Powerful Data Analytics                                     for Cable Modem Networks                                     w...
Powerful Data Analytics                                              for Cable Modem Networks                             ...
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Learn how ZCorum used its own TruVizion diagnostics tool for cable modem networks to reduce troubleshooting talk-time by 30%.

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See More, Talk 30% Less

  1. 1. Powerful Data Analytics for Cable Modem Networks www.truvizion.com Powered by “After we included TruVizion in our toolset, we saw an immediate drop of 30% in average talk time.” Jason Young Vice President of Support Services ZCorum MANAGED BROADBAND SOLUTIONS Profile ZCorum provides 24/7 end user technical support, provisioning, email and other wholesale communica-1.800.909.9441 tions services to independent telcos, cable companies, utilities, and municipalities. www.ZCorum.com twitter.com/ZCorum Problemfacebook.ZCorum.com Even in carefully managed networks, customers may experience intermittent issues with their broadband service. Network Administrator Nate Stroh’s existing network management software did not have the ca- pability to track modem statistics over time, so it was difficult to locate and diagnose certain issues. Nate needed comprehensive data to help locate problems in the cable plant that impact multiple customers, as well as a faster way to pinpoint and diagnose intermittent modem issues that affect individual customers. Solution The Modem Dashboard in TruVizion has become invaluable in troubleshooting problems for customers. No more quizzing the customer. The technician can simply look at the Modem Dashboard and get a com- prehensive picture of the customer’s experience – from flaps and online stability to current and historic RF levels. The Modem Dashboard also includes diagnostic tools that allow the technician to view logs, and ping or reset the modem remotely. Using the comprehensive information and tools in TruVizion’s Modem Dashboard, representatives can more quickly diagnose and resolve problems, reducing average talk time by 30%. Getting to the root of the problem faster results in a faster path to resolution and a more satisfied customer. “Not only can we solve individual trouble calls more quickly, we can quickly identify on the same screen if other subscribers on that port are likely to experience similar problems. We report that back to the provider, who can then correct the trouble before many of those customers ever become aware of the issue,” says Young. ZCorum | 3015 Windward Plaza, Suite 525, Alpharetta, GA 30005 | 1.800.909.9441 twitter.com/ZCorum | facebook.ZCorum.com | TruVizion.com | ZCorum.com © 2010
  2. 2. Powerful Data Analytics for Cable Modem Networks www.truvizion.comModem Dashboard RF Level Detail1. CPE & Connected Devices Drill into the RF Level pane from the Modem Dashboard for a his- torical view of the customer’s RF statistics, including:This pane presents information about the modem, IP and MAC Ad-dresses and firmware version. Any connected devices recognized • Upstream Transmit Powerby the modem, such as PCs and routers, are also listed here. • Downstream Receive Power • Upstream Receive Power2. Status & RF Levels • Downstream SNRThis pane displays the online status and stability of the modem. It • Upstream SNRalso lists RF statistics from the modem at the time of the request TruVizion users can also compare these statistics with other cus-and allows users to drill into historical records of RF levels for any tomers on the same port, over any period in the last 90 days.period in the last 90 days.3. Communications & PortThis pane displays the type of account (speed) to which the enduser is subscribed, as well as service quality statistics. Statisticsfor the port are also provided and a drill-in offers a detailed viewof overall service quality for the port for any period in the last 90days.4. MapThe map pane displays both the customer’s location and the loca-tion of other nearby modems on the same port. Drilling into themap pane allows TruVizion users to see all modems on the sameport, and even filter those that are displayed by their online statusor alert levels.5. Diagnostic ToolsThis pane offers easy access tools that allow TruVizion users to viewmodem logs, perform ping tests and reset the modem remotely. ZCorum | 3015 Windward Plaza, Suite 525, Alpharetta, GA 30005 | 1.800.909.9441 twitter.com/ZCorum | facebook.ZCorum.com | TruVizion.com | ZCorum.com © 2010