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Assets Presentation Draft Assets Presentation Draft Presentation Transcript

  • What We Did to Get Our ASSETS Program Up and Running
    Get to Know Our ASSETS!
  • Icebreaker
    Koosh Ball Activity
  • Who We Are
    Vision Team (students)
    Two adult advisors
  • Our School
    High school in suburban New York
    1571 students
    14.6 student to teacher ratio
    76% White; 14% Asian; 7% Hispanic; 3% Black
    5% eligible for free/reduced lunch
  • Clarkstown North ASSETS History
    2007: attended first ASSETS Conference (4 members)
    2008 held first annual leadership training (8 + 40 members)
    2009: took full control over freshmen orientation program and revamped it (12 + 40 + 40 members)
    2010: presenting at Houston conference
  • What We Do
    Weekly Vision Team meetings
    Annual leadership trainings
    FRESH Mentors
  • Leadership Training
    40 kids selected by their peers
    Half day training filled with hands on activities, games to demonstrate ASSETS, and stories about empowerment
    Are expected to attend monthly meetings afterwards to maintain importance of ASSETS
    In the attendees’ lives, help us spread ASSETS in the school, and plan for FRESH activities
  • Key Point 1: Diversity and Unity
    Students of all intellect, social cliques, and interests are represented in the training
    Students who are natural born leaders are chosen although a few are selected because they need ASSETS
    Different “types” of people are chosen because to obtain different perspectives of the school climate and affect as many groups of students as possible
  • Pasta Activity!
  • Pasta Activity! continued!
    What assets are used in this activity?
    What happened if multiple noodles were used for one “leg,” but one still broke?
    How did ripping up the marshmallows affect the structure as opposed to using the marshmallow as a whole?
    How did the different personalities affect your team? How can you relate this to high school?
  • Key Point 2: Play Games
    Interactive vs. lecture based
    Visual, audio, and dexterous contact with the ASSET being worked on
    Healthy competition creates fun bonding moments without even realizing it
  • Monthly Meetings
    Attendees expected to attend monthly meetings
    Brainstorm games that will portray an ASSET through a fun, hands on activity during
    Test run the games
    Monthly FRESH activity days
  • FRESH Activity Days
    Monthly meetings where upperclassmen lead underclassmen in ASSETS related games that also help them understand the experiences of high school
    Ms. Veilleux and Ms. Steinberg have more eloquently phrased ideas about FRESH/KO!
  • Key Point 3: Don’t Get Discouraged
    It’s okay if not all 40 students show up at the meetings
    Need a consistent group of dedicated people who push the club along
    Remember the receptivity curve
  • Receptivity Curve
  • Key Point 4: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
    Change occurs little by little
    As long as one child is bettered by the program, your job was fulfilled.
    Even new found knowledge of what the ASSETS are, or what any one ASSET is, improvement.
  • ASSETS Theme: Connected Communities Thriving Youth
    Mentoring program helps students bridge the gap between the two schools
    Building assets while the student mentors take the onus of responsibility for freshman success
    Leadership training occurs during sophomore year
    Upper classmen serve as not only mentors, but as a connection between underclassmen and even middle schoolers
  • Key Point 5: Continuing the ASSETS Flow
    Our mark of success is when students complete a full cycle
    being asked to attend leadership training and become club members
    choosing to complete the interview process and become an upper class mentor to incoming freshmen
  • One Last Game! ASSETS Idol!
    We broke the ice with akoosh ball game
    Created a team by bonding over building a spaghetti tower
    Test the strength of your new team by having a singing faceoff!
    Each group must sing a song with the given word in it. Whomever comes up with the most songs (and can SING it as a group) after a rally score is the winner!
  • ASSETS Idol
    (whatever we decide)