They Said About Love


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They Said About Love

  1. 1. They said about love... Demis Roussos I will love you forever
  2. 2. Love is the glass that breaks a man if he receives too insecure or too tight. (from Russia)
  3. 3. As long as you love someone because of his virtues, it is nothing serious. But when you start to love due to his fault, it is love. (Sasha Guitry)
  4. 4. Love is: The most important and the wisest part of the language that says the world, and that all people on earth can understand in their hearts, and some older people, ant yet each time the power comes out the same anywhere you meet two views… (Paulo Coelho)
  5. 5. But you were in love, you know this situation. That feeling of joy, not just someone that you love, but to all people, himself, lived. Suddenly you see beauty in everything, fasination. Do not be afraid to express feelings: passionately, gently, in the words or withot them. And feel so strong, bland and full of life. (…)
  6. 6. Love is always open arms. Open arms allow love to come and go that he wants to, feel free, because she did it anyway. If you try to capture the love, you will understand to hold itself. (Leo Buscaglia)
  7. 7. Perfect love is rare indeed… Love must always have the sophistication of the wise flexibility of childern, the sensitivity of artists, mind of philosophers, calmness of saints, the tolerance of scholars and power of self-confidents… (Leo Buscaglia)
  8. 8. Pearl and love are always at the bottom of the sea, the heart and soul. On the surface the only pearl foam and words. (…)
  9. 9. It is possible to give without love, but you can not love without giving. (Ami Carmichael)
  10. 10. Love is a long view of the text. (from Germany)
  11. 11. The only important thing when we went to, will love the tracks we leave them behind. (Albert Schweitzer)
  12. 12. I just walking between the lines of my letter, under the glow of your eyes, the breath from your lips as the beautiful, happy day. (Franz Kafka)
  13. 13. I have two days each time was asked whether such a dream of happiness. As to what they feel is mundane. I can not conceive of this heaven in which there is no minimum cloud. (Victor Hugo)
  14. 14. Once again, we gave you last night to sleep. Before I went to bed, I moved and made these places and I tried to imagine that there are so warm and soft and supple. Stretched out my hand and left disappointed. (Bob Grafton)
  15. 15. Countless insects remind you there from morning to evening, and exclaims: “I love you! I love you!” But firefly, in a quiet fever burning body, worse than all their desires. Such is my love… (Japanese traditional song)
  16. 16. Time I spend with you I see as a fragrant garden, hazy twilight and the fountain which he sings… you and me alone – it fills me with a feeling that I am alive… They say that others see the angels, and I saw you and that , s enough. (George Moore)
  17. 17. Love is… another life, she grows into the soul, brings warmth into every vein and vibrates of life with every heartbeat. (Joseph Addison)
  18. 18. Only three of infinity: sky in its stars, sea water drops and its heart in its tears. (Gustave Flaubert)
  19. 19. The right time for love when we belive that only we can love, that no one ever before us is not so loved and so no one after us will not like. (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)
  20. 20. You can not belive how much we miss. I ` m awake most of the night because I think of you, a day I realize that the legs carry me … in your room… then go find an empty and sick of all the sadness as rejected lover. (Pliny the Younger)
  21. 21. It was love: that dedication, the miraculously ascencion, the sudden inexplicable joy and the pain is unbearable… (unknown author)
  22. 22. Love is comfort in sorrow, silence in the noise, rest in weariness, hope in despair. (Marion C. Garretty)
  23. 23. … And remember every moment of the night where you do not have all that night inwhich I am far from you where you want me, I inflicted pain and suffering that is equal to the realization that these moments of the night and lost, lost, lost forever. (Jack London)
  24. 24. It was moments when I fear that I will hear the voice, and then I left comforted that was not yours. It is true many contradictions, so completely incompatible actions, which can only be explained with three words: I LOVE YOU! (Julie De L ` Espinasse)
  25. 25. True love only those we love even in their weakness and their poverty. Guard, to forgive, to comfort, to all arts of love. (Anatole France)
  26. 26. Love is so short and oblivion so endless. (Pablo Neruda)
  27. 27. In our life, such as the painter ` s palette, there is only one color, which life and art gives meaning. It is the color of love. (Marc Chagall)
  28. 28. 03.09.2009. Let your love be like the spring rains that small falls, but floods the coast...