etc Example: Thomas Cook &
  • 23. Example
  • 24. Conclusion Thus, Social media is considered to be the future of marketing A channel to increase word of mouth It provides the opportunity to build relationships Increase in web presence will build awareness among potential guests & travel Planners Global access to customers