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Billy and the queen

Billy and the queen






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    Billy and the queen Billy and the queen Presentation Transcript

    • Billy is the main character:• Billy is fourteen.• He has got brown hair.• Green eyes.• He has a small nose.• He has got a sister, her name is Roxanne(but everybody calls her Rox).
    • The Problem in the story• Billy need a new bicycle.• New bikes are so expensive.• examples from the story:1.”Billy looks at his bicycle. It is very, very old.”2. “I need a new one, "he say.3.”But the question is how? New bikes are soexpensive.”
    • The main problem in the story and how does Billy solve it:The mine problem is Billy don’t have money tobay a new bikes.Billy solve the problem wan his Gran show him amagazine called ‘Palace’ dare is a competitionand the first prize is $500.To wen Billy need to send a photo of him wasthe Queen together”
    • Solution:Billy and Rox They followed the Queen but theycould not be photographed with her, Suddenlyhad an idea to Rox they entered the building andBilly saw many statues of famous people andimportant people.Suddenly he sees a statue of the Queen, heunderstands immediately what Rox think, he tooka picture with her ​statue.Two weeks later, Billys picture was published in amagazine they received the prize of $ 500 andbought two bikes one for Billy and one for Rox.
    • sequence events:• Billy don’t have many.• magazine called ‘Palace’ dare is a competition and the first prize is $500.• Billy tries to be photographed with the Queen but not successful.• His sister Rox has an idea they are going in a building with statues of famous people and important people.• He takes a picture with the statue of the Queen.• The picture published in the magazine.• Billy and Rox accept the award and buy them a bicycle.
    • Do you agree with the way the main character behave? Why or why not?• do not agree with the way he acted because he cheated a customer a picture with a statue and not the Queen!!!!!