Mobile Text Message Marketing


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Mobile Text Message Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great Tips To Accelerate Your Mobile Marketing Efforts, Check This Out ... ====Just like the gold rush of 1848 in California. Mobile text message marketing could be the nextuntapped claim for businesses or anyone else that needs to advertise their services in 2011.Mobile/text message marketing is a new way of advertising to your existing or potential newcustomers via their cell phone(s) with a short advertising message. Heres why you shouldconsider this new avenue of advertising. Over 250 MILLION Americans carry a cell phone. In thecoming years, an estimated 10 Trillion text messages will be sent and received globally. Textmessages have a higher open rate compared to emails.. which makes sense because 91% of cellphone users keep their phones with them all day.If you are using email marketing, radio, post card, TV or any other type of media to promote yourbusiness or service I assure you, those traditional methods will be outdated in the coming years(think VHS tapes). Mobile/text marketing will be a major force in advertising. Why? becausetodays smart phones can do allot more than just make a phone call. If you dont believe me goonline and check out how many "apps" are available for you to download.. its crazy!Just like our home personal computers.. our cell phones have also become very personal. Take amoment as your reading this E-zine article and grab your cell phone.. go ahead its OK.. I wontmind. If your like most Americans your phone was probably within 10 feet of you... was I right?Now notice how many contacts are in your address book. How many apps have you downloaded?How many text messages have you sent or received just this week? Amazing isnt it?Now that we know how important our cell phones are and that 250 million Americans depend ontheir cell phones everyday, how can business owners or managers capitalize on this new textmessaging technology? And by the way, its not just businesses that can benefit from this newform of communication, anyone one can use this powerful new medium to increase their customeror enrollment base. Bands can use it to let their fans know when their next concert will be andwhere they can see them next. Any organization can promote enrollment by letting people knowthe benefits of joining their cause. Its a "greener" way of communicating because we are sendingour messages and/or announcements out electronically instead of using paper products to get theword out about our business or organization.If this is completely new to you this is how it works. You sign up with a text messaging provider.They give you the companys 5 digit number and then you register your unique one word domainname. Just like a web site domain no two will be the same. For example, if you owned a restaurantyou could use the companys name if you wanted (if its available) e.g. Joes restaurant, yourmobile marketing address could be " TEXT JOE to 55555" the person who text that code wouldreceive a SMS message(text) to their cell phone about your offer. Now that the person "opted-in"to your personal code, their cell number is now in your data base and you can send them other
  2. 2. offers in the future.Lets look at a few business examples and how text message marketing can help drive new andexisting customers into their stores.Restaurants... Do you have a slow day during the week? If you had used this new marketingplatform for lets say a couple of months and lets assume you have 200 cell phone numbers inyour existing data base, you could send out a text message to all 200 customers and say " showthis text message to your wait staff and receive a free... (what ever) or a 20% discount off yourmeal. If you sent that text out around three or four oclock in the afternoon when their thinkingabout what to have for dinner, Id bet you could grab a good number of those people who you sentthe message to..dont you think?Retail outlets... Did you get a new product in? How are they(your customers) going to know thatyou have this "latest and greatest" product available for them.. unless they happen to "walk in" toyour store that day. But, if you sent them an advertising text saying " Stop in Friday for a huge saleon TVs" and you sent that message out on that Thursday before the sale, Id bet that youd see anincrease in business for that sale! I could go on and on with examples on how text messaging andmarketing can increase business, attendance or enrollment but, I think you get the point.Its a very powerful tool anyone can use. Its not really high-tech like building a web site. If you cantype you can dominate with text mobile marketing. Just like in 1848... the first one to the goldmine, will reap the most gold.Hello, Im Dan McLaughlin and Id like to thank you for reading my article. I live in Pennsylvaniawith my wife and two daughters. I have owned several retail businesses and understand theimportance of advertising. I also know how hard business owners and managers work to keepthere operations running efficiently and I sincerely believe it can do just that.If you would like additional information about Mobile Text Message Marketing I invite you to clickon my link. Theres a short but informative video on my blog that explains it in greater detail, alongwith my contact info. Thank you. Dan McLaughlinhttp://www.dansmobiletextmarketing.blogspot.comArticle Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====For Great Tips To Accelerate Your Mobile Marketing Efforts, Check This Out ... ====